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A group of survivors try and battle out the zombie apocalypse that has terrorized their hometown, some people die, some people carry on, and some people.... turn. How will you fight the apocalypse... is entirely up to you.

A Zombie Apocalypse has erupted in the only world we know and live on. But, this isn't a usual Zombie Apocalypse you see on television or in a movie. This is BEYOND more horrific, more dangerous, twice as much survival instinct a person would need. One of the towns, covered with the plague, is a small town called Forks, Washington. A family here, called the Cullens  are one of the only hopes we had here, they supplied us with food every week, and to repay them, us survivors do what they say. They frighten some of us, but the real danger is out there. They tell us that a group that calls themselves, The Volturi, are in sights of dealing with the abnormal plague .. we don't know how they'll do it, but we sure do hope that they will end this. With the Cullens, it's like we've found hope, but we aren't going to survive forever... I know it....

TWILIGHT RELATION: The setting is taken place in Forks, Washington. The Cullens & The Volturi are secondary protagonists in the RP. Involves species like Vampires & Werewolves.


~ Boy & Girl Please

~ Even If You Haven't Watched The Show, You Can Join

~ No God-modding

~ Some People WILL Die In This RP

~ Follow TTS Rules

~ 3+ Lines

~ Follow Plot

~ If You've Read The Rules, Please Write "Crossbowin' Daryl" In Your Reply


The creatures that are out there, are beyond belief, beyond existence, us survivors... we call them by what we see, and what we know:

Walkers; they are the least threat out there, they are what we see on the big screens, they're just the regular zombies that are easier to get away from. 

Biters; these are one of the two, most dangerous zombies out there, the Cullens say they are half zombies, half vampires. Their speed is fast, almost as fast as our running speed, but since they're of a zombie-vampire mixture [both creatures living dead] we barely get away. The Biters are the ones that look almost human like, which is a disadvantage to us, because we never know who's human or not. Dr. Carlisle says it's because of they're ice cold temperatures, they keep their flesh and skin attached to the bones easily. 

Crawlers; these are the first most dangerous of them all. They are half zombies, half werewolves. They are rare, which is the good part, but not rare enough to not ever see one. The Crawlers are the most hideous, the most terrifying, you see one and you instantly think you're done for. The Crawlers run on their forearms, so they are faster than Biters, and faster than us, but they aren't stronger or bigger than the Biters. Dr. Carlisle says, that since they both cause abnormal high heat temperatures, they're flesh burns right off, like melting tar. So all that muscle they had before, that would surely kill us, was gone, which made it  easier for us to kill them. If one ever had the run on you, you were already gone...



T H E  C U L L E N S 

Edward Cullen|| Taken ♚♡MCRforever♡♚ ]

Bella Cullen|| Taken →{sᴛᴇᴘʜᴀɴᴏ 웃❤유}™ ]

Carlisle Cullen|| Open

Esme Cullen|| Open

Alice Cullen|| Taken  [ Me ]

Jasper Cullen|| Taken Chelsea Cunningham ]

Emmett Cullen|| Taken NeverBackDown. ]

Rosalie Cullen|| Open 

T H E  V O L  T U R I

Aro|| Taken  Rora [Torn]ღ™ ]

Jane|| Open

Alec|| Open



R I C K   G R I M E S || Twenty-Three || Survives || Lori || Taken [ Me ]

Read BIO Here;;  R I C K  G R I M E S


L O R I   G R I M E S || Twenty- One || Does Not Survive || Rick & Shane || Taken [ dreamer™ ]

 Read BIO Here;;  L O R I  G R I M E S


S H AN E   W A L S H || Twenty- Three || Does Not Survive || Lori || Taken  Rora [Torn]ღ™ ]

Read BIO Here;;   S H A N E   W A L S H

G L E N N   R H E E || Twenty || Survives || Maggie || Taken [ dreamer™ ]

 Read BIO Here;;  G L E N N   R H E E

A N D R E A  P A T R O N E  || Twenty-One || Does Not Survive || -- || Taken  Rora [Torn]ღ™ ]

Read BIO Here;;  A N D R E A  P A T R O N E

D A L E   H O R V A T H || Twenty-Three || Survives || -- || Taken NeverBackDown. ]

Read BIO Here;;  D A L E  H O R V A T H


M A G G I E  G R E E N E || Twenty-One || Survives || Glenn || Taken

Read BIO Here;;  M A G G I E  G R E E N E




C A R L  G R I M E S || Thirteen || Survives || -- || Taken [ Me ]

Read BIO Here;;  C A R L  G R I M E S



M I C H O N N E  R O U || Twenty-One || Survives || -- || Taken [ skybear .™ ]

 Read BIO Here;;  M I C H O N N E  R O U

D A R Y L  D I  X O N || Twenty-Two || Survives || Carol || Taken [ skybear .™ ]

Read BIO Here;;  D A R Y L  D I X O N



J A C Q U I   C U L V E R || Twenty-One ||Does Not Survives || -- || Taken NeverBackDown. ]



M E R L E  D I  X O N  || Twenty-Two || Does Not Survive || Michonne || Taken With You x ]

Read BIO Here ;;  M E R L E  D I X O N

C A R O L  P E L E T I E R || Nineteen || Survives || Daryl || Taken [ Me ]

Read BIO Here;;  C A R O L  P E L E T I E R

O C   F O R MS

[ Two Gifs ]

F U L L  N A M E || AGE || Survivor/Non-Suvivor || Love Interest || Played By;

BIO  ||

J U D I T H  C A R O L  G R I M E S || Six || Survives || Too Young || Played By; With You x

Read BIO Here;;  J U D I T H  G R I M E S

O L I V I A  G L A S S || Nineteen  || Survivor|| --|| Played By: Rora

Before all of this happened, Olivia was nothing more than a collage student trying to survive school. She grew up in a normal-ish house and everything was simple. The moment she heard about the Zombie out-break, she knew it was going to be hell. She ran back to Forks for her family, only to find they had ran; she assumes they are dead. As a girl, she didn't take up soccer or cheer leading,  she learned archery. She is rusty from the lack of practice, but it has kept her alive.  She never thought this would ever be a real thing, just something on TV or movies, but now that she is living it, she misses her old life. Yet, she has learned to live with the life. Olivia has hardened since the Zombie outbreak, she holds in her feelings. She just wants to stay alive. 

C H E L S E A  M A C  A R C H E R || Nineteen || Survivor || Glenn Rhee  || Played By; Chelsea

Born in Seattle, Washington, she had an happy life until her parents, siblings and fiancee were affected by the virus. Being trained by fellow survivors, she armed to defend herself against any walkers. ||

E M M A L I N E || Thirteen|| Survivor || Carl || Played By; ♚♡MCRforever♡♚

Emmaline (Emma) came home one day to turned parents and a brother. She sat there for endless days, then decided to fight, she had to live. She has a specialty with a bow and arrow so took it along with her. She came along the other survivors and somehow stuck with them. She has a thing for Carl, but is too shy to let him know. She doesn't seem to fit in with them, but doesn't really have a choice.


A N D Y  E D W A R D  L A L O N D E || Nineteen|| Survives || -- || Played By; →{sᴛᴇᴘʜᴀɴᴏ 웃❤유}™

BIO || Andy Lived in the Small town of Snoqualmie,Washington far from everyone else but that place was overrun by Zombies so he fled to a nearby house but little did he realize that he was in the Cullen's Home. He decided to stay with them until all this was over. He soon became friends with Bella and Edward, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme. He never knew what it was like to have a family since his parents died when he was about 10 when the apocalypse started.

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I am :)

Okay cool! Do you guys wanna start?

can I be Bella Cullen?

Yes you can, thanks! Boy too please! Have you also read the rules?

alright. Hmmmmmm Can I make a Boy? oh and I am not very good at Bios >./p>

Yes you can make a boy, and it doesn't have to be long, just describe your character a bit and a short back story for how he's been taking the apocalypse :]

Rick wiped the sweat from his brow hastily, as the group trudged behind him. They were all heading to the Cullen's house, their week's supply running low. The Cullen's were their guardian angels. Rick got his wife and siblings fed, and that was all that mattered. Living, surviving, not starving and being sheltered. Rick, being the groups leader, had a lot on his back, and a lot of responsibilities to take care of. Rick was the one everyone had to turn to. Once they were up the mile hill, the spotted the house just up ahead. He heard a few sighs of relief behind him as they made it to the house. As they always had, they waited outside for one of the Cullen's to answer the door. 

Carl pushed his gun into the belt pocket, adjusting his hat on the top of his head. Ever since his father gave him his Sheriff's hat, he's never taken it off. The tragedy of his dad's dead left a whole in him, and Rick, Judith was just a toddler then, so she wouldn't have understood. But it also hardened Carl, making him stronger to retaliate the situation he's been living with for a year now.

Carol stood in the back beside Andrea and Lori, Judith holding on to her hand. Judith was the little sister Carol used to have, so she loved spending time with her, and taking care of her while Lori was busy sometimes. She's felt as if the death of her abusive boyfriend, and her sister, Sophia, has made her realize that this war, was no joke. It wasn't a time to be sad and mourn for other people's deaths, it was a time to become tougher, stronger, and carry on.

Alice was waiting by the garage door, knowing that they were here already. She bounced out of the garage and into the clearing. She saw them all just staring at the door, and she waved, trying to get their attentions. "Welcome! Come! Into the garage!" Alice bellowed from across the lot as they all slowly approached her. It made Alice rather happy and excited everytime the humans came at the end of each week. She was even happier to see them all come back, every single one. It was a very sad time for her, as she saw how the human population had been wiped out. They were her only friends, and being that there was still a few left, made her feel better. Alice wanted to treat them all as they had deserved; to be fed and clothed.

Yeah it's fine :)

Rick nodded as he followed the peppy girl (as the group would sometimes call her) into the garage. In it, there were piles of boxes around. He assumed it was the supplies, but he wondered why it was moved here. He watched as everyone hurtled inside the spacious area. Looking around, he stepped up, smiling warmly as the peppy one joined the other Cullens. "Again, we can not thank you enough for doing this for me and my people. And granting us shelter and a warm place internally to help us feel safe and secure, under the circumstances." He said sincerely.

Carl swallowed dryly, his throat itchy, aching for something to drink. His eyes darted to one of the Cullens, coming near him, or rather, near what seemed to be a car hiding under a black sheet.  

[ By the way, you don't have to respond for all of you're characters all of the time, just to make things easier :] ]

Chelsea stared off into the distance, clutching her makeshift weapon in her hand. She didn't know where she was and ultimately she was alone. Her group had left her because she had a seeping wound in the side of her leg that could slow them down, so they left her. Tears ran down her cheeks as still was staring out in the distance from her perch on top of the tree.

Jasper stood back from the sweaty, grimy humans, watching how his mate interacted with them. Never in his life could he fathom her love for the humans. He wasn't a human-lover his self, like the rest of his family. He could stand them, but only for little amounts of times. He shook his head and walked back in the house.

Rick glanced to his side, shaking his head at Shane. "I don't know... but it looks like it could possibly last us for a couple months." He mumbled, staring at the Cullens. There was something bothering him in the very back of Rick's mind, of how they had gotten to much food and supplies, he even wondered if it was like this long before they had met the Cullens. Rick didn't know much about them, as he and his people had encountered them just a week ago, but for now, they seemed worthy.

Alice watched as Jasper walked back into the house and she sighed, looking back at the group of humans. "Rick, was it?" She asked, taking the place of Edward's or Carlisle's usual banter. "It's honestly no problem at all. We barely eat any of this stuff... as we are vegans. When we came upon all of this stuff, he didn't know what to do with it. So when we encountered you and your group, we figured, you had a large amount of people, and would gladly rid of the food that was taking over our household." She giggled shortly. 


A N D Y  E D W A R D  L A L O N D E || 19 || Survives || -- || Played By; →{sᴛᴇᴘʜᴀɴᴏ 웃❤유}™

BIO || Andy Lived in the Small town of Snoqualmie,Washington far from everyone else but that place was overrun by Zombies so he fled to a nearby house but little did he realize that he was in the Cullen's Home. He decided to stay with them until all this was over. He soon became friends with Bella and Edward, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme. He never knew what it was like to have a family since his parents died when he was about 10 when the apocalypse started.


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