The Twilight Saga

Okay, I saw this when I looked at our competition,Team Edward (only kidding!) It's called the wrong answer game. It goes like this. Becka C, i hope you don't mind, I'm using you as an example!


Kenzie Rose: Why did Edward leave Bella?


Becka C: To go pick up his laundry from the laundromat.  What did Carlisle do before he was a doctor?


And it goes on like that. One person asks a question, the other answers and leaves another question.  Team Edward's Wrong Answer game  was honestly hilarious, so let's see if we can make this even more humorous than theirs! GO TEAM JACOB!


I'll start.


Why did bella jump off the cliff?

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what do u mean? like every vamp- he fell down from heaven

who killed bree?
Because their blood is too sour!

Why did Charlie not like Edward in Eclipse?
cuase he smelled really bad

who is Diego?
Diego got bitten by a vampier and decided to start his own shop,, when you are a vampire you have forever!!!. :D

What happened to Bree?.
The Volturi assumed they'd killed her.... but Bree lived on as a ghost. Somehow, she could still appear as a mist-form of herself. Bree also had an amazing singing voice- so in ghost form, she went back to Seattle, traveled back in time about fifteen years, and formed the best selling Indie rock band of all time: Nirvana. Kurt Cobain got booted out of the band.

What is Emmett's favorite type of music?
Jake enjoys listening to The Beatles. He especially likes the song Eleanor Rigby. He can connect with it, because when he was little, his Dad took him to visit the elderly, and when one of the people he visited died, it didn't seem like anyone cared.

What does Billy Black do for a living?
Oh, for a second, I thought you meant carry, like pregnancy-related carrying. Woops.
Jacob wanted to get a good whiff of Bella before she changed into a vampire.
What does Jake smell like? Why?
Jake smells like flowers...because he's pretty!

How old is Renesmee?
Nice, Tabba. Who gave you the crazy pill? Why does your mom call me crazy when there's someone even crazier underneath her own nose?
Anyway, Nessie is now about thirty-three. She runs a coffee shop.
Why isn't there a Starbucks in Forks?
(not part of the game) Forks isn't a country! Do you mean city?
Ha ha, okay.
Softball Crazy, you didn't post a question, so I'll do one. Who did Victoria date before she met James?
barny. why is rosile jelouse of bella


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