The Twilight Saga

"You Can Hear Me Cry...

See My Dreams All Die

From Where Your Standing, On Your Own"

"This House No Longer Feels Like Home."


Veronica Elena Ruby is the first person to ever live longer than the Volturi. She had a spell casted on her when she was a baby to make her be reborn everytime she grew old and died, she was born again. She knew Edward when they were little kids but had lost him when he caught the Spanish Influenza and when she was a Vampire she started to search for him. Now that she has him back she realizes that he's married to Bella and has a daughter, Renesmee. Her and her Coven are heartbroken as they start falling for the wrong people. They're frozen hearts beat for a second then break into a million pieces. And Veronica's famous quote, "It's so quiet in here, and I feel so cold. This house no longer, feels like home..."


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Alice~P/B;; With You x

Rosalie~P/B;; Me

Jasper~P/B;; Me

Emmett~P/B;; Me



Edward Anthony Masen Cullen | 111 Years Old/Turned At 17 | Married to Isabella Cullen/In Love With Veronica Ruby | One Kid;; Renesmee Cullen | P/B;; Renesmee Carlie Cullen



Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan-Cullen | 36 Years Old/Turned at 18 | Married To Edward Cullen/In Love With Jacob Black/Crushing On Every Guy In The Ruby Coven | One Kid;; Renesmee Cullen | P/B;; With You x



Renesmee Carlie Cullen | 17 Years Young/Stopped Growing | In Love With Jacob Black/Crushing On Christian Ruby | No Kids | P/B;; ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡ (Me)


Jacob William Black | 33 Years Old/Stopped Aging at 16 Because He Keeps Phasing | In Love With Isabella Cullen And Renesmee Cullen | No Kids | P/B;; With You x


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Veronica Elena Ruby | Over 1 Zillion/Turned At 18 | Loving, Caring, Fighter, Overprotective, Hurting, Broken, Alone... | In Love With Edward Cullen | Enemy Is Isabella Cullen

Veronica Elena Ruby born Ranesana Petreas is a very unique girl. She was born in the B.C. era, when she was a baby they had put a spell on her that they thought was a myth, but it was real. Everytime she grew old and died she would be reborn in a different family. She remembered all of her families and was very scared the first time it happened. She had known Edward when they were little kids but had lost him when he caught the Spanish Influenza. She died and was reborn...again but she was in a car crash and her brain was bleeding, a vampire came in claiming to be her brother and turned her into a vampire. The spell wore off and she was immortal...forever. When she found Edward and his family she was excited until she found out that he was married...and had a daughter. It was the worse phase of her life...the Death & Tear Phase.

"It's so quiet in here, and I feel so cold. This house no longer, feels like home..."

ƨℓσω ∂σωи♡ (ME)




Brianna Allison Ruby | 50/turned at 17| shy around new people,once she gets to know you she is outgoing,can be stubborn| In Love With Jacob Black | Enemies are Renesmee Cullen and Isabella Cullen

Brianna Allison James was born Alexis Katherine Harper. Her mother died when she was 10. When she was 15 her father had a gambling problem. He gave her to a guy he owed money to. The guy made her become an exotic dancer and she was given the name Blondie.When she turned 17 she was turned by a man that she had seen often at the club she worked at. When she woke up three days later she left the house he had taken her to as fast as she could with her throat burning. She found Veronica and has been in her coven ever since.Veronica helped her get over the things in her past.

"What's with all the fighting? And tears???....What happened to romance?"

Played by: Renesmee Carlie Cullen




Christian Alexander Ruby | 122/turned at 19| caring,fun,protective and enjoys being with friends| In love with Renesmee Cullen | Enemies are Jacob Black

Christian Alexander Ruby born Laraoi Renasia is the closest to Veronica other than Edward. He was also the only one that Veronica ever turned into a vampire. He had been beat up by a gang and left in the street to was almost like Rosalie a little just not as horrible as her. When he thought he was dead, Veronica had bitten him. He had woken up with Veronica staring at him sadly and he was in a house..Veronica's house. And she had to explain everything to him and after they got along pretty well which created a strong friendship between them, he can tell her anything and she would always do her best to help him...

"WHY WOULD YOU...?!.....Why would you love someone......that has hurt you sooo many times?? And completely ignore the person who's NEVER hurt you and is DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! That's not how it's supposed to work!!!!!!!"

P/B;; Renesmee Carlie Cullen


Katherine Von Swartzschild | 613/ turned at 17 | Manipulative, Selfish, Childish, Flirty, Cunning, Temperamental, Liar, Strong | Is Felix Volturi's true Mate, But has flings with many people/In Love Edward | Enemies are Veronica, And pretty much everyone in town

Katerina Von Swartzschild Is a descendant of Veronica, And a Doppelganger of hers. A Spell was put on her families blood line that every few thousand years a doppelganger was born, and that could be used to break Veronicas curse. Unlike the one other doppelganger before her, who lived and died as a sweet and caring human, Katerina was Different. She was born to a wealthy family in Germany, and grew up privileged and admired. Felix Volturi and a few other vampires came into town and Katherine fell hard for felix and he told her his secret, then left a month later. She was furious that he left her, even though he promised to return, And she became wild, disobeying the rules and putting herself in danger. Another Vampire came into town, a tracker, and became obsessed with Katherines blood, as she was his singer,and made it into a game. He slaughtered he whole family, all her friends, and her animals. Katherine Fled germany, And at the age of 18, finally met another vampire. She, being very manipulative and sly, convinced him to turn her. She killed him after she woke up, and has been on the run from the tracker ever since, sometimes narrowly escaping him. She ran into Felix during the 1800's, but expressed no interest in him, since she holds grudges. 

“I want what I want. And I don’t care what I have to do to get it. My list of victims is a long one, and I have no problem adding one more name to that list." and also "Better you die then I"

Played by;; Faith Lehane



Sophie Minda Ruby | 8,356/16 | Cute, adorable and very protective over her older sister Veronica | In love with Chris | Enemies are Katherine and Renesmee

Sophie is Veronica's half sister but act like they have the same mother. Sophie's mom died when she gave birth to her so was taken in by their father. Her and Veronica have been very close since.Veronica's mom had taken Sophie to be her own blood and never told her that she was not. When she was 16 Sophie was kidnapped by the Volturi and was turn later after, her father was gutted about that and so was Veronica's mom. All the truth spilled out and she was so upset that she ran away, her family tried their all to find her but couldn't. Sophie later on became very successful in England she owned her own theatre and wrote her own plays and in the 1700's opened a school for talented children. She was the most successful women in Britain. In the present time, Sophie desided to come back home, to see what her home looks like now but she couldn't find it but found her sister and some new friends.

"I lost everything, and now that I am back. I intend to repair everything not with my money but with my love"

P/B: With You x

The Sequel!!!!

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Veronica froze and her smile went away in an instant. It was really quiet and Alice put her hand on Veronica's arm. "You're wife? And....d-daughter?" She asked. She looked at Emmett. "Emmett? Why would you...?" She stopped and shook her head, tears filling her eyes.

Emmett frowned feeling terrible. "I'm sorry Veronica. I didn't know you had feelings for him..I thought you two were just friends." He said. "I'm sorry." He said again.

Veronica looked at Bella and saw her smiling a little. "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY DON'T YOU?! YOU B...!!!" She stopped there and ran upstairs, feeling the tears about to come out of her eyes. She went into the first bedroom she saw, locking the door and sitting on the ground as tears started coming out of her eyes.

Edward-looks over at Emmett shakes his head."You went to far this time Emmett .."

Bri-"You should be ashamed of yourself..Chris go to Veronica before you do something that you will regret"

Chris-runs up the stairs before he gets angry and kills someone.He listens for Veronica,knocks on the door of the room she is in. "Sis let me in please Veronica.."

Veronica cried more. She opened the door and cried more, sobbing loudly. She looked up at Chris, then hugged him tightly.

Emmett frowned. "I'm sorry...I didn't know! You can't blame me for not knowing!!" He yelled. He grabbed a vase and threw it across the room and it crashed against the wall, breaking into tiny pieces.

Renesmee looked around, scared to death. Not too long ago her family was happy and fine and now there was breaking and crying and screaming. She glared at Bella who was still smiling as she heard Veronica cry. Then she went upstairs quickly and quietly. She peeked a little in the doorway and saw Chris with Veronica crying in his arms.

Chris-holding her in my arms stroking her hair trying to calm her down hates seeing her crying it hurts him to see her like this.

Bri-"throwing things and breaking them wont help anyone." points to the pieces and they fix themselves and she moves it back to where it was like it was never broken

Veronica kept crying until she heard Renesmee's heartbeat close by. She immideatly turned around and looked at Renesmee. "W-What are you doing here?" She asked as she wiped some tears away with her sleeve and sniffled.

Renesmee slowly came inside. "I wanted to see if you were okay. And i hated that mom looked happy while you were crying." She said.

Chris-Looking at Renesmee and believes that she was being honest when she said she wanted to see if Veronica was ok

Bri-Sees the look she is getting from Jacob."That's my gift telekinesis" she explains to him.she breathes and smells the wet dog smell." Your what smells like a wet dog?" she asked

Renesmee frowned. "I'm sorry about my mom, smiling at you when that happened. I really am. I wish I could help but I don't lnow how without making my mom upset." She said apologetically.

Veronica smiled a little. "It's okay. You don't have to help with anything. Let's go back downstairs." She looked at Chris then all three of them went back downstairs as everyone stared at them. She ignored Bella and Edward and smiled at Alice who looked worried. "I'm Fine, Pixie." She laughed when Alice made a face.

Veronica wiped some more tears away, still not looking at Bella and Edward. "You guys wanna Truth Or Dare?" She asked.

Emmett smiled at her attempt to look fine. "Yeah!!! Let's Play TRUTH OR DARE!!!" He said, sitting on the floor and everybody formed a circle with Veronica in between Chris and Renesmee and Bri next to Renesmee. "Okay..Eddiekinz you go first!" Emmett said, smirking,

Chris-"This should be good.." really wanting to know what he would pick. He held Veronica's hand playing with her fingers like a child waiting to see what edward would pick

Edward"Dont call me that Emmett and I pick truth" Having a feeling he will regret picking truth

Veronica laughed a little when she saw Chris. "You look so adorable when you do that." She said, poking his nose.

Emmett smiled. "Okay.....Who was the first person you fell in love with?"

Veronica had started playing with Chris's fingers then froze, her eyes wide. She squeezed them shut not wanting to hear the name Bella again.

Chris-He felt Veronica froze in place and saw her eyes go wide.He hand her hand pulling her close thinking to her relax sis..

Edward-he froze in place and gave Emmett a glare.then looked around the room.everyone waiting for his answer

Veronica nodded and tried to relax as she looked down, waiting for him to say Bella was his first love.

can I join I will be Edward if it is okay with you so Renesmee does not have to be all those pple :) 


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