The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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Eyeliner. I'm better at putting eyeliner than mascara.

Colored eyeliner or simple black?

Black.. I have a jade one but it doesnt look good to me.


French fries or baked potato?

French fries. I have a love-hate relationship with potatoes. It's weird.

Party or stay-in?

I'd rather stay in.


Cake or pie?

Ice cream  lol  But that's not a choice.

Cake.  Like Boston Cream Pie, which is a cake ;-)

When on vacation, sitting by the beach or pool, are you drinking beer or a mixed drink?

Hmm.. Nice visualization. I'd go for...umm..let's say mixed drink.

Never learn how to swim or how to drive?

Never learn how to drive (As that's actually true! I love swimming but have never taken a driving lesson in my life lol)

Would you become a hunter or a gatherer if you were made to join a tribe of some sort?

A hunter! I wanna learn how to protect myself and the ones I care about. But I love animals too much to hunt them.. I don't wanna kill animals. :(

Be bald or hairy like a bear?

Why would you put such a question Becs? I really don't know. Being too fat is hazardous to your health so what's the point of a beautiful face if I die early and have to control my diet? I'd rather be slim and eat all I want. That would be awesome!

Have the ability to hear everyone's thoughts or see future?

I thought you were just making it hard for me on purpose and you were!! *jabs finger at you* You, clever girl, you!

But seeing the future would tempt you to change it and maybe things get even worse when you try to do that. But I guess I'd go for the same.

I'd rather eat one disgusting thing everyday. I can't give up on my favorite foods.

Be surrounded by lots of rats or crabs?


Yeah, that would bother me too. I don't wanna know what others think of me by reading their minds.

My arms, I guess. I wanna walk around.

Hardcover or paperback?

We'll have to make someone sit next to us at all time to do the typing! XDD

Me too. i love how hardcovers look on the shelf but when it comes to reading you can easily carry paperback cause they're light-weighted and you can fold them or read them easily while lying back.

Garage sale.

A romantic walk on the beach or slow-dancing somewhere private?


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