The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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Wth?? Lacerate??? :S (Scared)

Vegetables or Fruit?



Grilled or broiled?

Grilled :)

Hat or hood?

That's a hard one. I like none of them, but if I have to choose I'd go for hat.

Winter or summer?



Lightning bugs or fireflies?

Lightening bugs!


Big or little?


Lie in a bath of jelly or custard? lol



Kumar or Harold?



Cheech or Chong?




Flood or drought?

Umm....drought....I think.... :S

Pot Noodle or Micro Pizza? :)

Micro Pizza!

Would you rather have to die by fire or ice?


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