The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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Cheat. Because if he cheated, but didn't lie about it, I could at least determine with a clear head to dump him.


Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson?

neither.. ?

Hehehe, not a fan of either.



Uhm, snakes or spiders?

What gave me away? haha, :3


Ugly with a beautiful soul.

I'm more, substance over style.



Stuck in a well, or stranded out in the ocean?  

Hahaha.. Ooo, yeah, The Ring freaked me out too!



Phoo.. that's a tough one.. damn... uhm, i dont like being uncomfortable, which is what both choices emit.. so, i guess... dental surgery ?


If i do that, i could ask the dentist to put me under so I'm asleep the whole time, ahahaha.



Anywhoo, live deep in the wilds of the woods, or in the amazon forest?

Both choices are far from civilisation.

Hhahaha, true, it took me a while to decide... :D


Uhm, internet down. The internet is not a strong point in my life, but my phone is.. I need to contact my parents because i always go places. :3

Can't have my parents worrying!



Okay, which movie would you rather come true, '2012' or 'War of the Worlds'? 

I'd rather be rich. Because poverty doesn't necessarily condone sadness. They could at least be happy. To be ill is not much of a good life, and I wouldn't wish that on my loved ones.


Walk across coals or lay on a bed of nails?

Walk across coals! Because in that option it'd only be your feet in pain, whereas if you were lying on a bed of nails, it would be...all of you.

Would you rather be completely alone for a year or never have a single moment's peace for a year?

Hard one... Probably be alone. I'm kinda of a loner anyway.


Be in love with someone that doesn't feel the same, or someone else love you & you not feel the same?

Well, I think it's better to get hurt than hurt someone else. If the person whose in love with me doesn't tell me about his feelings, then I'd go for that. I'm in love with so many band members and fictional characters and celebrities and they don't/can't even know I exist and it hurts. Real bad. D:

Zombie apocalypse or meteorite collision on Earth?

Aw, that's unfortunate! But I feel your pain - I'm there, too. lol


Ooh, hard one! I gotta sayyyy.... zombie apocalypse. I'm a big fan. haha


Blondes or brunettes?


Only people who go through with that hurt can understand. *pats your shoulder*

Me too!


Icecream or coffee?

Ice cream! I don't really care for coffee..

Thanks for the condolance lol..*sniffsniff*


Do you like your significant other tall or short?


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