The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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@ Smitha

Neither. A wedding might turn out to be awkward when close friends of the groom decide to go overboard with their pranks on the newlyweds. And a funeral would usually stress me out...

@ Summer Love

Oranges. Their flavor appeals to me more.


Stirred-fried noodles or noodles in soup?

Stirred fried.

Spain or France for a vacation?

France between the two. But the Great Britain would be the ultimate choice for my girl and me. ^^


Whipped cream or fructose for dip when you eat fresh strawberries?

Whipped cream.

Pizza or burger?

Pizza, with a load of cauliflower, bell peppers, and mushrooms.


A shady tree for you to laze around or an open field to roam as you please?

Open fields are far more conducive to the playing of soccer!



Hum and tap foot, or sing along?

Hum and tap foot.

If you were given choice between being extremely rich or being very beautiful,which would it be?

mhh good question. Natural beauty is the best I always say, so money

skiing or bunjyjumping(if you had to do one)

Skiing.  I don't like the idea of being a human sling-shot  

Would you rather be a Humming Bird or Squirrel? 


Skittles or M & Ms?


Red or Green Apples? 


Aerobics or Cardio?


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