The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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Hmm...The Walking Dead.

Beer or shots?

mhh It depends, beer I guess. Don't like shots much. Tried them once.

Apple or Pear Cider?


Samsung or Apple?

mhh I don't have either, but if I had to pick one, Apple.

Phone or Ipod? (Which do you use more)

I have an usage for my phone quite a lot, my phone.

Running or cycling?


Cruising or flying?

Cruising. ;)

Front bangs or side bangs?

Side bangs. ;p

Linoleum or carpets?

Linoleum. Even carpets are nice...

Right now : Pizza or a sandwich?


Superman or Batman?



Liam Hemsworth or Chris Hemsworth?

Neither. They are both good-looking actors, but they are not my type. ;p

Deserts or jungles?


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