The Twilight Saga

Thought this would be fun.. a game of ultimatums. Can be objects, situations, etc, but you have to chose one, and give someone else one.


To make it interesting, would you rather be blind or deaf?

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umm they both seem too feminine for a man, so neither

Tanned or no tan?


Swimming in pool or ocean?  (which is better) 

Pool. Hate it when all the sand sticks all over me.

Bad day or good day today?

both. hmf

shower or tub bath?

Shower, most of the time. 

French fries or Sweet potato fries? 

french fries

Pop or Rock music?


Coke or Pepsi? 

Both...but Pepsi. 

Diet coke or vanilla coke?


Full fat or Diet Coke?

Neither, Coke is my least favorite soda flavor.  In general I prefer the full fat, with a few exceptions that I prefer the diet version. 

Pie or cake? 

Fair enough.


Pasta or Pizza?

Pasta. Seafood pasta is one of my signature dishes. :)

Laundry or vacuuming?


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