The Twilight Saga

I guess it should be expected since the saga is pretty much over, it's still sad though. I remember when a lot of these subtopics had +100 discussions (may be exaggerating a little here.) in them and now the most they have is 12. I use to love it here.

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I remember those times too.  It is really sad around here now. :(  

I second this.

Many of the people I talk to here tell me that they have been here a very long time and remember the days you speak of.  They also refuse to participate in the threads because of their memories.  So I actually find I have more conversations in the wall (as I call it) space than I do on open threads.  They tell me they just got fed up with the attitudes though they still love discussing the books and such.  I agree though.  It is sad to watch.

I haven't been here in a while but I kinda got depressed when I decide to show up and noone is here , and there are no topics to discuss about, makes me realize Twilight its really really really really over...

yep....its been months since i've been here and i engaged in one know just stated my thoughts on the topic like i used too and I get a purist response from some of the peeps. I was playing a bit of devils advocate but they fail to see that. It's not like the old days where you get a good discussion going and you go back and forth and see each others point of view. It's just "prove to me where it says that" Also when some of the peeps state something when they don't have the history on the subject, I think to myself "do I have to explain it all over again, what I know, how I know, because I was here when it all went down, so I have first hand knowledge."

It's disheartening and a little sad to say, that we are at an end of an era. I used to love coming here whenever I could and just talk to the peeps about a subject I really loved. And I loved the commeradery we all used to have about  it. I think however it is time to move on.

I will drop by from time to time, if it still exists....but life moves on and so shall I

Love to you all

Leanne L


I hear what you are saying and I agree with you.  It is quite troubling at time.  I miss the days that you described. The conversations, banter, and friendships were as wonderful as the story that gave us the subjects to talk about.  

the saga nenr dies nor the fans

Dude, it has been forever since I've been here. I started writing because of this site with my cousin. I remember staying up all hours of the night with all my friends and just talking about whatever.

It's sad to see it like this because it held so many great memories of mine.

I know it's been kind of slow on this website now. But I don't want it to end, so log on at least a couple times a month. I still have some hope that I'll log on one day and all of my old friends and acquaintances will be logged on as well. And we will all have a swell time and party it up in a thread, getting drunk on cyberspace beer (apple juice).  

That would rock.

i miss this all so much

I agree with it used to  be so much fun. i even rememeber the older site before this one lol. I do agree with you the placed seemed to be quite mostly because the movies are  over. Plus i believe the discussion we had for the books every single of them got remention and talked and analyzed over and over and over and over again. I dont think there is any new book in this decate that had this.

The forum might died but doesnt mean the love every reader has for the books. I felt a nostalgia when i saw the books at my library to be honest 


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