The Twilight Saga

I guess it should be expected since the saga is pretty much over, it's still sad though. I remember when a lot of these subtopics had +100 discussions (may be exaggerating a little here.) in them and now the most they have is 12. I use to love it here.

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Ha-ha! You are ooooooold. Older than Aiden. 


Oooh... Does that make me Mother?

Are you my mummy?

Where's my gas mask??

In the bathroom last I saw

That makes sense... Maybe we should just keep it there...

A wise choice, indeed, m'lady

Knew there was a reason I logged in here once a year ;-) This place will NEVER die so long as Max and 'Bino are flailing about. Never die...never it's a vampire...awww hell, TWICEPTION.

Ah yes. This place will never die if we all log on once a year. XD Or more! Five years and we are still going strong! Just not here....>.> But maybe we should change that? Just for old times sake.


I miss those times. I talked to some really cool people wen it was still active.

I miss how this place used to be.  I remember when I spent almost all of my computer time on here.  I wonder how long it'll be before someone is on here to see this?  Who knows, right?  What a sad realization...


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