The Twilight Saga

What if Edward and Bella hated each other in Kindergarten? When Bella soon moves away, she no longer worries. But what would happen if she returned to Forks? Would he still be there?

All characters are human and belong to Stephenie Meyer.

But the plot is MINE! LOL! I claim the PLOT!


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Chapter 1

It’s been almost twelve years since I have seen Edward Cullen. When we were five and in Kindergarten, he was the bully and he picked on me on a daily basis. I could still remember him saying ‘I hate you’ to me every time I walked passed him. By the time I had enough of it, my mom and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona because of her job transfer. Since then, I no longer worried about Edward bullying me. I was still the quiet person with few friends but it was enough for me to be satisfied. Now and then, I thought about what he’s been doing and how he’s been. I know it seems weird to think about your Kindergarten bully but sometimes you start thinking about it without knowing.

On the last day of school of my sophomore year, my mom gave me the news that she would be doing a huge business trip across the country. I’m not allowed to go so my mom told me that I have to stay with my dad, Charlie. I wasn't leaving until later in August. This means that I have to go back to Forks, Washington.


I hated packing my bags and having to leave my mom but I was able to cope with it. My mom interrupted my thoughts and told me I had to be at the airport soon.

The drive there was quiet. Within the whole trip to the airport, there was a single ‘goodbye’ and a hug and that was it. I got on the plane and was off to Forks.

The trip to Charlie’s house was even worse. We didn’t say a word to each other. I only visited Charlie once since he and my mom got divorced just before my mom and I left for Phoenix.

The house still looked the same. Charlie carried my bags upstairs to the guest room – which was now my room.

“Uh…I’m just going to let you get settled.” Charlie said awkwardly.

“Okay. Thanks, Char – I mean, dad.” I said, still not used to saying ‘dad’.


Chapter 2/Chapter 3: Part 1

Chapter 3: Part 2

Chapter 4: Part 1

Chapter 4: Part 2

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Part 1 & Part 2

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Part 1

Chapter 8: Part 2

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Part 1

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I didn't say that I wasn't going to finish this story. I just finished writing the next chapter and I'm going to post it soon. Just be patient. I just started school and I was tired. And NO, I'm not going to let anyone write this story or any of the others for me.
This is really kewl. I like how this is a story where she doesnt know everyone. Somebody had to do it differently! Its really good
love it
cool story... keep writing!! = ]
Chapter 8: Part 2

The rest of the school day went fine. During lunch, Alice talked about the plans for this evening. During Biology, Edward and I didn’t talk or pass notes, just a simple ‘I’ll meet you after school’ once Biology was over. That question I asked him in the car must’ve really made him uncomfortable.

The final bell rung and I rushed out of the Gym in search for Edward. He was leaning against the wall like yesterday.

“Hey…” He greeted me, looking very glum.

“Hi.” I greeted back.

He took my hand and we walked toward his car. Alice and Emmett were jumping up and down. Just the sight of that made me and Edward laugh.

“HI BELLA!” Emmett screeched.

Rosalie smacked him across the back of his head.

“OWWW!” Emmett complained.

“Okay, enough fun. It’s time to get serious. TO SEATTLE!” Alice said.

Edward and I got into his Volvo while Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett got into the convertible. They drove out of the parking lot and headed towards the direction that would lead them to Seattle. Edward, on the other hand, waited for them to be out of sight. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the opposite direction.

“Aren’t we supposed to go to Seattle?” I asked.

“We’re not SUPPOSED to…” Edward said, smiling at me.

“Well, where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere.” Edward answered.


Edward kept driving and I still didn’t know where we were until we reached the familiar path that led to his house. I could see the house in the distant and it looked as beautiful as it did last night. Edward parked the car and got out. He went over to my side of the car and opened the door.

“I really need to do something. Come with me.” Edward told me.

I got out of the car and shut the door behind me. Edward took my hand and we headed toward the front door. The door opened before Edward touched the doorknob. There stood Edward’s mom, Esme. She looked the same as the last time I saw her. Esme would sometimes visit my parents before the divorce.

“Bella!” She exclaimed before giving me a hug.

“Hi, Esme.” I greeted.

“Hi, mom.” Edward said. “Um…I’m just going to give Bella a tour of the house.”

“Oh, sure.” Esme said. “I’m just starting dinner. Would you like to stay, Bella? Rosalie and Jasper are coming, too. You met them, right?”

“Yes, I have and sure. I would like to.” I told her.

“Okay. Off you go. Oh, and Edward, if I catch you bullying Bella again…” She started to say.

“Mom! I won’t – I…” Edward stuttered.

“I didn’t think so…” Esme muttered while walking away.

The two-story house was just as beautiful as it was outside. Edward showed me Alice’s room and Emmett’s room along with his parent’s room. I learned that Edward’s dad, Carlisle, worked as a doctor and I would meet him soon.

We reached the final room on the second floor.

“My room.” He said.

Edward’s room was surprisingly neat – unlike Emmett’s room. I continued to look around and I noticed Edward was gone.

He suddenly reappeared – carrying a trinket box – out of his closet. He sat down on the foot of his bed and patted the space next to it. I walked over unhesitantly and sat down.

“Remember this?” Edward asked.

I studied it for a moment and everything was coming back to me.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” I said smiling. “I wondered where it went.”

“Well…” Edward started to say.

“You took it.” I finished for him.


We both laughed.

“I think you should open it.” Edward said seriously.

I opened the box and inside it contained a beautiful necklace. I stared at it in awe.

“My mom gave it to me the day before you left. She told me to give it to someone special. I want to give it to you.” Edward explained.

“Edward, wow. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you.” I told him before tears of joy spilled over.

Edward wiped the tears away with his hand. He took the necklace and hooked it around my neck. The charm, a heart, lay over the one beating.

I looked up into his eyes. I could almost see the happiness dance around in the green eyes of his.

Edward leaned in at the same time I did and our lips met once again but this time, it was more passionate. I intertwined my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, while he wrapped his arms around me.

“EDWARD! BELLA!” Someone screeched from downstairs, making us both pull away quickly.

“Emmett.” Edward hissed.

“EDWARD! BELLA!” Another voice called. Alice.

“Come on let’s go.” Edward said, kind of angry.

Edward took my hand once again and led me downstairs.

Alice and Emmet looked worried.

“WHERE DID YOU GO?” Emmett screamed.

Edward, Alice and I stared at him – probably for asking such a stupid question.

“What?” He asked.

Esme came around the corner.

“Er…never mind, Emmett. Edward was giving Bella a tour of the house.”

“Oh.” Alice and Emmett said.

“Where’s Jasper and Rosalie?” Edward asked.

Alice’s and Emmett’s eyes grew wide.

“Uh…” Emmett said.


“Why did you do that, Emmett?” I asked him.

“It was an emergency. We turned around as soon as we saw you weren’t behind us. I pushed Rosalie and Jasper out of the car and I took Jasper’s wallet. I like his driver’s license. Then I drove really, really fast.” Emmett said as a matter-of-fact.

I nodded, unsure.

Alice and Emmett ran out of the house.

I saw Esme eyeing my necklace.

“Edward, is that…” Esme started to say.

Edward nodded beside me.

Esme smiled at us and left.

Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett burst through the door. Jasper and Rosalie looked angry; Alice looked happy and Emmett looked like a guilty four year-old.

“Emmett, give me my wallet.” Jasper growled.

“No!” Emmett yelled. “I like your driver’s license and I’m keeping it.”

“Emmett!” Jasper yelled. “Give…”

“EMMETT, GIVE HIM HIS WALLET!” Rosalie screeched.

“Okay…” Emmett sighed.

“Um…” Edward said.

“Sorry, Edward. Hi, Bella.” Rosalie said.

“Yeah…sorry about that. Hi, Bella.” Jasper said.

I simply waved.

“HI!” Emmett said.

We all stared at him.

“Dinner’s ready!” Esme called.

Rosalie walked toward the kitchen with us following behind.

“I swear…” Rosalie mumbled to herself.

Edward and I couldn’t help but laugh.
lol im lurrvin this version of emmet!!! niceee chapta!!! so sweet of edward the bully lol
lol i was laughing the whole time that was really funny
yea and keep writing i can not wait to read more
that is so good and lol.luv it j
Eating banana. Starts to read story. Laughs*choking now* Stops choking, gasps for air. Keeps reading and laughs even more.
Write more sooner love story!
I loved it!! haha Emmett!! Keep me updated still thanks!!!!
LOL....emmett's soo funny!
LOVE the new chapter!!!!
can't wait for more!!
pleazZzz keep me updated =D


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