The Twilight Saga

What if Edward and Bella hated each other in Kindergarten? When Bella soon moves away, she no longer worries. But what would happen if she returned to Forks? Would he still be there?

All characters are human and belong to Stephenie Meyer.

But the plot is MINE! LOL! I claim the PLOT!


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Chapter 1

It’s been almost twelve years since I have seen Edward Cullen. When we were five and in Kindergarten, he was the bully and he picked on me on a daily basis. I could still remember him saying ‘I hate you’ to me every time I walked passed him. By the time I had enough of it, my mom and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona because of her job transfer. Since then, I no longer worried about Edward bullying me. I was still the quiet person with few friends but it was enough for me to be satisfied. Now and then, I thought about what he’s been doing and how he’s been. I know it seems weird to think about your Kindergarten bully but sometimes you start thinking about it without knowing.

On the last day of school of my sophomore year, my mom gave me the news that she would be doing a huge business trip across the country. I’m not allowed to go so my mom told me that I have to stay with my dad, Charlie. I wasn't leaving until later in August. This means that I have to go back to Forks, Washington.


I hated packing my bags and having to leave my mom but I was able to cope with it. My mom interrupted my thoughts and told me I had to be at the airport soon.

The drive there was quiet. Within the whole trip to the airport, there was a single ‘goodbye’ and a hug and that was it. I got on the plane and was off to Forks.

The trip to Charlie’s house was even worse. We didn’t say a word to each other. I only visited Charlie once since he and my mom got divorced just before my mom and I left for Phoenix.

The house still looked the same. Charlie carried my bags upstairs to the guest room – which was now my room.

“Uh…I’m just going to let you get settled.” Charlie said awkwardly.

“Okay. Thanks, Char – I mean, dad.” I said, still not used to saying ‘dad’.


Chapter 2/Chapter 3: Part 1

Chapter 3: Part 2

Chapter 4: Part 1

Chapter 4: Part 2

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Part 1 & Part 2

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Part 1

Chapter 8: Part 2

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Part 1

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plz plz plz write more im
like soo intrested
to see wat is gong to
an amazing
I love it :D
yeh thats really good!, tad confused bout edward havin been in kindergarten but its really well writen!!!
write more plz plz plz
omg this will be the most interresting story i have read so far
write more soon
Chapter 2

Since it’s the last day of “summer” I had to go to bed early on account of school the next morning. I dreaded being treated like a shiny, new toy.

Charlie was up when I walked downstairs the next morning. He was eating a bowl of cereal and reading the newspaper. I sat across from him and poured myself a glass of milk – not really in the mood for food.

“I have to leave early today for work but first I need to show you something.” Charlie said.

Charlie is basically known as Chief Swan.

“Um. Go get dressed and meet me outside.” He said, getting up to put his bowl in the sink.

I trudged back upstairs and dressed for the weather. I brushed my hair fiercely, trying to make it look as nice as possible. I threw on my shoes and ran downstairs and out the door.

There, parked in the driveway was an old, faded red truck.

“I know I won’t be able to drive you to school so I got this truck for you. It may not be perfect but it works.” He said.

“No, dad. It’s perfect. Thank you.” I said, a little bit shy.

He gave me that Charlie smile. “You’re welcome. Good luck at school. See you later.” He got in his cruiser and drove away.

I ran back to the house to get my jacket and my bag. After closing the door behind me, I couldn’t help but admire it. The truck was just perfect and it looked sturdy.

The keys were already in the ignition. The turned the keys and the truck roared to life, scaring me a bit. I backed out of the driveway and headed for school.

It was easy to find it because it was right off the highway. So far, it looked like the teachers and I were the only ones there. I went to the main office to get my schedule and the map of the school. The lady behind the counter, Mrs. Cope, wished me a good day. Once I was back outside, the student parking lot was full.

The bell rang and I headed off for my first class.

Chapter 3: Part 1

All the way from first period to the beginning of lunch, I caught people staring at me and, of course, talking about the new girl.

Lunch time wasn’t as bad. I picked a table that was empty. My hands were full of school books and I knew I would drop them before I sat down.

“Hi. You must be the new girl everyone has been talking about.” Someone had said behind me.

I turned around, standing face to face with a guy that had green eyes and the most beautiful face I have ever seen.

“I’m Edward Cullen, by the way.” He said.

My eyes grew wide and just as I predicted, I dropped my books.
loved it
loved it loved it
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wow this is good keep writing
Awsome story. Please add me and keep me updated!


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