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Hey guys! What were your thoughts about Breaking Dawn? 

1.What was your favorite scene and WHY!

2. What scene did you think could be better and WHY!

3. Since we are all Team Edward, what scene made you swoon and WHY!

4. Are you excited for Part two?!


Honestly, I don't think I can wait for Part Two! I'm so excited! <3

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1. The wedding was ADOOO!!!!

2. The fight b/w Sam's pack and the Cullens. And the honeymoon scene...playing chess is not what i expected.

3. Edward and Bella in cute together! <3

4. YES!!!! Can't Wait!


Haha.... I definitely agree about Edward and Bella being in Rio. <3

Didn't u love when Bella opened her eyes at the end? :D another part that swooned me!


Oh yes! (:

I thought it was suspenseful and memorizing. It sucks that they ended it were they did. Sucks that we have to wait for they part two to come out next year.

I know!

Favorable scene was when.........HELL I LIKED ALL OF IT.

The last scene could have been better. They should have shone Bella getting off the table and standing for the firdt time in her new life.

I swooned when he broke the headboard.

No I m not excited for the part two........I m impatiently having a heart attack for it.

They should have showed Bella as a vampire, and the Cullen's reaction... But, in a movie, that would be "giving too much away". :(

My favorite part was when Edward was cuddling with Bella on the sofa.I think that was also the moment when Edward heard Reneesme speak in his mind. 


The scene that I think would be better was when Bella dreamt about blood the night before their wedding. If I remember it correctly, in the book she dreamt about a bloody kid.

The part that made me swoon was when Bella was giving birth and she was about to die. Even though I already know what would happen next, still it was heart stopping.


I'm so excited for part two! And it kills me to have to wait for next year! 

Yes, the part didn't exactly make sense. In the book, she was talking about a kid. I loved the birth scene, too! Even though I knew that she would survive, it was still really scary to her Edward plead "Come on Bella, baby!".

They did change the dream, but it fit in the context of the film and the scenes surrounding it. It portrayed Bella's innermost fears. I thought it was well done graphically.

I loved the whole movie and I can't wait for Part 2. I have the soundtrack, which is very beautiful, and I will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out in March. I swooned when Edward jumped off the waterfall with Bella on his back. I think the scenes where they played chess were very clever. It fits the story and goes with the original cover of the book.


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