The Twilight Saga

Hey guys! What were your thoughts about Breaking Dawn? 

1.What was your favorite scene and WHY!

2. What scene did you think could be better and WHY!

3. Since we are all Team Edward, what scene made you swoon and WHY!

4. Are you excited for Part two?!


Honestly, I don't think I can wait for Part Two! I'm so excited! <3

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Haha, the first idea is good! This year has gone by SO fast, so I know that before I know it, I'll be watching part two. I remember three years ago, thinking that Breaking Dawn is going to come out in EONS, and now it's here so soon! Actually, there's 352 days,  6hours, 15 minutes, and 20 seconds! (Hehe, using my countdown.)


I don't recall when Edward yelled at Bella?  Hmm... good thing I am going to see it again next Saturday LOL... Hmm

It's the part where he was like"you give me no choice!" I don't if you'd call it yelling, but I was just glad he finally stood up to her,lol


aww lucky! I have to work :(

That part made me sad because when I saw Bella's exasperated expression... It was kind of sad. But I really enjoyed that Kristen was a way better actress in this one. Gosh, just loved this movie! (:

Me, too. I love the wedding part. Bella is so beautiful!!!! And the background is very romantic.

Their honeymoon is exhilarating! :)

I'm REALLY REALLY expecting part TWO, but I still need to wait for one year.:(

Anyway, I love all the films from the twilight saga, especially this one!:) so perfect,so gorgeous, so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know! It's going to be a long wait! I'm going to see it for the third time today! YAY! (:

yeah, but I liked the scene because it seems as though in the past movies, Edward never spoke his mind when he was angry. He always held back. And in this particular situation I felt that it was good that Edward let her know how angry he was that she was making choices that would affect both of them by herself.. which I thought was kind of selfish. Of course her intentions were not to be selfish and everything DID work out great, But he didn't know that it would at the time.

Yeah, I kinda wanted to slap Bella upside her head sometimes when I first read the book, because I was like "You're gonna die and cause a lot of grievance for people." Then, I kinda understood her a bit more as the book went on... 

This Sunday will be the third time I'm seeing it! I'm in love! (:

My favorite scene was the one that ran at the end of the clearly shows Auro as the Thief and Power Crazed Bully he and the other Volturi really are. While it isn't taken from the book, when he admits,"...they have something I want", it sets things up for BD-2 very nicely. I'm glad they put that in!

Yes, I'm glad that they put it in there too. However, I was hoping for them to show Bella. Or, if that would give away too much, show the Cullen's as they see Bella waking up. (Especially how Edward reacts)

i know i was hoping for his reaction too!


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