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Hey guys! What were your thoughts about Breaking Dawn? 

1.What was your favorite scene and WHY!

2. What scene did you think could be better and WHY!

3. Since we are all Team Edward, what scene made you swoon and WHY!

4. Are you excited for Part two?!


Honestly, I don't think I can wait for Part Two! I'm so excited! <3

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I can't wait for Part Two, too! Haha.. I really want the Illustrated Guide which comes out December 13th which is REALLY soon!! I'll pre order the DVD when it is available! (:

I loved all of it. I really can't wait for part two. I'm really excited.

You know what?  I am trying to remember everything, but I think I am going to wait til next Saturday LOL... since I am going to see it again.  After I see it, then I will post what I love about it etc... :) 


There is one thing I do remember that I loved the most and it was a longer kiss!!!!  ;)

Ah.... I just saw it and I'm so in love. <3

the scene that was my favorite was the whole thing lol, i don't actually have a favorite scene i luved the whole thing. i don't really think that any fo the scenes could be better to me, cuz like i said the entire move was awsome and is now my favorite out of the other three. the scene that made me swoon was the wedding, because i too dream of one day getting married to my bf who i feel is the one. heck yea i am excited for part two i also don't think i can wait for part two either.

I loved the whole movie too! I saw it for the third time today and I swear I could watch it 7 billion more times! (: I'm totally going to pre order the DVD! It's also my favorite out of all the movies! Aww... That's sweet! (: Haha, he's your Edward. I can't wait for part two, either. Each time I see the movie, I want to see the second part more and more!

I think my favorite scene is the one where Edward hears Renesmee in his head. Where he instantly falls in love with his child, not that thing. And when Jacob walks up the strairs.. sees them. Kristen and Rob really played that so well. The happiness, the closenes.. them being a family. It was amazing to watch.
And the scene I'm looking forward to in part 2, is the very last scene where Bella lowers her shield, and finally giving Edward the confirmation... the true, raw, hard and soft reality of how deep her love is for him. That he finally knows her love for Jacob, for him. That Bella loves him the same way, as he loves her.

My close second is the scene were Jacob imprints on Renesmee. Renesmee's wide eyes, watchting Jacob. Jacob storming out, letting the pack knows he has imprinted... Just can't wait to see how Bella is gonna scold him for it! Haha.


But everything was amazing.... the wedding scene, honeymoon, I sat there with a HUGE grin on my face.
And Bella's transformation gave me goosebumps! Loved it all!

Yes, I enjoyed those scenes. Know that you said that, I will be excited to see the pure love that Bella shows him... (: I thought the transformation was amazing, too! And, Renesmee was so cute and she was beautiful when they showed the imprinting scene! <3

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Part 2! Thanks for replying! :)

No problem! (:

i agree

parts that made me swoon tho were when bella was showing him her black lingerie and his expression was adorable, also i like how he loosened his tux at the wedding and when he heard the baby talk too.


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