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 Hey guys this is the sequal to Left for Dead if you haven't read it heres the link<3

                                                  Chapter 1: Before the Wedding


There was a scratching sound like nails on a chalk board that filled my room, I awoke. Startled I looked towards the window and gasped. There, on the birch tree, was a huge black mass. I stared in horror . What if it was Jordan? But then I remembered how truely dead Jordan was, so I opened the window and Seth jumped inside "Seth you scared the crap out of me!" I nearly screamed at him, "Chill Nessie!" I spun around "Embry why do you do that to me?" I asked him, His brown and green eyes shimmered, "What's up guys except it's 1 in the morning and my weddings in a few hours. Wait  Jake didn't get cold feet did he?" Seth chuckled, "Hell no, he didn't get cold feet, he's been waiting for you to say 'I do' since before you could even talk," Embry laughed too, "Good," I sighed, "We wanted to know who are wedding partners were sorry about the rehearsal we picked up a vampire scent near Canada," Embry explained, I nodded," Not a Denali?" I asked suspiciously,"No" They both said. I smiled," Good Seth you have Angie and Em you have Tara," The smiled,"Thanks Nessie!" they said kissing my cheek '' Be here early please my dad needs you guys!" They laughed "All under control Nessie," They said flipping out the window I sighed. I started to close the window when it flew back open and warm strong arms wrapped around me,"Your not suppost to be here," I whispered,"I hate tradition you know that," There was a smile in his voice, I smiled too," Do you Renesmee Carly Cullen take Jacob Thomas Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked I giggled at his impreson of a preist, it was pretty bad, "I do. Do you Jacob Thomas Black take Renesmee Carly Cullen to be your lawfully wedded wife," I asked quizically he smiled down at me, "Hell ya I do!" I giggled and then there was another giggle at the door. I put my index finger to my lips and crept to the door and flung it open fast. My mother,Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose and Grandma Esme all lay on the floor  in a heap,"Who's idea was this?" I hissed. They all pointed to Aunt Alice, "You're all vampires! You can hear from five miles away and your all right at the door," They all nodded,"That's what I said," My dad called from down stairs,"My point exactly!" I said, they all left grumbling something about  bridezilla, I retreateded back into my room into Jake's waiting arms. He played with my hair for a minute and then he started to kiss me. He went all the way to my collar bone and came back up resting his lips on my neck, "JAKE! You give her a hickey before her wedding day I'll kill you!" Alice screeched from the door, I laughed and he did too. He kissed me again only on my lips. He groaned I started to take off his shirt , but he stopped me,"That's not what I meant the guys are here," I groaned too."Where are you going?" I asked. He laughed,"Cliff Diving, no strip clubs." I heard a muffled "Ah man! " from Embry, I laughed at that,"You better bring him back in one peice," I said out the window,"And you," I said spinning around,"Be careful," I breathed into his chest,"Always am," He said smiling,"Shut up and get out of here!" I said he smiled and flipped out the window, I smiled. There goes my future husband, I thought,"Yeah all to near future," My dad said behind me, I jumped. He laughed, " You look so much like your mother when you do that," He looked at me with the eyes only a father could have,"I know kids grow up fast, but you grew up entirely to quickly,"He sighed ,"Sometimes I look at you and I want my little girl back, but then I see you and you are so grown up. Sometimes I'd like to strangle Jake because of some of his thoughts and I think about last year," I shuddered reaching down to the scars were from Jordan, "And I remember how sorry he was when He came back and I know how much he loves you, but why is it so hard for me to let you go?" He asked, He looked like he was about to cry,"Because you love me," I whispered, "I love you more than you know," He said kissing my forehead,"I love you too." I said.

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ah! Jay gets to meet the family

Chapter 11:

As we sat on the couch, the family asked Jay and I questions. "When are you getting married? Can I plan it?" My eyes grew wide as I looked at Jay, he shrugged. "We aren't planning on getting married-" Alice cut me off with a loud hiss that hurt my werewolf ears. "YOU AREN'T GETTING MARRIED!" She shreiked. "We were planning on getting married, just not now." Jay explained. She smiled,"Good boy!" She said smiling. I rolled my eyes.
"We're home!!!" Rosalice screamed from the door way. Everyone rushed in to greet Rosalice and Nigel in the foyer. Aunt Alice hugged Rosalice till there were tears in Rose's eyes. Grandpa Edward's face turned quizzical. "Shhhh, everyone be quiet." He said in a hushed whisper. His eyes grew wide and he stared at Rosalice in with wonder. "He says hello." Was all he said. "Who?" Mom asked looking confused."Our baby," Rosalice said lifting up her shirt exposing her bare skin. Dad growled at Nigel. "Baby?"He barked at him. "She's my imprint Jacob," he back peddled. "So we have a grandson on the way?" Mom ask giggling. "Ness, don't tell me you approve of this!" He said raising his eyebrows sky high. "Even if you don't, we do!" Aunt Rosalie said, making a face at my dad. "We will talk about this later. Carlisle can you tell how far she is?" Dad asked my loving great grandfather. Grandpa Carlisle carried Rose up the stairs. Soon they were back down the stairs. "She has about three weeks so it seems." Carlisle said. Dad glarred at Nigel. "You better be here."

A/n: hey guys I'm so sorry I've been gone so long!!! It's been so long,but I hope my loyal readers will read this and still be fams of the story. I also need help with baby names for Rosalices little boy. I was thinking of Ryder or Hayden or Jaden or any good names you can come up with lol

Some big shocks for the parents and grandparents!

OMG!! Awesome!!! 

Gotta love the parents reactions lol.

Can't wait for more!!! :)

wow, i have missed a lot, sorry i haven't read lately, busy with much coming up...can't wait to read your next chapter!

Chapter 12: the fateful moment

"SOMEBODY GET ME SOME DAMN MORPHINE!" Rosalice screamed through the house. "Somebody just get her to shut the hell up!" I said grumbly. This had been going on since four this morning. I had been on patrol till two so I wasn't in the greatest of moods. "If somebody doesn't get this child out of me we willbbe having a serious problem here." She said, the expression on her face read angry bull about to charge. She didn't look the least bit thrilled about this baby now. "GET.IT.OUT." she said heaving now. Nigel looked pale. "You are about to have our child love you look so beaut-" she grabbed a fistful of shirt in his hand. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" She screamed. Nigel's eyes grew wide with fright. If I wasn't so tired I might have laughed. Here was a tiny girl no more then five feet four inches tall holdding on to a boy of almost seven feet and she was scaring him. It was funny. I had text Jay and he was on his way. "IS IT TIME YET??" Rose said sounding very much like the Grinch before stealing Christmas. "It's time Rose!" Grandpa Carlisle said. I left the room. I wanted to keep down the breakfast grandma Bella had made for me. Suddenly I heard a cry of pain. "Is it the baby?" I asked up the stairs to Aunt Alice who was rushing towards me to get to the kitchen. "No Rose just broke Nigel's hand. No big. Wolves heal quick but until then hold this." She said handing me a bag of ice. I rushed it up the stairs and stood in the door way. No bloody mess yet Rose was still pushing. She looked contorted and damaged. Like she was being sufficated so I left. It was not a pretty picture. "WE HAVE A BOY!" Nigel shouted. I could hear Rose crying. Jay arrived then. "We have a nephew" I said smiling. He smiled his dazzling smile. "You are going to be a great Aunt." He said we walked up the stairs. "So have you picked a name?" I asked. "Ryder James Clearwater" Nigel said beaming. You could tell he was proud of his family. Jay wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "You guys did good." I said smiling at my tiny nephew. "May I hold him?" I asked timidly. When Rose nodded I held out my arms. He was a magical baby. He was so beautiful. "I want one." I said cooing at him. " I was afraid that would happen." Jay said. "Let me see him!" He took the tiny baby in one hand. He was just small enough to fit into his whole hand. Jay was going to be the best father. I thought. I could just see the wonder in his eyes.

love the update!  can't wait to read your next one!


Chapter 13: the unexpected tradgedy

As Jay craddled the Baby in his arms a shrieking howl ripped through the house. We could tell it was outside and a couple of miles off but it was loud enough to hear. It was a howl of pain. I handed Ryder to Rosalice and ran down the stairs Jay close on my heels annd Nigel right behind him. I didn't even take off my clothes when we got outside, I just shifted.
"Who is it?" I asked listening to the frantic buzzing of voices throughout my head. Shay's voice spoke.
"It was Jude Taylor's howl." She said frantic.
"Jude Taylor? Jude Taylor were are you?" I asked trying to search through his eyes but he wasn't in wolf form anymore.
"I think they are about two miles from the Rez." Ray said.
"They?" I asked. "Jude Taylor and Oscar. It was Jude Taylor howling but it's Oscar who is hurt." Saphira said. At this Nigel took off ahead of us. "NIGEL WAIT." I yelled. "No! He's my brother I have to find him!" He said. He dodged and weaved and Jay and I followed. We reached a clearing, seven piles of Ash lay in a heap burning, the purple smoke was disturbing enough until you looked at the actual scene unfolded before you. Jude Taylor was naked in the middle of the clearing. He was trying to wake an unconcious Oscar. I ran to the the treeline phased and put on my clothes. I ran back everyone was now in clothes and I wasn't feeling awkward now that I had seen Jude Taylor in his birthday suit. "What happened? " i asked getting down on my knees next to Oscar and listening for a heart beat. "We.. we were just patroling. We were talking like we do, when I caught the scent of a vampire. I said something to Oscar and he said it was nothing, probably a Cullen, because they were just coming into town after a long time and I didn't know there scents. So I brushed it off like he did. Then a vampire emerged from the treeline. He smiled and asked us who were were. In response we phased and the creature said we were rude. So we faught. He delivered a hug to Oscar and every rib was cracked spme in several places.i latched onto the vampire and ended him. It was Finn, Jordan's brother."
He said finishing. It was longest thing Jude Taylor had ever said to me. I stood there, unsure what to say about the second vampire returned to kill my family. It scared the living hell out of me. What if it had made it to the house? Where Rose and baby Ryder were.i shuddered. I went to Oscar, but he was growing increasingly pale. He started to cough and cry out, he thrashed. I went to him feeling his pulse, "His heart rates decreasing." I said, "Get Carlisle JudeTaylor!" Jude Taylor ran, but I already knew, Jude Taylor would not make it back in time. Sometimes that's just how death worked. It didn't care if you were a super quick werewolf healer or a father of four children. Oscar wasn't healing fast enough. Nigel could see it, the shock on his face was evident. "You sent Jude Taylor away so he wouldn't have to see this." He said, his voice sounding hollow and shaky. I simply nodded and we all sat around Oscar. "You have a nephew, Oscar. His name is Ryder. I had really wanted you to meethim. He looks a lot like you did." Nigel continued to talk to him, but what I hadn't told him was Oscar had a punctured lung. He was drowning in his own blood. No amount of werewolf healing was going to fix that. That's why he was coughing, he was drowning in his own blood and still trying to fight for the next breath. Nigel realized he was fighting. "Don't fight any more. I love you." He said. And Oscar seemed to have listened because death prevailed only seconds later, I had lost a member of my pack. Oscar lay dead, as thepile of ash continued to emit purple smoke. Nigel ran to the pile. " I HATE YOU!" He roared. "Rot in hell!!!!"he screamed Carlisle showed then with a werewolf Jude Taylor behind him. He could see the tears in my eyes and he howled. I went to the woods and shifted. Everyone had shifted now. We all howled for our lost comrade, Oscar Clearwater.

Oh no!  How did this happen?

I literally almost cried! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME, CICI?! It was amazing!



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