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 Hey guys this is the sequal to Left for Dead if you haven't read it heres the link<3

                                                  Chapter 1: Before the Wedding


There was a scratching sound like nails on a chalk board that filled my room, I awoke. Startled I looked towards the window and gasped. There, on the birch tree, was a huge black mass. I stared in horror . What if it was Jordan? But then I remembered how truely dead Jordan was, so I opened the window and Seth jumped inside "Seth you scared the crap out of me!" I nearly screamed at him, "Chill Nessie!" I spun around "Embry why do you do that to me?" I asked him, His brown and green eyes shimmered, "What's up guys except it's 1 in the morning and my weddings in a few hours. Wait  Jake didn't get cold feet did he?" Seth chuckled, "Hell no, he didn't get cold feet, he's been waiting for you to say 'I do' since before you could even talk," Embry laughed too, "Good," I sighed, "We wanted to know who are wedding partners were sorry about the rehearsal we picked up a vampire scent near Canada," Embry explained, I nodded," Not a Denali?" I asked suspiciously,"No" They both said. I smiled," Good Seth you have Angie and Em you have Tara," The smiled,"Thanks Nessie!" they said kissing my cheek '' Be here early please my dad needs you guys!" They laughed "All under control Nessie," They said flipping out the window I sighed. I started to close the window when it flew back open and warm strong arms wrapped around me,"Your not suppost to be here," I whispered,"I hate tradition you know that," There was a smile in his voice, I smiled too," Do you Renesmee Carly Cullen take Jacob Thomas Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked I giggled at his impreson of a preist, it was pretty bad, "I do. Do you Jacob Thomas Black take Renesmee Carly Cullen to be your lawfully wedded wife," I asked quizically he smiled down at me, "Hell ya I do!" I giggled and then there was another giggle at the door. I put my index finger to my lips and crept to the door and flung it open fast. My mother,Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose and Grandma Esme all lay on the floor  in a heap,"Who's idea was this?" I hissed. They all pointed to Aunt Alice, "You're all vampires! You can hear from five miles away and your all right at the door," They all nodded,"That's what I said," My dad called from down stairs,"My point exactly!" I said, they all left grumbling something about  bridezilla, I retreateded back into my room into Jake's waiting arms. He played with my hair for a minute and then he started to kiss me. He went all the way to my collar bone and came back up resting his lips on my neck, "JAKE! You give her a hickey before her wedding day I'll kill you!" Alice screeched from the door, I laughed and he did too. He kissed me again only on my lips. He groaned I started to take off his shirt , but he stopped me,"That's not what I meant the guys are here," I groaned too."Where are you going?" I asked. He laughed,"Cliff Diving, no strip clubs." I heard a muffled "Ah man! " from Embry, I laughed at that,"You better bring him back in one peice," I said out the window,"And you," I said spinning around,"Be careful," I breathed into his chest,"Always am," He said smiling,"Shut up and get out of here!" I said he smiled and flipped out the window, I smiled. There goes my future husband, I thought,"Yeah all to near future," My dad said behind me, I jumped. He laughed, " You look so much like your mother when you do that," He looked at me with the eyes only a father could have,"I know kids grow up fast, but you grew up entirely to quickly,"He sighed ,"Sometimes I look at you and I want my little girl back, but then I see you and you are so grown up. Sometimes I'd like to strangle Jake because of some of his thoughts and I think about last year," I shuddered reaching down to the scars were from Jordan, "And I remember how sorry he was when He came back and I know how much he loves you, but why is it so hard for me to let you go?" He asked, He looked like he was about to cry,"Because you love me," I whispered, "I love you more than you know," He said kissing my forehead,"I love you too." I said.

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This is amazing. Please update soon.

Oh no!!! That's trouble!!! Please update soon!!! I just can't wait to find out what happens!!!

Chapter 8: Dance pt1


"What the hell is going on here?" I shouted. I then noticed Rosalice had been pushing against Ryan's chest. I pulled him off of her, peeling him fast like a dirty band aid. Jay grabbed him from my grasp, "Do you know who you just kissed?" He roared with rage."That is my best friends girlfriend you better pray to who ever you pray to that I don't kill you infront of these two ladies it might get very gruesome for them do you want them to see something that could scar them? Hhmm?" He asked jerking on Ryan's shirt collar. "N-n-nno" Ryan stuttered at him."Get me the phone!" He said to me, "Baby it's not that big a deal, spare him this one time," I pleaded I knew he was gonna call Nigel. He gave me a look which I returned back to him. "Your lucky I love her," He growled at Ryan, who shook his head vigurously,"Leave," He shoved Ryan who scrambled to grab his jacket and ran out the door. "Please don't tell Nigel! I didn't kiss him, he kissed me," Rosalice burst into tears, He rushed over to her engulfing her in a hug, " Shhh. I know I won't." He rocked her like a child. She still was a child. This is when the realization hit that Jay was going to be an amazing father.

The first part of the day went by in a breeze, lunch was a diffrent thing though." Hey everyone this is Alicia Stanley! Your favorite anouncer anchor here at Forks High! One quick anouncement this Friday is the first annual Coustume Dance! This is a new thing that FHS is trying out, the theme is the ninteen twenties! Have fun with it there will be winners and prize money givin' away! That is all today FHS! Have a great day!". "This is gonna be so fun!" Rosalice squealed, Nigel leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She was excited and now we were going to get dragged in too. But I was kinda excited too. Jay and my first dance, this was going to be the best.

Shopping with Rosalice was like a living hell. I rolled my eyes as she picked up another pair of shoes she "needed". We finally found our outfitts. They were beautiful, "We are sooooooo gonna win!" She squealed. And I knew she was probably right, because she was always right. We stopped to grab food at some little diner. The waiter came over to us and took our drink order, "He is staring you up and down," Rose said to me, I rolled my eyes,"Jay is my one and only. Just like Nigel is yours." She knew what I was hinting at." I didn't like the kiss between Ryan and I. It was wrong." She shuddered. Our waiter came back, "Hi I'm Tommy, wanna hang out sometime?" He asked me. "Engaged. Sorry," I said. He looked bummed, but I didn't care that much. Cruel, not really, he would find that special girl some day, it just wasn't gonna be today.



Jay i gonna to be a amazing dad !!!


aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! amazing update :)))

a/n hey guys something wierd is going on had to post in two things sorry guys!


As we were driving home I got a really weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something weird was about to happen. It got so bad I had Rosalice pull over because I thought I was going to be sick. After a few excrutiating moments though it passed. We got back to the rez about an hour later, but I still couldn't help feeling something was up. We were half way home when I looked over and there was Oscar and Jude Taylor in wolf form. "Stop the car!" I screeched. Rosalice slammed on the breaks. "Is someone hurt? Oh my god! What if it's Nigel, oh god oh god." She spazzed having a full out panic attack. "We don't know anything yet!" I stammered trying to keep myself calm, trying not to think if something bad had happened to Jay. I got out running at the two giant wolves. Oscar disappered into the woods and came back a minute later human. "New... Pack... Member!" He gasped. I didn't ask who it was but I ran back to the car. Since I was pack leader they were probably at my house, so I comanded Rose to drive faster than ever before we were doing 160 when we pulled up the drive way. "Not bad for a girl, " Oscar smirked. When I came into the house all the guys were there, I saw Jay first though. "You aren't gonna like this," he said. I winced the crowd disperced around the couch to reveal two people.

a/n: hey guys sorry for the cliffey! wanted to keep you guys on the edge of your seats thanks again! comments are love! don't forget to hit the like button!!!

love always,


i like this chapter, eyes


It would be so funny !!!!


thank you:)

ariel flounder

hahahahah cute photo

Great update(s)!  Who joined the pack now?  Can't wait for the next part!


Please update soon. You have me so curious. This story is very intriguing 




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