The Twilight Saga

Embry and Braelynn have been friends ever since preschool. They did everything together. A week after Embry phases, he sees Braelynn and imprints on her. How will their story unfold?
Embry- Delta
Braelynn- Dani

Collin and Mara had been friends for the past year or so. Collin had started to fall for Mara, but never told her because he knew that she got hurt a lot and didn't trust people. Collin ends up imprinting on Mara. How will he tell her without breaking her even more and ruining their friendship?
Collin- Dani
Mara- Me

Paul had always been a complete jerk to Giselle, and she strongly disliked him for it. Paul imprints on Giselle and has to get her to believe that he's changed. How will he make her believe that this is real?
Paul- Me
Giselle- Delta

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Trevor chuckled gently as he looked at her "so... Pick an appetizer." he laughed a bit
Giselle smiled slowly "I like mild buffalo boneless wings... And mozzarella sticks!" she exclaimed
Paul sighed deeply again. This dinner was pointless for him to be here. It was completely pointless.
Giselle looked over at Paul an she slipped her hand into his with a smile "what do you want?" she asked, her smile completely ground and full of radiance. "Paul?" she repeated "what do you want?"
Trevor watched the two of them with a faint smile

Paul shook his head a little, coming out of his thoughts. "Huh? Oh, Umm..." He shrugged a little not really picky on what to eat. "I'll just have whatever you're having."

Giselle smiled and she nodded "okay... Sounds like a plan." she chuckled gently and she leaned in kissing his cheek gently "so boneless mild buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks.." she laughed a little and she ordered it with the waiter and she tapped her fingers on the table to the beat of the music in the background. She waited for Paul to ask her to dance.
Trevor chuckled gently as he watched "Paul was once again off in his own thoughts. Did he not see this beautiful girl sitting here before him? Trevor shook his head and he stood up holding out his hand to her. "would you like to dance?" he asked and he took her hand walking to the dance floor. Paul didnt notice till they were gone.
Paul half smiled and nodded a little before he started to think again. How did Giselle even know Trevor in the first place? He needed to talk to her about this. He opened his mouth to talk to her but closed it quickly when he didn't see her. He looked around and saw her dancing with Trevor. Paul growled to himself as he started to shake. How dare Trevor! That was his girl. Trevor had no right holding Giselle like that. That was Paul's job.
Giselle smiled happily as she danced with him and her hips twisted and swung with the beat and she laid her hands on his chest with another laugh. As the beat sped up so did she and in all honesty she was having fun! Trevor was a pretty good dancer..
Trevor smirked to himself as they continued to dance and be kept his arms on her waist. He swayed side to side with her and he moved her closer.
Paul growled and stood up, clentcing his hands into fists as he shook. He really wanted to go over and punch Trevor in the face, but at he same time he wanted to leave. Giselle did seem a lot happier with Trevor. Paul sighed deeply and started walking away.
Giselle smiled as she continued to spin and she laughed. When the song ended they walked back to the table and she rose an eyebrow not seeing Paul at the table. She assumed he just went to the bathroom.
Trevor walked back to the table with her and he smiled slowly. He scooted in and he ordered his regular meal and he nodded to the waiter as Giselle ordered hers.

Paul made his way to their room. He sighed deeply and flopped on the bed. He really wanted to go back down there and show Trevor how things were, but if Giselle was happy, then he would be happy. With or without her.

Giselle looked around but when Paul didn't come back she knew something was wrong. She gently bit her lip and she got their food to go. She walked back to the elevator and she rode up to the floor wondering if he was okay.. She quickly walked down to the room and inside. "Paul?" she called out as she closed the door behind her. "Paul are you in here?" she called out again and she laid the food on the counter and she walked into the bedroom. "Paul what happened? Are you alright? Did you get sick?" she asked worriedly and she crawled onto the bed putting her hand to his forehead "you don't feel ill.."

Paul sighed deeply as he closed his eyes. He slowly started to fall asleep, hoping that everything would go okay for Giselle and Trevor. He woke up a little when he heard her call his name. "Huh?" He mumbled. He rubbed his eyes and sat up when he saw her walk into the room. He shook his head a little as he yawned. "No. I'm not sick at all. I just left because I saw how much fun you were having with Trevor." He spat Trevor's name as he said it.


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