The Twilight Saga

You are invited to the wedding of: Dr. Temperance Brennan to Detectve Seeley Booth.Temperance and Booth have been through ups qnd down but they have finally reached a point in their relationship.The wedding.But what happens when Pelant kidnaps Bones right before she walks down the isle and gives booth 7 days to find them or hes gonna kill bones and ends the game for good.And when Bones and Angela figure out the real truth behind Pelants obession with Brennan.Will bones survive.Will pelant be stopped.W ill bones and booth ever bet married.Read on...




Seeley Booth-

Angela Montenegro-

Christine Booth-

Jack Hogdins-


boy and girl

have fun

dont ditch

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I'll be Booth and angela

ok you have you roles.

sweet. let me know when you're ready


who do we need?

just christine hodgins not necessary

Booth was slipping into his suit. Today was the big day. He was finally gonna marry Bones. he wasn't sure this was ever gonna happen

Angela- "relax, Brennan you look great

Angela fixed my makeup  and my hair and fill them with curls.I cant believe  this day was here already.It had only been one month since we had gotten engaged.Though i have my athetistic belief,the traditional catholic wedding is anbeautiful tradition but there is one thing i couldnt agree too wearing a white wedding dress .we argued over it but we finally agreed .so im wearing eggshell .ilook in the mirror in front of me and see the reflection of my daughter dressed in a beautiful white ivory dress.''hey sweetie look at you.''

"oh you two look like twins. Let's get you down that aisle huh?

i still need help into that dress,if thats a size 6 i must be shamu cause that is tight.but its too late now so lets do this before i start hyperventilating.''i say to her

christine-''mommy whats hypervatling...and my bow .''

brennan-''hyperventilating is just a big word for stressing.''isay putting the bow into her hair .

"what your mommy means is she's feeling a little nervous

im not nervous it just the humidity and heat store in the room is just causing me to persperate ,so scientifically im justbhot


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