The Twilight Saga

You are invited to the wedding of: Dr. Temperance Brennan to Detectve Seeley Booth.Temperance and Booth have been through ups qnd down but they have finally reached a point in their relationship.The wedding.But what happens when Pelant kidnaps Bones right before she walks down the isle and gives booth 7 days to find them or hes gonna kill bones and ends the game for good.And when Bones and Angela figure out the real truth behind Pelants obession with Brennan.Will bones survive.Will pelant be stopped.W ill bones and booth ever bet married.Read on...




Seeley Booth-

Angela Montenegro-

Christine Booth-

Jack Hogdins-


boy and girl

have fun

dont ditch

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"oh sweetie...." angela just laughed

what...whats funny.''

"Never mind let's get you into that dress

ok lets fit a size six into a size two dress.,,'we struggle wih the dress but finally.i fit into it .Its beautiful im beautiful.

christine-.,mommy ,miss cam and miss daisy sent these.something old,something new,something borrow and here angela put them on her those are for her hair and those are for her hair and those are for her neck and gonna go get my basket.and aunty angie,micheal cant find his ux jacket.

Angela hugged brennan and helped her put on the jewelry. you look great bren, I'm coming Micheal

thanks ange can you gey everyone in line when your and whats his blqnking.daisy and sweets.micheal vincent with the rings.christine and then you and hodginsnthen me and my dad...'inpause for a while''i cant remember that squints name can you just seatbevryone please.''

"sure Bren you got it

thank ange .please come get me when booth goee out.''

i look in the mirror for anylast minute changes but um literally flawless.sudenly i hear a knock at the door.

,,ange that was fast.ill be...pelant.''

pelant.''sorry, didnt get my invitation but i showed up anyway.'

bone''-i thought''

pelant''-was in egypt nope im right here.for yur big day.but now the games coming to a close but that cant happen s you are coming with me.''i throw a needle her way but she dodges it and that what i ble to grab her by her wrist and inject her with a paralyzing medicine and she is instantly paralyzed.and i tape her mouth.i pullna knife out my pcket and make a small inscission on her hand her hqnd wnd use her blood to write a message.''7 Days!''-pelant.I pick up brennan and carry her out the way i came inand drive away fromthe church.''brennan your mine.',

Angela hears Christine crying from the room "Christine what's.... oh no Brennan? Bren are you here?

they took her.''i cry''why would they do that''

"Christine who took her

look on the wall in the room.someone wrote something in ketchup.''


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