The Twilight Saga

You are invited to the wedding of: Dr. Temperance Brennan to Detectve Seeley Booth.Temperance and Booth have been through ups qnd down but they have finally reached a point in their relationship.The wedding.But what happens when Pelant kidnaps Bones right before she walks down the isle and gives booth 7 days to find them or hes gonna kill bones and ends the game for good.And when Bones and Angela figure out the real truth behind Pelants obession with Brennan.Will bones survive.Will pelant be stopped.W ill bones and booth ever bet married.Read on...




Seeley Booth-

Angela Montenegro-

Christine Booth-

Jack Hogdins-


boy and girl

have fun

dont ditch

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bones.-''play thevgame and kill him.before he shoots me.,i love you booth and christine too.'''

"I love you too bones. hang in there ok?

Pelant-''too bad..times heard dr.brennan play the game.7 days,Booth then,the only thing left to find is her body.''i hang up and destry the phone.',so doctor brennan are you hungry,im starving.''i say teasingly stroking her cheek.

bones.''dont touch me.what do you want.pelant.''

pelant.-''well ill tell you one thing.what i  do  want


"we've got to find her, and fast

Angela- no kidding let's go

christine-''arent you going to check if the bloods mommys.''i ask

bones.-i look at my freshly cut hand.,''why did you cut me.''

pelant.-',because im elant.think about it ive always been thos way.think about it.only if you could just remember.dr.brennan.if you only could just remember.''

bones-',wait what do you mean',i asked puzzled.Suddenly alarms go off.

pelant-''looks like someone in the jeffersonain has been injured by the gas.fools shouldnt of done that now,theyll have meer hours to get the antidote.and look dont you know him.''

bones he tur

bones-he turns the computer in my direction.''Hodgins.''

bones.''pelant what did you do.''

pelant.''calm down dr hasnt happened yet but that what gonna happen if booth and the rest of your team,dont solve the next clue.....hmph poor little micheal gonna suffer for his dads mistakes.''

"that's our first step Tiny," Booth answers giving her hair an affectionate ruffle


no no dont touch.auntie angie just comb that.''christine says smacking her dads hand away.

Angela just laughed "come on I'll fix it

go find mommy,''i say sotting down.''no respect ''i grumbled just kidding

"we'll find her Christine, daddy's gonna make sure of that


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