The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: The Man I Am (Edward's POV)

Chapter 2: Ruled By Secrecy-Part1 (Edward's POV)


Hey, its me again. I've had this idea in my head for a while now and you know I'm always writing about the wolf pack but this story is about Bella and Edward in the 1900's. I really don't know much about that time but I will try to be as accurate as possible. It might be a little confusing at first but I will try to explain something right now. This does not take place in Forks. Its an all human story.

The Swans are rich and a well known family. Charles Swan's daughter us unmarried and is the most wanted young woman in the town. Many young bachelors ask for her hand in marrige but she refuses every one of them. Until she meets a handsome stranger named Edward...

To clear some things up here the characters.

The Swans: Charles (Charlie) Swan-Renee Swan-Isabella Swan

The Cullens: Carlisle Cullen-Esme Cullen-

The McCarty's: Emmett McCarty-Rosalie McCarty (Hale)

The Hales: Jasper Hale-Rosalie Hale- Alice Hale(Brandon)(Twins, Rose married before the beginning of this story)

Others: Jessica Stanley-Angela Weber-Eric Yorkie-Tyler Crowley-Lauren Mallory-Michael (Mike) Newton-Jacob Black-Embry Call-Leah Clearwater-Seth Clearwater-Quil Ateara-Sam Uley-Emily Young-Claire Young-Jared Mercier-Paul Macera-Kim Conweller-Rachel Black-Rebecca Black-

Royal Italians:The Volturi: Alec, Aro, Cauis, Marcus, Felix, Jane, Demetri, Heidi, Afton, Chelsea, Renata, Didyme, Santiago. Sulpicia (Antagonists)

Uncategorized; Edward (You'll see why later) :o)

Here's the prolouge I won't write anymore if people are not interested in it.

Prolouge: Bella's POV

No matter now much I had tried ignoring him, I never could quite manage it. It seemed like from the start, there was something about Edward made me shiver. He was not like the other young men, on their knees for my hand. On some occasions, he would pretend I would not exist. It was rather offending. Though, it made me wonder. A lady shouldn't ask so many questions. It wasn't attractive. Edward thought it was quite amusing, my curiosity. Edward was quite charming at first, then things changed. He often followed me around, it caused gossip between my mother's acquaintances. It was frightening, though it excited me for no apparent reason. Edward will be the death of me.

Prolouge: Edward's POV

Their plan had worked. Isabella Swan was in the palm of my hand. I could control her, she was like a puppet. How silly of me to think this would be difficult! It was one of the most simplest tasks I had to do. Isabella Swan, the most beautiful woman in the world... was now mine. To keep, to control. Nothing in the universe would stop me from completing the last step of my task. Not even my own life. Aro will be quite pleased

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plz do!
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Ah, I love it! Please write more soon!!!
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Chapter 2: Ruled by Secrecy-Part 1
Edward’s POV

I adjusted my tie for the third time. Sighing, I sat down on the chair next to the mirror irritated. Mary Alice was still getting married! Despite the fact that her sister was dead. The thought chilled my bones. My first priority was to do whatever my master told me. Everything else was to be put aside. I had been invited to the wedding. Very few knew me as Edward Masen, to the ones that knew my family. This small town holds no secrets. Some a very well hidden, like mine.

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts.

“May I come in?” A soft voice I would recognize anywhere called. Miss Sulpicia Volturi came in before hearing my decision.

“Does my consent mean nothing to you?” I teased her. Her long back rested on the base of the door. Her slender arms crossed along her chest. A proper lady should not stand in such a way.

But then again, Sulpicia wasn’t much of a lady.

“I have power over you.” She said with a wink. Sulpicia adjusted her posture and glided towards me, shutting the door behind her. “You’re just a trainee here.” Her pale hands grasped my tie forcefully. “Worthless.”

I broke our intense gaze. “You’re right dear.” I took her fingers and locked them into mine. She winced in pain, though she did not try to show it. Sulpicia was fighter, one thing that I absolutely adored about her. She always went after what she wanted, and got it for that matter. Sulpicia never took “no” for an answer. “But you have no right to barge into my room like that. It simply isn’t done.”

Her icy blue eyes shone with the light of the sun. The golden curls that framed her delicate face seemed out of place, untamed.

“Many things aren’t supposed to be done.” She whispered, smiling mischeviouly. “I, for one, do not crave to be a proper lady.”

Sulpicia’s hands reached up to my neck, and with a sigh, her pink lips touched mine. I kissed her back for a moment, not surprised by her actions. It wasn’t the first time we shared a moment like this. She pulled away with a smile on her face. As if she was proving something.

“Dear, Sulpicia.” I touched her cheek. “You did not need to do that, I know what kind of lady you are.”

“What are you trying to say?” She glared.

“I believe everyone knows how well you cater to everyone else’s feelings.” I smirked. Her face turned a flaming red, either with embarrassment or with anger. I could not tell.

“Well.” Sulpicia smoothed her skirts and clasped her hands together. “I was only to give you advice on your last mission.”

“I meant no harm.” I touched her hair. “Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you.” She said immediately.

“Ah, you are such a comfort to me.”

I walked towards the large window in my room. Some would consider it a marvelous day for a wedding. But I, I thought differently. The sun was blinding, a white light that was threatening. Something that could kill you immediatly. I clenched my fists. I hated the sun, I hated the day. I hated Charlie Swan.

“Tell me what you are thinking.” I instructed Sulpicia. I turned to her and gazed at her coldly. She sat in my favorite chair and crossed her legs. Her pink lips twitched with amusement. I was in no mood for her games. I tried to get my palms to relax, but they would not. “Now.”

“I love it when you are angry.” She tilted her head back and let out a delicate laugh. “Now, let me see. Where were we? Oh, yes. You don’t have any idea how you will get revenge Mr. Swan?”

“He’s hardly noble enough to be called out with respect.” I said through clenched teeth. “No. I have no clue whatsoever.”

“Well then.” Her lips twitched into a wicked smile. “I shall help. He has a daughter, am I correct?”

“Yes.” I responded, leaning my back on the wall. “Isabella Swan.”

“Are you acquainted?” Sulpicia asked?

“Of course not.” I spat.

“Let me just tell you this, Edward.” She stared straight into my eyes. “Isabella is the most wanted young woman among the gentlemen. Her beauty is outstanding.” She rolled her eyes as she said this. “For the men, I mean. She is plain in my eyes.”

“And what does she have to do with this?” I stared, not comprehending.

“Oh Edward, are you thinking about killing the poor man?” Sulpicia’s eyes glowed with amusement. “Make him wish he were dead. Take away his most precious possession.”

“Isabella.” I smiled. “Yes, I understand.”

“Do you?” She ran her hands through her flowing, golden hair. “Charm her, Edward. She would not be able to resist you.”

I did not know what Sulpicia’s intentions where. If I were to make her feel attracted to me, what would I do then? I had never killed a woman. I didn’t think I had it in me.

“Just make her love you.” Sulpicia continued. “We’ll talk about this afterwards.” She took my arm and led me outside. “You have a wedding to attend.”

“Marvelous.” I said, irritated.

“Don’t be so bitter, Edward.” She rolled her eyes. The sound of our footsteps were loud in the grand hall. I did not want into Aro.
“The carriage is all set.” She motioned towards the door. “Aro took the liberty and let you use his finest.” Sulpicia smirked. “You’re his favorite.”

“Of course.” I said quietly.

“You look dashing, Edward.” She put her hands on my shoulders and smoothed out the wrinkles. “No one will look at you without melting.”

I put my fingers against her pink cheek and smiled. “Is this how they will react?”

“Of course.” She breathed.

I let my lips touch hers. “I will not fail you… or Aro.”

I ran down the stairs and let the coachman open the door for me. I knew what I must do, what I had to do. Charlie Swan would not be the only one that would be miserable.

Isabella Swan would too. After I would be done with her, nobody would want her.

I touched my lips; they were still warm from the kiss.

A/N: So, what did you think? I liked this chapter;) I’m gonna try to post more soon. I broke my toe yesterday. LAME! Next chapter will be Bella’s POV and Jacob will make an appearance.♥.
i luv ur story i jus cant wait 2 read more of it. let me now when there is more2 read thanks:]
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Thanks! I will :D
this is great!!! cant wait for more!!! ahhhh i love this!!!

claire m. cullen<3


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