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When you first read Twilight, did you expect Jacob's character to play as big a part as he does? Do you think he ended up having too big a part? After all, it is Bella and Edward's story, right? Or do you think Jacob should have had a bigger part? Or, do you think he got the right amount of spotlight? 


The reason I ask is because one of my friends, who has only recently joined the Twilight universe, had to take a break from reading BD right after the Jacob PoV ended. And I was a lucky witness to her tirade... She dropped the book down on the table in front of me and went, I quote, "I can't take this anymore! Twilight was the only [obscene word] book focusing on Bella and Edward. They are the characters I want to see. They are the characters that should get more screen time together; it's their [obscene word] love story, isn't it? I get the conflicts they face in life, but I don't want Jacob in every [obscene word] page of these books! Everywhere I look there's Jacob, Jacob, JACOB! Dude, he's cool and all, but I didn't know Twilight was his [obscene word] story." (Yes, she has a bad mouth when she's irritated about something...XD) 


I told her it was Bella's story and Jacob was a big part of Bella's life, and she said that the books almost revolve more around Jacob than Bella herself. So, that made me curious for more opinions. Do you agree with her or disagree? Whether you love him or hate him, do you think Jacob has kind of invaded the story a little too much?

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I had a real think about this and came to the conclusion that Jacob needed to be in the story... or there wouldnt of been one. Bella needed the "scary story" from Jacob to realise "what" Edward was in Twilight. There also wouldnt of been much of a story for Edward and Bella in NM (or even be two following books) if there was no Jacob. Edward left Bella and the only reason the story continued was because Jacob answered Edwards phonecall... this leading to the chase to Italy to rescue Edward which brings them back together.


Having said that though... I do agree with Julie K. Jacob started getting annoying in BD... love him to death but I do think it is because of the lack of interest Edward shows his daughter (or simply lack of father daughter moments.)

BD did seem to be crossing the line a little bit simply because Edward and Renesmee barely spent any time together, while Jacob had a lot, and, I guess, that irritated some people more than others. :D 


Thank you for replying.

the only people irritated by jacob are those biased edward/bella obsessors.
Er, actually Twilight is a story about Edward and Bella.

Pardon me for saying so, but your assumption seems quite unfair and biased itself. 

It's like I'm looking through a mirror with your friend, I felt the exact same way. Haha, but seriously, Jacob has way bigger spotlight than he should. The only story he didn't have much in was Twilight, I was still irrogated when he has the smallest part though. Because you knew Stephenie Meyer wouldn't put him there as an accessorie, he was going to be a part of their story, Bella's "Love Triangle" I have to admit though, it would be pretty boring if Jacob wasn't there, but what was his use? He wasn't going to be with her anyway. If Jacob wasn't there it wouldn't be as intresting, but that's all the importance of him to me, no more than entertain me with intresting events. Stephenie should've cut him out the story a bit, but she wrote "New Moon", so there was no way to get him out. He has a to big of a spotlight, which is making former Edward fans go to his, well I'm pure and strong, I'd rather stay on the good side =]

Stephenie Meyer actually did just put him in there as an "accessory", as you say, but then she liked him so much that she gave him a bigger part, adding him further and further into the story... I guess to some people she might have gotten a little carried away. XD

I've always had an indifferent opinion about Jacob. I've tried, but I haven't succeeded in liking him. So, I think Jacob's presence has always had a meaning, but I wasn't particularly happy about it. I wouldn't have wanted him to have a bigger part, and I think he got just the right amount of attention. 

Jacob's book in Breaking Dawn was interesting, although his in-between little thoughts about Edward irritated me.But that can't be helped, I guess.The deep insights we got of the functioning of the pack was undoubtedly fascinating. To me, that was the very best part of Jacob's section of the book.

But what really annoys me is how the movie franchise made him out to be. So much attention seems to revolve around his being shirtless. Not so much in New Moon, but in Eclipse, it was too much to bear. Eclipse was frankly, a little bit disappointing, because the way I saw it, Edward was given nothing more than a "guest role". Bella was so indifferent about him in the movies and it really, really got on my nerves.


I was also disappointed at the way SM treated Edward in Breaking Dawn. Especially his role as a father. The way Renesmee seemed to prefer Jacob all the time, instead of her father, was a little bit saddening. 



Wow, I agree with everything you've said. (Except, I like Jacob, lol.)


I loved getting a look into the minds of the pack. More Leah and Seth, too, was an added bonus. I do wish there were more Edward and Renesmee moments. It seemed that Edward almost had a "guest role" in BD (except in the beginning), as well as Eclipse. I didn't appreciate the way SM handled a lot of aspects in the last book...


Thank you for your reply. :] 

Anytime. ;)
I guess the first part of Breaking Dawn comes from Forever Dawn which Meyer wrote earlier. Later she did lost connection with Edward.
lol well most girls would choose their boyfriend over their dad.


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