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When you first read Twilight, did you expect Jacob's character to play as big a part as he does? Do you think he ended up having too big a part? After all, it is Bella and Edward's story, right? Or do you think Jacob should have had a bigger part? Or, do you think he got the right amount of spotlight? 


The reason I ask is because one of my friends, who has only recently joined the Twilight universe, had to take a break from reading BD right after the Jacob PoV ended. And I was a lucky witness to her tirade... She dropped the book down on the table in front of me and went, I quote, "I can't take this anymore! Twilight was the only [obscene word] book focusing on Bella and Edward. They are the characters I want to see. They are the characters that should get more screen time together; it's their [obscene word] love story, isn't it? I get the conflicts they face in life, but I don't want Jacob in every [obscene word] page of these books! Everywhere I look there's Jacob, Jacob, JACOB! Dude, he's cool and all, but I didn't know Twilight was his [obscene word] story." (Yes, she has a bad mouth when she's irritated about something...XD) 


I told her it was Bella's story and Jacob was a big part of Bella's life, and she said that the books almost revolve more around Jacob than Bella herself. So, that made me curious for more opinions. Do you agree with her or disagree? Whether you love him or hate him, do you think Jacob has kind of invaded the story a little too much?

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i think he got the right amount
 I do thinks there's tooo much Jacob in the book. I don't get what people see in him. Sure he's hot, but that's about he has the personality of a player and a jerk. Plus he is way too cocky. He would never be as perfect as Edward.NEVER.NEVER.NEVER.NEVER.NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
I have to agree - there's something about Edward.  For me it could be that the character of Edward is more mature. Jacob is a kid he's really a kid, not someone who's been stuck 17 but continued to mentally grow and learn.  Mybe we're too hard on Jacob - he's very typical and just needs time - and he really does car about Bella.  Ya  know, everyone talks about how Edward tries to be too controling of Bella and influence her choices, doesn't Jacob do that too. It's just that she's more apt to listen to Edward b/c she loves him.  Just a thought.

Okay for the people who are saying the Twilight Saga would have been a "lame/boring" love story without Jacob or that Jacob's big role was necessary to save the Cullens, I agree and disagree. I disagree that the Twilight Saga would have been a "lame/boring" love story without Jacob because most people consider Twilight their favorite book out of the entire Saga. Twilight still would have made it big with or without Jacob. However Jacob's involvement is a contributing factor to why Twilight is so successful but so is Bella's involvement, Edward's involvement, the Cullen's involvement, the wolf packs involvement, etc. We can not give Jacob all the glory and say that Jacob (himself) made The Twilight Saga successful because if Edward never came back in New Moon then the Twilight Saga would have ended and Bella would have eventually got with Jacob and they would have lived sorta not really happily ever after. So actually Bella going to save Edward and Edward coming back to Forks is what continued to The Twilight Saga not Jacob! 


Now, I agree that Jacob's involvement saved the day countless numbers of time and nobody is trying to discredit Jacob for doing that. The original question was do you think Jacob invaded the story not if he was necessary. Of course Jacob was necessary in many parts of the books but he still had to much involvement to me when it came to BD. Renesme couldn't just be Edward and Bella's daughter, she had to be Edward and Bella's daughter and Jacob's imprint. It couldn't just be Edward and Bella's intermediate family (Only including Edward, Bella, and Nessie)  because whatever decisions Edward and Bella made about their intermediate family they had to include Jacob because Nessie is his imprint. So Edward, Bella, and Nessie couldn't just go on vacation (hypothetically) for a good length of time as a family without Jacob because he can't be away from Nessie that long. It's is just annoying that Jacob has to be included in single little thing. It really stopped being Edward and Bella's love story after Twilight. It turned into this love triangle that included all three of them. I am happy that Jacob is in the story because no matter how much Jacob is involved or no matter how much Jacob tired to break Edward and Bella up he failed and Bella and Edwards love is stronger than ever.  I just feel that in BD it should have been more about B & E and their daughter. Like many have stated there were no moments between Edward and his daughter because it's kind of like Jacob took that role from Edward because of the imprinting. Jacob as of now stands as a protector for Nessie and he is always with her. Edward is Renesme's father but Jacob is basically taking his place because Jacob wants to be everything Renesme needs and I know Jacob can't help it but it still is very very annoying.


I think Jacob still could have saved the day (as he always does) without getting in the way of Edward, Bella, and Nessie so much.

I love BD, don't get me wrong, but I agree. I'm kind of sick of Jacob. I may be partial to Edward, simply because I think that Edward is better for Bella than Jacob is. Call is Love at first sight, but like they used to tell us on those standardized tests in high school, your first choice is always the best one. Bella choose Edward first, so going by the standardized method, Edward is the best choice for Bella. 


I think Bella's story wouldn't be so complicated and involved in Jacob wasn't involved thought. I mean, how much of a story is there when there are only two people, both kind of fighting their feelings for each other? Edward is fighting his feelings because he knows he doesn't want Bella to be a vampire, Bella is fighting them because she doesn't really want to lose her family and friends, no matter what she says to Edward. Jacob seems to be too hot-headed when it comes to his feelings, even before he started phasing. 


I love all the Twilight books and movies, and I think that, like everything in RL, everyone has people they love. You CAN love more than one person, and Bella loves both Jacob AND Edward, so it makes sense that Jacob has a part in everything. I wasn't excited, horrified really, when I read that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, because, really, Bella had already been through so much and I was worried about how she was going to take it. The animosity between Edward and Jacob...I really thought that Edward was going to haul off and end Jacob's involvement right then and there, but I'm glad he didn't.


I really hope that Stephanie finishes Midnight Sun and maybe even continues to parallel the other books with Edward's view of things. I think that would make things even more interesting. But I guess we will just have to wait and see....


Jacob needs to be in the story.  He makes it fun.  He's Bella's age and cares about her.  Edward is so serious all the time, that Jacob's character keeps a link to the real world - which also includes her dad.  He's there to break things up a bit. Don't get me wrong, the movie could be all Edward and I would not complain.


There was a rumor, I'm not even sure where I read it, so just a rumor that Midnight Sun may come out between Breaking Dawn 1 & 2.  That would make marketing sense, to keep the interest there between the movies.  A year between part 1 & 2 is long time. Or it could have been someones wishful thinking.  I'd love to have Midnight Sun too.


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