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I've had serious trouble concentrating on other books, movie, songs, tv shows,ect., since I read twilight. I always find some way to relate everything to Twilight and then u quit thinking about the book ur reading or watever and start thinking about Twilight. some of my friends have the same problem so i was just wondering if we were insane or what? lol

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I understand what your going through- It is completely normal. I'm going through it too. What I do is think of something else I enjoyed before I discovered twilight saga then concentrate on that a while, then afterward have a twilight fest- as I call it.
You basically do whatever you can that you love about twilight- everything, listen to the music, watch film clips, search pictures, go on twilight, blog about it, everything just enjoy what interests you most.
Don't hold back- If twilight is your life people will Just have to deal with that fact.
You're not insane lol - But I understand your connection- Enjoy yourself !
Love Lucy x
I relate books to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn sometimes XD Not much with New Moon and Twilight though.

But i get soo unfocused when i get thinking about Twilight XD
oh yeah! I always find some details that remind of twilight, but luckily this only happens when i'm reading. Most movies don't remind me that much of twilight and it's the same with tv-shows. But well it wouldn't matter to me if everything would remind me of twilight - it's the best story EVER!!!!
omg yea your totally not alone in this!! i swear twilight will be the reason i fail college!!
omg i do the same!!! i tried reading another book after twitlight but then im like ugh weres the vampires!?lol i know how you feel! some times i cant even listen to the teacher because im tinking about twilight! =)
obiusly i have i always think of it and when i do anything like read ithink of what would Bella and Edward do or i relate the problem to one of the book
Same here when ever I habe time I wonder what is Edward doing now it is sad I know but true.. Then it is like I want to find someone just like him in every single way.. why can't I kind someone like him.. I even think to myself like I am from the book it sounds like somethink that you would of read in the book. Before Twilight I had not read a book for fun in like literally 4 years than now I dont know well im sure that reading it once wont be enough!
Haha confession time! When I was reading Twilight I had conversations with the characters allll the time. Starting to get a little worried. :) Reading Twilight once will never be enough -- even the Twi-haters have to agree -- sooner or later they'll start to wonder what exactly happened..
Ya I bet all the boys who hate Twilight actually have a full copy of the set at home under their bed or sumthing..
Thank God, I thought I was alone. I relate everything to Twilight.
It's so hard to concentrate in Biology, especially if I work with a guy who doesn't talk to me.
i totally do have that problem!! im feelin u


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