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I've had serious trouble concentrating on other books, movie, songs, tv shows,ect., since I read twilight. I always find some way to relate everything to Twilight and then u quit thinking about the book ur reading or watever and start thinking about Twilight. some of my friends have the same problem so i was just wondering if we were insane or what? lol

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yeah i do that too. i always keep a flash light hidden under my bed.
yup have the same problem...
yep. i stare at my teacher but i am really thinking about that her hair color
is exatly like bella.
Yes!!! I have trouble concentrating at school now. Its always Twilight 24/7 for me.The only book I read now are either vampires books or the Twilight Saga books! I can't stop reading the books and talking about them. All of my friends have started to call me a TWILIGHT OBSESSED FREAK<3. I just can't help it. Twilight is my drug and I'm in too deep....
i can't even concentrate in class.
ESPECIALLY in science class when we're in the lab. i always daydream that edward is sitting beside me. everytime i'm in science, all i think about are the lab scenes in the book and movie. Except I imagine myself as bella.
YES!!! i have the same problem!!!! i used to read other books all the time but since i read Twilight i can't concentrate on other books now, even books that used to be my favorites that i loved to read!
No you are far from insane.....unless i'm crazy as well.......... I'm so bad with this book that i have to at least look at a picture from the movie or i have to read it before going to bed.....and with me not having read breaking dawn just yet.....yeah i know i'm sorry....i'm trying to get my hands on this dreams are trying to make up the final book....... see the thing is my mind everynight i read the book i have a dream about it as well.......... OMG i love twilight i need it its my drug and i need a fix
oh my I belong here. heehee. Im experiencing the trouble too! Though 4 months past since I finished the whole saga, from time to time Im scanning the books and since my room is full of twilight pictures "I CAUGHT MYSELF" daydreaming! Oh the songs from the movie... it adds to the trouble. :D
me too! i see an apple, i think twilight. i see a flower, i think new moon. i see a car, i think "why can't we have awesome cars like the cullens". i hear thunder, i think vamp baseball. i see a dog, i call him jacob. :)) i am so weird, but i wouldn't wanna have it any other way. :)))
oh my god...yeah i think i have failed grades in my academics coz i never study hard since i read the Twilight mom got angry (i'm sorry).....but i can't help it......and Twilight is the only book i have read in my entire existence....(except school books).....oh god.....sooo many changes in my life since they came....but i love so so much


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