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  As it says at the top I am renovating! So that means that your banners are gonna be pro! I have a new software, a professional software. So you will have awesome text features, blend photos and much, much more! But this is also means your banners might take longer to be completed while I learn as much as I can about this new software. The "renovating" shouldn't take longer then a few weeks! So if you never tried us out before because we are "No skilled" or "Not professional" then check us out after renovation! THNAX!


Do you want incredible banners/ graphics? Fast? (Banner designers):
 Daniela and Bella swan (me).
 Welcome to Tru Twilight's banners, I love making banners and I got skill =)

 Please fill out the correct info below & get a gorgeous banner from us!

 Banner type: Fan fiction banner, profile photo, & or character banner

If an Fan Fiction banner...:

  •  Title:
  •  Author:
  •  Photos: (optional, good descriptions work well 2!)
  • Quote(s) or any sub text (optional) :
  •  Color scheme & or text (I will be able to provide most texts, or something similar) (optional):
  •  Boarder: Yes, No, I don't know
  •  Link (optional, I love to read fan fictions to get a better idea of how to customize your banner):

If a profile photo...:

  •  Photo:
  •  Any sub texts:
  •  Anything else you would like me 2 add 2 your photo (optional)

If a character banner:

  • Character name:
  • Any subtexts or quotes:
  • Color scheme (optional):
  • Any additional info:

**New**  If a group photo...

  •   Group name:
  •   Any Subtexts:
  •   Color scheme:
  •   Any Additional Info:

Profile photo/ fun graphic
I can do your zodiac sign for your profile picture, just tell me it along with all other required information!

Character banner:

By Daniela :

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Replies to This Discussion

Sorry, your banner might be a while, nothing more then two days though. Just more time to make it gorgeous!
thanx, and i would love ur assistance in the shop!
Its hard to find a pic with all the Cullens, Bella and Renesmee together.

Here you go, hope you love it! Please tell me if I have to edit in anyway!

title:Our Love
quote: Now that I found him...Can I love again?
what ever you want to put on the pics will be fine



no glitter thank you

i really love it thanks

When he put it on ur story, if its a discussion or blog, the banner should enlarge
Can u do the Profile Pic one Daniela?


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