The Twilight Saga

TRUE LOVE CONQERS ALL its bell and jake after breaking dawn he doesnt imprint on renessme tell me what you think

Chapter one

My brother is edward cullen. He went 'missing' a week before i was changed in 1918 i know he did not really die because i am also a vampire a very powerful one at that. I found my brother just after he got married and had an adorable baby girl. He knows im here but im keeping to myself at the moment to observe how they act together and wether or not they will accept me.
That was last month turns out Alice my best friend already knew i was comming so they were ready and when i officially arrived they loved me. They still do not know the fully ability of my powers but they do know i can shapeshift into anything but i prefer to stay as i am or as a wolf .
Alice came up to me today and said i had to meet some members of the family that lived on the reservation that were like me i didnt get what she meant but i trusted her, she gave me a very flashy summer dress an told me to go in wolf form which made no sense to me but i did it anyway. We were all sitting in a clearing in the forest when i heard the padding of many massive paws. Ilokked at Alice questionly but she just smiled so i put my face back on my paws.They emergerd then 6 massive wolves i imediatley stood up defencivley but Jasper calmed me evedently the wolves were as confused as i was. I looked at each one but after looking to the right of the alpha i looked no further i had just imprinted on the most handsome wolf i had ever seen!!He was staring right back at me and i could tell he'd imprinted on me to.

I cant beleive it i just imprinted on this stunningly beutiful white wolf in front of me and i just stood there gawking she must think im and idiot. Them Edward spoke "Jacob i see you just imprinted on my sister bell-" holdon SISTER !? how could he have a sister Edward just laughed and spoke again"Bell would liketo show you her human form if thats alright and shed like to se yours to" you didnt have to ask me twice i shot into the bushes to phase but just as i was about to i heard the most beutiful voice every say " did i scare him of ??... thats just myluck i finaly imprint and he runs of" i heard emmett laugh really loudly and Alice say " no huni hes just gone to phase he'll be back promise" i hurridley phased and chucked on my shorts before running back out to see the most gorgeous girl on the planet standing in place of the wolf then she laughed a laugh that was like bells ...wait why was she laughing ? then i noticed my mouth was haning wide open nice dude real cool ithought to myself and Edward laughed i glared at him. Carlise began to talk about redoing the treaty and my bell started playing with renessme on the ground she was like an angel how could i deserve something so beutiful?? beats me.then something veru unexpected happened i heard a low hiss followed my a growl the my Bellbeing flung threw the air i rushed to catch her but shed phased mid-air i phased to and every wolf flanked me to look at what had attacked my bell. We were all shocked as to who the attacker was ...Bella!? what the hell bella was hissing again and glaring a bell emmett was holding her back while she seethed " i hate you bell jake should have imprinted on me or renessme not a skant half breed like you !!" the clearing echoed with visious growls but my angels voice rang threw them all " i do not see where you are coming from bella for you have my brother and a daughter you are happy am i not allowed to have my other half ? and why should you want him when you have edward" i looked at edward at this point he was hurt more than that and ashamed that his wife attacked his sister ...
emmett and the rest of the cullens left to calm bella down, My pack left not long after leaving me in the clearing by myself until something rustled in the shadows i leapt up only to be tackled by something hard and white ....

tell me what you think and if use are interested ill keep going :D
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hey guys sorry it took so long i had alot to deal with but here you go .....
chapter ... i dunno lol
Easter ...... oh dear this means alice has everyday planned out with some form of torture.I heard edward laugh as i didnt have m sheild up so i snapped it back in place and he looked at me with one eyebroe raised i just stuck my tongue out like a two year old and continued reading shiver this was my favorite book beacuse it was about werewolfs but good ones. "BELL!!!!" the pixie from hell shouted i groaned as she skipped in to the room " bell we are all going clubbing tonight " she squealed excitedly just as emmett guffaud " seriously that girl cant dance why would she go clubbing " he said betwee n laughs i smiled evilly at him and said " care to make a bet as to how good a dancer i am?" " oh your so on belly " "dont call me that" i hissed, he laughed again " lets say 200 on you cant dance to save your self and alice cant help you try k>? " " deal " i said " but if i win you...." "bell be nice" edward said with a smile on his face he obviously rememberd when we were kids i laughed "scratch that we get to dress you all easter and .... alice gets to decorate your jeep " alice squealed again and sang "thankyou bell " emmett groand " fine but if i win ...." he got an evil smile on his face " you have to stay away from jake all easter you are not allowed any where near him " i gasped and emmett laughed " fine deal " and we shook hands. " yey !! come on bell we need to get you ready" i groand again and followed alice,rose and bella upstairs dont get me wrong i love shopping and clubbing but i hate alice dressing me . after i was washed and now dressed i had to hand it to alice i loved what she picked out ( it was simple but stylish just how i liked it my hair was done in soft curls and my make- up was natural. Down stairs i heard the front door opening and jake entering " hey guys wheres bell ?" " shes upstairs getting ready with alice " jazz replied i smiled because they thought we were all going together but we girls had other ideas so alice houted down " hey guys are use ready ?" " yeah we'r just waitin on use huni " jazz replied alice laughed as we all jumped out the window and into roses bmw and me on my bike she yelled " well we'll see use there " with that we reved our engines as the guys shot out of the house dumstruck and zoomed off.
The club we were going to was always jam packed but we were vips so we were allowed in anyway. when the guys arrived alice made surei wasnt dancing so we all sat round a table talking when emmett opend his mouth " hey bell dont we have a deal ?" he laughed me and alice glanced at each other as the song tik tok by kesha came on " yep i'll show you just try keep your mouths closed " i laughed as we girls got up to dance emmett had a confident grin on his face we started to move and i could feel every guy in the places eyes on us as we swayed our hips to the music very sexily.we glanced over at the guys edward was looking anrgy probably at the thoughts of the guys about his wife and sister jazz had a look of lus in his eyes,jake looked like a combanation of the two and emmett was staring at me dumstruck i laughed.As the song ended we made our way back to our table and i sat on jakes lap his arms were immediatley around me lovingly and protectivley, i turned around and kissed him lightly and laughed as he pouted, emmett was now in a huff with everyone including rose which was something.
LOL HAHA EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! i couldnt belive bell could move like that she was mezmerising, as i sat at that table all i wanted to do was have her in my arms where she belonged. I could tell eddie boy next to me wasnt to happy with the thoughts around us and when he told me some of them i wasnt either. There were a few guys heads that needed riping off and even a few girls ?? what the heck is that about. Jasper looked vey uncomfortable with the surplus of lust he looked rather funny if you ask me. As i watched bell i couldnt help wonder how i managed to get so lucky she was perfect in every way. When they finished dancing all the girls came back to the table with huge grins on their faces, bells came and sat on my lap and i wrapped my arms around her so the guys new she was mine and always would be. She turned her head and kissed me lightly but i wanted more but i was happy to wait... for the moment (haha) i couldnt understand why Emmett was in a huff with everyone but then jasper explained the bet to me and i laughed.
we headed home after that and emmett disapeard up to his room rosalie huffed and followed him, bell laughed quietly to herself as we all sat in the living room and put on a film of course the evil pixie picked a horror which terrified bell so i hugged her to my chest and rubbed my had up and down her back soothingly. Everytime somone screamed in the movie bell flinched i didnt like seeing her this way so i picked her up and took her to my room. She sat on the bed looking so damn iresistable i couldnt take it any longer i walked over to her and knelt down in front of her, she opened her legs so i could get closer to her then wrapped my arms around her waist and hers snaked around my neck and then our lips smashed together with so much passion i nearly exploded i pushed her back so i was on top of her supporting my weight on my knees and pulling her closer to me just then someone burst in the room but we ignored them until i was being dragged off her by none other than............. EMMETT " what the heck em!!!" i shouted at him he grinned at me and replied " i wanna play a game " i looked at him astounded " you interupted us because you wanted to play a game !!" i was raging now i barley got anytime alone with bell because of patrols and stuff and he wanted to play a GAME !?! By this point bell was by my side with her hands around my waist trying to keep me calm i took a deep breath and looked into bells eyes which always seemed to calm me seeing all the trust and love there and said " fine em fine but this is the last time you interupt us " "WOOOOHOOO" he yelled and i couldnt help but laugh " hop on " i said to bell and i gave her a piggy back down stairs to the living room where everyone was sitting alice looked at me apolegeticly but i couldnt understand why. " now everyone we are playing truth or dare" emmett began " now there is only one rule ..... what ever dare you get asked to do you have to do it no matter what" everyone groaned but i didnt know why em spun the bottle and it landed on ..........

lol i wouldnt do that to use !!
it landed on Rosalie oh dear emmett smiled evilly alices eyes went blank and she gasped and edward laughed " ok huni truth or dare " rose looked scared but said " dare?" but i came out more of a question " yes!" em yelled and then got serious " ok sweety i dare you to .... go on a date with mike newton" " em why on earth would you make rose do that " bell asked " because it will be funny you watch and with that we were all off to mikes house, rose walked up to the door and a very sleepy looking mike answerd " oh em hey rosealie " he said looking very shocked i looked at him and noticed he had spiderman boxers on ?? what on earth goes on imn that boys mind " ok mike i wanted to know if you would go out with me ?" rose asked mike looked stunned, gulped and nodded " ok pick me up at 2 tomorrow" rose replied and walked away we all burst out into hysterics at mikes and roses expressions
"ok my turn" rose said and spun the bottle and it landed on edward " okie eddie boy truth or dare?" "dare edward said confindently but then said "bell why are you blocking me from reading yours , alices and roses thoughts ??" bell smiled but before she could answer rose started talking " ok i dare you to crash your volvo " edward looked at her shocked "w w why" he stutterd wow she got the almightly edward to stutter " because im bored and it will give me something to do" edward got up slowly and grabbed his car keys and walked outside .... a few minutes later we heard a loud crash then edward returned looking very upsetand sat back down but then a smile appeared on his face and said " i give my shot to bella " we all looked at him confused "ok guys here we go" and bella spun the bottle and it landed on bell ..... oh my gosh here we go i thought and isqueezed her hand reassuringly "dare " she said but instantly i regreted it as bella's face turned evil and alice looked really sad and then shouted "dont you dare bella swan!!!!"" to late she already said dare... so bell i dare you to leave here and not to come back for 30 years and jake has to stay here " she smiled smugly as everyone else glared at her bell looked around and there was nothing anyone could do i grabbed her waist and held her to me there was no way they would let this happen " oh and she has to leave tonight " i growled at her as did jasper alice rosalie and emmett edward was frozen in shock as he stared at his wife. Bell slowly got up and ran upstairs but no one down here moved we were all either to angry or to upset bell appeared 20 minutes later with two cases and sat them at the door "NO!!" i shouted " you are not leaving its just a stupid game" i snarled hugging her to me she had tears in her eyes then alice came up to us and said " i'm afraid she has to or bella will kill her " we all looked at bella who smiled evilly and nodded and with that bell kissed me passionatley grabed her bags and left she was gone for 30 years i was extremly anrgy now i wanted to after her but no one would let me go .......
30 years later

ive been alone for 30 very long years well not really i found a new coven who took me in and yes i am part vampire to tell the truth i am a shapeshifter in every sense of the word i can shapeshift in to anything i wnt but my original form is vampire of which i have a very powerful girt .... i have every power known to human or vampire whch makes me nearly indestructable. my new coven consists of anna who can control the elements shes like a mother to me, darren her mate can teleport you anywhere you like hes the head of the coven, clare can stop, or speed up time, ryan is her mate and does the opposite he can start and slow don time so they go perfectly together and then theres connor he doent have a mate but has taken a fancie to me but im only interested in my jake, ryan can make you ivisible so you could say we are the most powerful coven ever.
the 30 year ban was up and we were moving to forks i had decided to keep my vampire form for the time being as i wasnt sure if the cullens wince or jake double wince would still be there.

got to go will post more soon
thanks for reading luv ya xx
lol thnx i need a little help though
should the cullens and jake be there when she gets back
or does she need to go find the ??
has jake started a realationship with nessie and forgot about bell ??
or does he still love her but was forced to go out with nessie ??
or has he waited for her ??
i have a rough i dea but let me now what you think
klove the comments keep them comming
1) they need to be there when she comes back
2) i say he waited for her
i love the story keep me updated plz and post more soon
lol thnx will do
and ill try i forget sometimes lol


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