The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes in this.

Summary: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes and she is friends with Ben's girlfriend Georgie Henley who plays Lucy is the narnia Series. She is also friends with William Moseley who plays Peter. She always had a crush on him, the last time they met she was 15 and now its 3 years later. Ben thinks William and Bella would make a good couple but William is not so sure. As they spend one week together on Holiday he begins to fall for her, but Bella has to go back to London for graduation. What happens when William lets it slip that's he's in love with Bella on an interview?


Bella sighed as she stood by the taxi that was to take her to the airport, she bit her lip and hugged William

William sighed as he hugged her back "Good Luck, for Graduation" he said and smiled at her  

Bella smiled at him softly "Thanks Will, I am gonna need it" she said as she looked at him, she had feelings for him but was not sure how to tell him or if she even should.

William smiled at her softly "I am sure, it will go well" He said as Ben nodded along with Georgie

"Yes it will" Georgie said and hugged Bella and smiled and patted her shoulder

Bella smiled softly, hint of sadness in her eyes "Well, I'll see you when you get back" she said and got in the taxi

William waved and watched as the taxi rode off. He sighed and wished he would have told Bella how he felt



Chapter 1~Emmbarased

Chapter 2~Pretending

Chapter 3~Dreaming of You

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

Chapter 5~Beach Party

Chapter 6~Almost Kiss

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Chapter 11~End to Weekend

Chapter 12~Allergy


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aww thanks :) I'll update soon I promise

Another lovely chapter.

Are they going to be an item when the wake up or run away from each other?

Best wishes


Mhh who knows :) you will have to see what happens in the next chapter

Awww so sweet!!!!!!!!! love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad you like it :)

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

The sun woke William up and he blinked as he rubbed his eyes and he noticed he was not in his hotel room, he was in Bella and Georgie's, he looked down to see Bella asleep curled up against his chest and he blushed trying to remember what happened last night. "Oh right, I fell asleep after I read to her" he muttered to him self and he got up carefully not waking her up, he wrapped his arms round a pillow and sneaked out to his room.

Ben coughed as William closed the door making Will jump. "Why the sneaking around?" he raised an eyebrow at William and tried not to laugh out loud

William felt his cheeks flush redder by the moment "I..Ummm.I..." He stummered over his words unable to form a proper sentence let alone explain what happened last night, especially to Ben, he had a feeling there would be lots of questions today. He then realized it was Wednesday, 2 more days before Friday, 2 More days Before Bella left to go back to London to graudate. He wished she would be here longer.

Ben chuckled "Fell asleep while snuggled up with my sister" he said "When's the weeding he teased"

William shot him a glare "Don't Ben! Especially not around Bella!" he said

Ben pouts and whines "Oh, fun Spoiler" he said and rolled his eyes "Fine" he said then walked out to get breakfast in the dinning hall.

William went to the bathroom to clean up and change into something different, he looked outside, it was nice and sunny, he smiled, he planned to take Bella into town for a day trip. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with Bella before she left on Friday noon.

Bella was in the dining hall when William joined Ben and Georgie, she smiled at Will softly and had a blush to her cheeks

"Are we gonna talk about what happened last night?" Georgie asked looking at Both Will and Bella.

Bella was about to bite into her morning sandwich but stopped "What do you mean?" she said looking Between Georgie who was beaming with a bright smile and her brother who was almost chocking in laughter, she tried to remember what happened last night but it was a blur. 

William looked at Georgie and he gave her a look that said Please don't tell Bella, please, I don't want her to be more emmbarased again.

"Oh Ben fell down the stairs" she said giggling

Bella giggled shaking her head "Oh what a klutz" she said "I swear he's becoming worse then me when it comes to falling down things" she said and ate her breakfast

William smiled at Bella after he sighed in relief "So, what do you think of going into town?" he looked at her

Ben coughed "Date" he coughed again and laughed

Bella kicked Ben under the table right in his chin and she smiled at William "Sure, its a nice sunny day so why not" she said and shot an annoyed look at Ben.

Georgie giggled at Ben and just shakes her head, after they finished eating. Bella fixed her self up and grabbed her jacket putting it on as she and Will walked out of the hotel.

"So, why are we ditching Georgie and Ben?"she asked looking at Will as she walked beside him.

"Oh, I want to spend time with you, you know before you leave" He said, and felt his cheek flush slightly. 

Bella smiled, she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his cheek "You're such a great friend Will" she said and hugged him tightly

William held her and blushed "Friends forever" he said, but to tell the truth he wanted more then just to be friends with her but he did not want to push her into anything or make her feel uncomfortable by telling her his feelings for her, just yet.

Bella smiled at him softly as they got into town, it was rather nice, there were fountains everywhere, she smiled as she looked around and bumped into Will who was now on the other side of her

William chuckles "Easy" he said as he steadied her and he smiled as he walked to get some Ice-cream "What flavor you want?"

"I'll have the chocolate Mint one" she said as she blushed and smiled softly, she sat on the fountain edge as she watched Will. He flashed her a grin.

Bella looked down, he was always so happy and it just made him look cuter with the grins he always flashed at her here and then. He came back and handed her Ice-cream "Thanks" she smiled

Williams smiled back at her warmly "Welcome" he said as he sat beside her on the fountain edge and they ate their ice-cream.

After they finished, they took a walk in the woods near town, William slipped over in some Mud and he fell face down first, Bella giggled at him and he tripped her up so landed in the mud as well, she laughed and threw some mud on him and soon they had a mud fight.

William chuckled and after a while they both laughed, covered in mud from head to toe.

After the mud dries off which was late in the afternoon they got back to hotel and walked into Bella's hotel room,. Georgie gasped screaming a little which made them both laugh

"You both look such a mess" Ben said looking at his sister and best friend "You seriously are a bad influence on each other" he shakes his head tutting

Bella and William both burst into laughter

great update!  please post more again soon!


Thanks :) glad you liked it

Chapter 5~Beach Party

The Next Day:

Bella was still asleep at 9 in the morning exhausted from having fun with Will, Ben ran in with Will and Georgie "Bella, wake up, there's a beach party!" they all shook her by the shoulders

Bella fell of the bed in shock "Ouch. I am up, I am up" she said, her eyes still closed

William chuckled "Open your eyes!"

"Nah-ah" she said shaking her head, she crossed her arms but Will started to tickle her and they both fell back on her bed, him landing ontop of her softly, almost kissing her due to the fall, she blushed as she realized he was shirtless, god why did he have to torture her? As it was not bad enough he tortured her with his insanly good looks, now this

"You're up, now come on" Will chuckled and pulled her up

"Give me 5 minutes to get ready" she said pushing them all out of the door

"5 Minutes!" Will chuckled and Bella groaned rolling her eyes.

Bella got to the bathroom and she cleaned up, she pulled her hair up tightly and pinned it up so the pony tail would not bug her and she put on her bikini, grabbed her things and tied a towel around her waist. Then she joined the others outside

Will whistled so Bella punched his arm playfully and he just chuckled.

Ben chuckled and coughed "Kiss her" he coughed again

Georgie giggled "Ben shut up!" she said and rolled her eyes

Bella rolled her eyes at her brother "Oh shut up Benjamin!"

"Don't call me Benjamin, its Ben" He said looking at his sister

Bella giggled "I can call you Benjamin all I want" she said and ruffled his hair messing it up, and laughed as they got to the beach, there was music full blast and people were having fun, cliff diving, doing limbo and other things.

William smiled "Hey Limbo" he grabbed Bella's hand running towards where people were doing the Limbo and Bella's towel flew of her waist

Georgie chuckled "Gosh, those two are so cute together" she said and smiled

Ben nods "Yeah" he said and smiled "Wanna join them?" he asked and Georgie nods and they walked over to see Bella and Will already doing the Limbo, Georgie giggled as Will knocked it over

Bella giggled "Not so flexible huh?" she teased as she went under it, not touching it even.

William chuckled "I am not a ballet dancer Bells, I am an actor" he said and laughed and tickled her a little. She laughed as she wiggled in his arms.

Ben laughed "Mhh William Moseley the Ballerina" He teased

Georgie giggled at what Ben said "I don't see Will doing the spin" she teased

Bella giggled "That makes both of us" she said as William just rolled his eyes at them all.

They joined to Limbo until it was just between Bella and some other guy who seemed pretty flexible, as he went down under for the last time he knocked it down so that made Bella the winner even though she went under it touching the sand not knocking the pole over

"Gosh!" Will breathed out

"Jealous?"Bella teased and giggled as she smiled

William chuckled as he hugged her "Aww I wish but no" he said and kissed her forehead soflty and put her on his back then ran over the cliffs and he jumped into the water with Bella on his back

Bella giggled as he ran and shrieked a little as she held onto him then she splashed him once they were in the water "Evil!" she said

Will chuckled and he splashed her back "I know, its the Moseley Charm"

Bella rolled her eyes "Oh grow up" she giggled

"I have, I am 21" He teased chuckling "Maybe you need to grow up Bells"

She gasped "Ah, rude much" she said they wrestled in the water as they laughed and goffed off, by the time they went to back to the shore it was like 5 in the afernoon, both soaking wet

"You're like an old married couple" Ben muttered under his breath

Bella looked at her brother "I heard that" she said as she sat on her towel, it was warm outside, she layed back and giggled to her self. After when they dried off they went inside and changed into warm clothes, Bella and Will were in the lobby and decided to prank call Ben.

They borrowed someone else's phone and Bella dailed her brother's number and when he answered she put on a Italian accent, sounding like an old lady.

Ben looked at the number and picked up "Hello, who is it?"

"It's your worst nightmare dear boy" Bella spoke in the voice "I can see into your dreams"

"Who is this?" Ben asked panicked a little

"Your granny" Will said, his accent Russian

Ben hung up and Bella and Will both burst into laughter, Georgie raised an eyebrow at Bella and William as she saw them

"Wopps busted" Bella kept giggling

Georgie shakes her head "You two are bonkers!" she said giggling

Ben cames out "Who'se bonkers?"

"Oh nobody" Bella said suppressing her laughter.

William could not hold it in and he fell back laughing and accidently pulled Bella down with him who burst into laughter as well

"What is going on?" Ben asked "Did you have something do with the strange phone call?" he asked as they kept laughing "Oh you little..."

Georgie laughed harder "Aww, boy" she said clutching her side

"This is not funny" Ben said

"You're right" Bella said "It's hilarious" she laughed even harder

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post soon

wow great chapters! love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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