The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Chapter 13

Days passed and they turned into weeks. The pairs in love and their friends, were happy they did not ran into Klaus on the rest of their trip to Italy, but they knew deep down, that they would see Klaus again. He never would give up on them, it was not in his nature to.

The girls spend their days shopping when the boys went out hunting, in the evenings they spend time at the beach, together. Sometimes during the day time too, having fun and enjoying the fresh Italian Air.The time went by rather fast, soon they all found them selves back home, in Mystic Falls.


Bella was in the kitchen and rummaging in the cupboard as she was re-organizing it around slightly. She cleaned an entire shelf out for her herbs that she got from Italy, while she put everything else in the cupboard in order, depending on how much it was used, what it was and how useful it was. Since it was a in a big mess, when she opened it up.

She then sorted the herbs out into little glass viles and she labeled them. Her herbs varied from Vervain, Lavender, Sage and to many others. She had 30 different herbs at least. She then neatly copied out the potions instructions, healing spells and potions into a an ancient looking book, that was only bound up with a piece of leather and string. After she was done, she tucked the book away beside the herb viles in the cupboard before she closed it.

Since, Bella had the house for her self and Elena, as Damon and Stefan been hunting and doing something else, that the girls had no idea about. Bella went to her and Damon's room and she sorted out their closet, since she had new clothes so she shuffled things around. Elena was still asleep, as she was tired from the long journey and she caught something, so she was feeling more tired than usual, due to the cold or fever she had. After Bella finished with the closet, she tucked the letter from her mother into the grimoeire and she placed it on the book shelf, that was in her and Damon's room.

After, that Bella went downstairs and she consulted her potions to see if there was something helpful for Elena. She found a spell that was made entirely out of herb, which could be put into a mint herbal tea, to restore the healing powers of the mint in the tea. She started to study the recipe and make sure she had everything she needed:

She needed Lavender, Mint.

She pulled out the viles which contained Mint and Lavender and she soaked them in cold water for 10 minutes, before she put them in hot water for about 20 minutes, while she burned the Sapa (Grape Juice)

She then made Elena, some mint tea and she poured it over with the water that had the Lavender and Mint leaves in it. She then poured in some of the Sapa and she put rest of it in the fridge, to leave some Extra for Elena. After she made sure the tea was warm enough for Elena, she carried it upstairs and she gently knocked on the door, to Stefan's room. She also brought Elena something to eat as well.

"Come in." she heard Elena's raspy voice, on the other side of the door. Bella opened the door with her mind, as she was holding a tray in her hand.

Elena blinked, seeing Bella with the tray as Bella walked in. Bella set the tray down and she smiled down at Elena "I brought you, a mint tea with a healing potion in it, it should help you get better sooner and I thought you might be hungry, so I made you something to eat." she said as she nodded to the tray on the table.

"Aww..that's so sweet of you." Elena said and she smiled at Bella "You should take a break though, I heard you working since Damon and Stefan left, 3 hours ago." she told her.

Bella giggled "I like to keep my self busy and I had to clean up, well re-organize things a bit." she said "Plus, I can't just leave you like this, without trying to help. Stefan would not like that and It would not be like me, to not try and help with a little bit of white healing magic." she told her smiling.

Elena laughed slightly, coughing a bit, before she took the cup of tea and she started to drink the tea that Bella made her "You sound like Bonnie." she told Bella

Bella laughed softly "Well, Bonnie might have told you the same thing." she said smiling softly "I'll be downstairs, if you need anything. Just give me a shout." she told her as Elena nodded, before Bella left. She smiled at Elena, she then left the door slightly ajar and she walked into the living room, just as she was about to sit down, Damon walked in with Stefan.

Stefan looked at Bella "Is Elena still asleep?" he asked her

Bella shook her head "No, she's awake now. I brought her some food and a mint tea with a healing potion in it, that I found in my spells I got from Italy. I also cleared up a little bit around the house." she said

Damon chuckled "A little?" he asked as he looked around "The kitchen is like spotless and re-organized and so is our room." he said, since he dropped of his jacket in the room while Bella explained to Stefan what she done, and Since Damon was so fast, he spotted the changes already.

"Well.maybe not so little bit then." Bella said as she looked at him smiling softly.

"You should take a break." Stefan and Damon said at the same time.

Bella laughed softly "I was just about to, when you two walked in." she said as she took a seat down on the couch, in a flash she was joined by Damon who kissed her hair and held her close.

Stefan chuckled "I'll leave you two lovebirds to relax alone, I'll go and check up on Elena." he said and he left Bella and Damon alone downstairs.

That was very nice of her!
I wonder what the boys were up to and how long this peace will last with Klaus still in the wind?
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Yeah it was :) since Elena and Bella are becoming friends, she would not just let her be sick, without trying to help. Just like she did not kill her, when Klaus ordered her to with Katherine.

You will find out soon, what the boys were up to when they were gone :) yeah, let's hope the peace will last awhile, but with Klaus you never know when he might pop up, to ruin the day.

I will try and post more soon :)

AWWWW..How Sweet!! <3

Keep Me Updated!


I will do :) glad you liked it

Chapter 14 (Part 1)

The days passed and they turned into weeks. Elena got better soon from her illness and it was like she was never sick at all. But Bella on the other hand, was not doing so well. She was in fear that Klaus might strike at any time, no one seen him since the encounter in Italy-but all knew he was planning something. But there was also something else wrong with Bella. Rebekah was the first one to notice the change.

It worried her-Bella did not seem like her self. She looked more paler than usual, as if she was wasting away for some reason. She did not touch any wine, which surprised Rebekah as Bella liked wine. Bella was sticking to water for a few days now. She could not even stand the smell of wine.

Rebekah looked at Bella who was covering her mouth with her hand. They were at the Mystic Grill with Elijah, Bonnie, Stefan and Elena at the moment. "Are you okay Bella?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at her slightly.

Bella nodded holding her breath "Yeah...I..." she trailed off and she closed her eyes, she felt her stomach twisting and churning. She got up and she ran into the bathroom and she threw up. She gasped as she gripped onto the toilet basin and she closed her eyes, she felt Rebekah behind her rubbing her back.

Rebekah helped her up after Bella finished throwing up and Bella washed out her mouth with some water. She leaned against the sink and she closed her eyes-trying not to tremble. "Bella...are you?" she asked looking at her, with concern and worry in her eyes.

"Pregnant?" Bella finished off and she gave a nod. She closed her eyes and she sighed deeply. She had no idea what to do or how to even tell Damon.

Rebekah was silent for a moment or two, by that time she noticed Elena by the doorway with Stefan and Elijah. She looked at Bella as she opened her mouth to speak, but words failed her. She could not even form a word let alone a sentence about Bella's condition.

"Are you okay?" Elijah asked his sister, he then looked at Bella. Worry was clear in his eyes. He touched her shoulder and he pulled her into a hug softly-he heard what she told his sister a few moments ago.

Stefan looked at Bella "So...I am going to be an uncle?" he asked.

"If I survive this with mine and Damon's child then yes...if not..." she trailed off, she could not even say it, let alone think it. But at the moment the very words and thoughts haunted her mind for the past few days. How could she tell Damon? How could she prepare him for the worst possible outcome, there might be to come from this all.

"We're not loosing you." Elena said shaking her head "We just won't." she said and she hugged Bella softly "Not after, we got you back." she said "There must be a way for you to survive this." she said

"There's not." Bella said, sadly and all shaken up. "Do you not remember my time line?" she asked looking at her.

Rebekah shakes her head "I refuse to believe that!" she said "We will find a way." she said, she was not prepared to lose her best friend again. "There has to be a way to save you both-maybe we over looked something." she said.

Elijah looked at Bella "Rebekah is right, we won't let you go through this alone, or let you die. Neither will Damon, we will have to tell him." he said

"Tell him what?" Bella said, chocking back on tears. "That I am pregnant with his child and that there's a high chance, he will lose us both?" she said, shaking her head, tears slide down her cheeks and she collapsed to the floor in tears. She could not cope with telling Damon that, she was more scared about this, then she had been about anything in her entire life.

Elena knelled down by Bella and she wrapped her arms around her tightly rubbing her back in soothing circles "Shh, it will be okay. I promise." she said "Damon won't lose you-non of us will." she said

Stefan looked at them "Elena is right, you're a strong person Bella. We will find a way, Damon won't let anything bad happen to you and his unborn child. I know him well enough to know how determined and stubborn he can be, when he wants something done." he said "You can count on all of us." he told her and he squeezed her shoulder softly

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Interesting twist.  What will they do now?

Hmm I Wonder What Damon's Reaction Will Be..


Summer this is getting better and better.....although another cliffhanger....grrrrrrr......I can wait for the next


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