The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Yeah, you will have to see what happens to them both, It is not going to be a pretty road on the way.

Jeesh..Cruel Much!!


Yeah, it will get somewhat worse

Will it work can? Bella just forget because she is comanded too?

I hope that she finds a place where she can be happy.


Bella won't forget so easily, on commands. You will see her, trying to forget, trying to act like she forgot already, to satisfy her masters, but the truth is opposite.

boy i have to agree cruel much...this is a very wonderful read....keep writing and updating please

It is not the most happiest of situations, some cruelty will be there. Thank you :) I will try and post more soon.

Chapter 3

Bella looked down as Katherine left her there, near the lake. Bella suppressed back the tears in her eyes and she got up and she left the lake. She knew she could not get into trouble, or Klaus would cause her the most harm, if she did not forget about Damon, but how could she forget about Damon? the one she loved and she missed and she wished she was back with.

Do not give up Bella. A voice in her head said. Fight for the love you and Damon shared."Easier done then said." she muttered to her self and she closed her eyes tightly.

"Breathe....come on breathe.." Bella heard someone begging her, her fragile body was on the floor and she was wet...she struggled to open her eyes or even breathe....she just remembered that she passed out and hit her head on a rock....but she fell into the water and she almost drowned.


She felt someone trying to pump the air into her lungs, but still nothing.


"Come on breathe..." 1...2...3..4.

"Help..." Bella coughed out the water as her eyes snapped open, her head was pounding and she felt faint. Her vision was blurry and she could not make out the man in front of her "Da...damon?" she struggled the words out of they could not even, leave her lips.

The man towering over her lifted her up into his arms "No....I am Elijah" he said "You tripped over a log and you fell off a cliff into the'll be alright I promise...I will take care of you." he said as he carried her back to where he lived.

Bella barely managed to hold onto him, her arms felt frail and like they would fall off "Where is Damon?" she whimpered in pain, as the pain was shooting through her body.

Elijah looked down at her "I am not sure...I am sure he is safe. I will call him later." he promised her as he laid her down in the warm bed and he took a wet cloth and he cleared her forehead.

The door swung open "Eli...what happened here?" It was Klaus that was at the door and he stopped in his trucks about to ask Elijah something when he noticed Bella on the bed.

Elijah looked up at his brother "She had an accident, could you pass me some more bandages brother?" Klaus nodded and he fetched Elijah more bandages and he knelled by the bed looking at the girl, she was the most beautiful girl he ever saw.

"What is your name?" Klaus asked her.

Bella blinked "Isabella Cervelli" she said and she blinked, her eye lids felt heavy and she blacked out once again, her head fell to the side.

Klaus sighed as Bella blacked out and he looked at his brother. He set his hand over hers, it was colder than ice and she looked pale, she must have lost a lot of blood. Klaus looked up as he heard Rebekah at the door, she gasped out in shock.

Elijah looked up "Sister."

"The poor girl." Rebekah murmed "She looks so fragile." she said. "I will get her something to eat and drink when she wakes up." she said and she hurried downstairs and to the kitchen to ask the maids to make something for the poor girl.

Few hours later, Bella finally awoke and she gasped out seeing Rebekah there, she looked scared as she did not know where she was or who the stranger girl was. Rebekah smiled softly "Fear not, I am Rebekah Mikaelson, you are safe here. You been out cold for a few hours." she said and she smiled softly "My brother Elijah brought you here." she said and she set the food bowl on Bella's lap "You should eat must be hungry." she said.

Bella blinked, her head still hurt, but not as much now "Where am I?" she asked as she looked at the girl and then food bowl "Thank you....for being kind...sorry I am just a bit scared that is all." she said

Rebekah smiled softly "That is understandable.. after what you been through" she said and smiled "I will be downstairs if you need me."

Bella caught her arm when she got up and Rebekah looked down at her and smiled "Where is Elijah? I would like to thank him." she said

Rebekah looked at her and she smiled softly "He's gone to find Damon. You can thank him once he returns." she said and Bella nodded and she dropped her hand letting Rebekah go. Once Bella ate the soup and bread and she drank down the warm tea, to soother her soul and make her warm, the maids helped her up and they gave her a bath as she was dirty and once she got dried off, they gave her one of Rebekah's dresses to change into, as they seemed about the same size, Bella slipped into the dress and it smelled of roses and lavender.  Bella sat down in front of the mirror as she began to brush her hair, not hearing Klaus at the door.

He watched her as he leaned against the door way "You are beautiful." he said softly, making her gasp and drop the brush in surprise. "Fear not my lady" he said and he smiled at her "My name is Niklaus Mikaelson." he said and he bowed down to her.

Bella looked at him "I am Isabella Cervelli." she spoke in a soft whisper as was about to pick up the brush, but Klaus beat her to it and he started to brush her hair for her, his touch was soft and tender, but it send shivers down her spine, she bit her lip. She did not say anything as she did not want to offend him, after a few moments he was finished and he set the brush down. Bella felt his eyes on her, the stare seemed to burn into her skin. "I....thank you" she said as she got up, but she ended up being pressed up against his broad and warm chest.

Klaus looked down at her and he smiled softly "You are welcome" he said "How about, we get you downstairs and see the gardens? I am sure Rebekah would me more than happy to show you around." as he spoke, his eyes never leaving hers. Bella managed to tear her eyes away from his gaze as she gave him a soft nod and she squeezed her self past him and she let him lead her down stairs, they were rather grand, made out of the finest wood and timber, the smell escalated around with each step she took, it attacked her nostrils. She breathed in the lovely scent around her as she took her in surroundings, she noticed paintings on the walls...the paintings off the original family. "Big family you have." she spoke softly.

Klaus nodded "Oh yes, this was made a long time ago....still when Henrik was around." he said and he looked down.

Bella looked at him "Is he not still?" she asked, wondering what he meant by his words.

Klaus looked at her sadly "He sadly passed away a few years ago."

Bella looked at him sadly and she sighed "I am truly sorry for your loss." she said "I know how it feels to lose someone close to you....I lost my parents when I was a young child. I still miss them." she said as she sighed.

Klaus looked at her "Well.they done a good job raising you, when they were still alive." before he could carry on, Rebekah cut him off.

"The dress suits you." she was beaming with happiness.

Bella smiled softly "Thank you...I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and helping me out." she said as Bekah took her outside to the gardens. Bella breathed in the fresh air, as it hit her face, the sun was out and shining brightly.

Rebekah looked at her and she shakes her head "No, need to thank us. we are glad to help." she said and she smiled as she showed her around the garden, there was a wooden swing and a little fountain, the water inside was crystal blue and it reflected in Bella's eyes, making them shine, like a million stars in the sky. There were many flowers in the gardens and some wild one's too.

"Your garden is very beautiful." she said and smiled, just as Rebekah's mother Esther came and joined them outside. She looked at their mother.

"I see you are finally awake my dear." Esther said smiling "I trust you enjoyed your food and bath?" she said.

Bella nodded "Oh yes, it was lovely Mrs Mikaelson, thank you. I really hope that your son Elijah will get back soon, so I can thank him, he was the one who saved me." she said and smiled.

Esther smiled and she nodded "I am sure he will be right along dear." she said and she picked up a flower from one of the patches and she tucked it in Bella's hair softly "For you" she said and she smiled

Bella smiled softly "Thank you, it is a very beautiful flower." she said and Esther nodded, before she left Rebekah outside with Bella to talk and walk around. Klaus watched from the doors and he felt jealous, that Rebekah was trying to steal her away from him. He frowned to him self and sighed. He felt the anger inside of him, he needed and wanted Bella to be his! Whatever it would take, the girl would be his.

As Bella and Rebekah talked, strolling through the garden, Elijah came into view with Damon. Bella stopped when she saw Damon and her face lit up with a smile "Damon" she breathed out.

Damon was at her side in an instant and he scooped her up and he kissed all over her face softly " have no idea what a fright you gave me," he said and he kissed her hair, he was glad to have her back in his arms and he looked at Elijah "I thank you again, Elijah" he said.

Elijah nodded smiling "You are welcome Damon." he said and he looked at Bella "I have a feeling, you want to thank me too. But there is no need...I was just in the right place at the right time." he said and smiled "I am glad you are feeling better." he said and Bella nodded before he walked over to Klaus who watched jealous as he saw Damon kiss Bella softly and passionately.

Elijah looked at him "Her heart belongs to another brother." he said

"I will make her mine." Klaus hissed under his breath.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Back at the Salvatore House, Damon was sitting on the couch and he just stared into the infinite space, silent and almost deadly. The silence was that off a dead person, roaming the in-between world. Pale....ghost like...not responsive. His eyes and face was all sunken in.

When Elena walked in, it was like a volcano....Damon jumped up roaring "Where did you get that?" he hissed at her..seeing a locket in her hand.

Elena jumped back scared at his outburst.

Elena was walking along the woods, near the water fall when she saw something shining in the water, she walked over and she got to her knees and she pulled out a locket, it didn't look broken or anything. "Such a shame...who ever lost this beautiful locket, must be looking for it." she said softly.

"I found it at the waterfall." she said "Do you know  who it belongs to?" she said.

Damon nodded "Yes....I got it for her.......for Bella." he breathed out as his eyes were fixated on the locket.


I Hope They Find A Way Back To Eachother!


You will have to see if they do or do not

I am really interested in finding out what happened in the past and what Klaus and Katherine are planning now.  I hope they find their way back to each other soon!

You will find out what has happened as the story goes :)


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