The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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I am glad you liked it :)



Yeah :)

Oh lol, just wait till you read what happens next

Alright :) thanks for reading. Oh lol, yeah I ship them too :) just need a good shipping name for them. I came up with Della so far. If you got other one's, let me know xox

wow love this new story!!!

i'm a huge fan of Damon's!! ;)

can't wait for the next chapter!!!

I am glad you like it :) I am a fan of Damon too.

I will post soon

Chapter 5

Meanwhile back at the stake out Klaus was pacing up and down the room in utter frustration and he punched the wall as he let out a fierce growl that seemed to shake the whole room for a few seconds. "Klaus!" Katherine's voice boomed through the entire room. He looked up at see her standing there, her hands on her hips and her eyebrows raised at him.

He looked at her "What?!" he asked, in his monotone voice.

Katherine looked at him "The cure Niklaus...the cure." she said "Do you not remember, why we have Bella?" she hissed at him.

Klaus looked at her "Yes I know why we have her, but she hates us regardless of us giving her the cure, in the end. She will still hate us." he said and he sighed "I know she does not want to do this anymore, I know she does not want to deny her feelings for Damon....but it's the only way."

"She does not love you." Katherine reminded him

Klaus glared at Katherine "Not yet...anyway" he said and he looked away "Have you sensed where the witch and the doppelganger are?" he asked as he fixated his eyes on her once again.

Katherine nodded "Yes, I have." she said and she smirked softly "We are all set to go and capture them both." she said and Klaus nodded and he smirked before they both walked outside.

As Klaus walking beside her, a memory creeped up inside of his head.

He was standing outside of Isabella's window and he threw some stones at her window, in order to try and wake her up. Bella stirred in her sleep and she got up hearing the noises, she walked to the window and she peeked outside to see Klaus was there "Klaus" she breathed out, she was not expecting to see him.

He smiled softly "Sorry, did I wake you up?" he said, trying his best to give her one of his most charming smiles and act nice to her.

Bella nodded a bit "Sort of...why are you?" she asked him curious, she could sense something was off. He was not so nice to her since he find out about her and Damon's engagement a few weeks ago.

"Can't I visit?" he raised an eyebrow as he looked at her.He tried to suppress a growl in his throat, but his eyes started to turn darker and then someone was behind Bella and shoved her from the window.

The memory contorted into a darkness as a voice snapped Klaus back into reality. "I am worried about Damon." It was Elena.

Bonnie looked at her and he patted her back softly "I know you are, I can sense his hurt and that you worry for him. He is your friend Elena. I will try and do what I can, to help. If there is anything I can do to help."

Elena looked at her "You're...." she trailed off as she felt weaker and she passed out dropping to the floor and Bonnie felt faint and she blacked out too and she landed on a heap on top of Elena.

When both of the girls came around, they were tied to each other tightly and in a cellar or something. Elena winced as the rope kept digging into her wrists rather painfully.

What are they planning?

just wait and see :)

Hmm..Wonder What They Are Planning?!?


Wait and see :)


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