The Twilight Saga

This is a story of Bella Salvatore, she is the yonder sister of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. She remembers been turned at 16. She also witnessed the "death" of her brothers. After years of depression she decided it was time for a change, so she changed her last name and started off her new life....what she doesnt know is that her brothers are still alive....when she finds herself with the Cullens she realizes that love and life lives on....she is also learning how much vampires have changed. Sense they are so different from her.

But when she meets the Cullens, Carlisle Cullen recognizes her from his past. But he does not remmbers her as Bella Salvatore, he remembers her as Queen Isabella Kuran, the only pureblood in exsistance and the ruler of all vampires.

When her brothers return and find her alive will the truth finally come out? Has Bella been living a lie her whole life? What will happen when Bella finds the Cullens? Will she fall for Edward? Or will she finally remember her true past and take her role as queen of the vampires?


My name is Bella Salvatore. But i changed my last name to Swan. Im not like these new vampires that rome earth today. Im an original, I don't sparkle in the sun, have skin hard as stone, my eyes are the same color as when i was human, i can eat and sleep, and i have fangs. But they only come out when i get thirsty or really angry. Which has been often these past couple of months. I don't really remember who changed me, it was such a long time ago.
I moved to Forks so i could start new. My brothers death has been really had for me, even if it has been hundreds of years ago. Plus I've heard of the vegetarian vampires that my one always talks about. I've tried the whole animal blood thing, didn't work out very well. I prefer human blood if you asked me. I'm going to Forks High School as well. Hopefully i don't eat anyone.

Chapter 1a: Bella

Today is my first day at Forks High School. I was pretty nervous.
Mostly because it's been a while sense I've been at a human school.
But my brothers would have wanted it this way. If they knew i was alive for that matter.
"Hey. You must be the new girl." Said a human girl.
"Yeah, i am." I told her with a smile on my face, she has an interesting smell, but not enough to make me thirsty.
" I'm Jessica."
"Bella. Bella Swan."
"Whats your first class?" She asked me.
"I have physics."
"Yay, i have that class!!" She yelled.
As she walked me to my class i felt someone staring at me.
When i looked up all i saw....

Sorry its short....i just doing now if i should write it or not
Plz tell me what you think....all comments will be appreciated....good and bad

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Chapter 2: Bella
I don't know why i had told this vampire this.I barely knew him, and he already knows more about me than anyone that has been alive for hundreds of years.I didn't even know why i was crying on his shoulder with his arms around me, and it didn't bug me at all to have him this close to me, but something deep inside me told me that i could trust him with everything i had.
I felt as though I've know him forever and all i wanted to do was stay by his side.After a while i pulled away from him."Im sorry."I told him looking at the ground.He took my chin nd made me stare into his beautiful golden-brown eyes.
"You have nothing to apologize for Bella." Edward told me.
While holding my chin he stared to get closer, and closer.....but before his lips touched mine....i pulled away.
I have never kissed anyone in many life, never thought i would and i wasn't gonna start now.
He looked at me with a confused look on his face.
"Come with me."He said after a while on silence."Where?"I askes him.
"I want you to meet my family."He told me."Family?"I asked surprised.
"My adopted family." "I don't know Edward." I told him.
"Please?" he asked with i smile on his face. "Okay." I said to him.
"You do realize that I'm also a vampire right Edward?"I asked him with a smile on my face.He had just asked me if i wanted to see how he traveled in the forest.
He laughs."Sorry...its just a little hard to believe that someone as beautiful as you is like my species."He said while looking at my eyes.
It seemed as if he didn't mean to say that, but he did...and it was the most beautiful thing that anyone had ever said to me.
He was close enough to touch me, so he grabbed me from my wrist and pulled me closer to him, and this time, I didnt pull away, i didnt want to anymore.All i wanted to do was to be with him, to never leave his side.Then he leaned down and kissed me. It was the first time I've ever kissed someone.His lips were ice cold against mine, but i liked it. I didn't want my first kiss to end, but eventually he pulled away from me.
"Come on."He said as he took my hand."Alright." I told him.
When we arrived we went straight inside.One by one the vampires came until there was only one missing.Then when the last vampire came into the room,he froze when he saw my face.
"It cant be." He whispered.
"Carlisle? What's going on?" Edward asked.Carlisle had gotten on one knee and bowed in front of me and said.
"Its my pleasure to be in your presence again, Queen Isabella Kuran."
Everyone was frozen in shock.
 Hope you guys like it :) Authors note!!! For those of you who have read or seen Vampire they are not involved in this story...i just like the last name Kuran :D

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Chapter 3: Bella

I was frozen in shock.
Why had this vampire just bowed in front on me and called me a queen?
But the name sounded so familiar to me, i don't know where I've heard it before.
"Carlisle. Why did you just call Bella a queen?" Edward asked him.
"Because she is a queen. She is the queen of all vampires my son." Said Carlisle.
"Im not a queen." I told him.
"I remember you, from when i was changed. I met you and you helped me with my thirst. You're the reason i didnt kill ppl. You compelled me into not hurting a single human." He said.
"I dont know what you're talking about." I said walking backwards the door.
"Please don't go." Said Carlisle.
"Im not a queen." I repeated as i turned around and ran out the door.
"Bella!!" Yelled Edward.
I didnt listen, i didnt want to.
I just ran and ran, until an awful oder stopped me.
Then all of a sudden a heard something behind me.
I turn around in a flash and froze in place.
It was werewolf, it was big as a horse.
Ive seen one before, but they were never this big, nd they never looked as if they were in control.
But this one, this ones eyes looked on mine and never moved.
Just when i was about to run i see another one, and it jumps on me.
"Ahhhh!!" I yell as a feel its claws scratching my back and neck.
I fall to the ground, but recover quickly.
I start to run, but they catch up, i try to jump on a tree but one of them gets my leg by its teeth.
I yell again, but louder this time.
I was dragged for a while, and when i look up, im surrounded by them.
"What do you want?" I ask them while i get up.
I'm bleeding from my back, arms, legs, and neck.
So I'm covered in my own blood, and I'm starting to feel weak.
The wolfs look at me in shock.
Three wolfs look at me, go to the forest, and come back as humans.
"What are you?" Said one of them.
"Im a vampire." I said to them starting to feel angry.
"How can you be a vampire? You're bleeding."
"The only reason im bleeding is because you animals attacked me!" I yelled at them.
My anger was skyrocketing, ive never been this angry before in my life.
But a little part of my body knows how to deal with this, as if I've gone through this before.
My body concentrated on my anger, on making it my weapon, i looked around me, at every wolf in the forest.
"Hey! Whats going on with your eyes?!" Yelled one of them.
'What are talking about?' I wanted to ask him, but i was to angry to care what any of them said.
They hurt me, to me that's an that mattered to me at the moment.
Inside my body, my anger became power, and with that power i pushed all the werewolfs at least 5 miles away from where i was.
I fell on my knees, exhausted of what i had just done, but i got up and ran with the strength i had left.
The werewolfs would come back for me, and kill me for sure.
My eyes started to get blurry.
'Come on! Dont give up yet!' I yelled in my head.
I knew i was save when the stench was gone, but i ran a little farther, just to be safe.
Just when i was in view of the house i collapsed on the floor.
I was drenched in my own blood, weak with what i had just done.
For the first time in my life, i was afraid.
'Edward, help me.' i thought before the darkness consumed me.
When i woke up i was in a, strange room, most of the walls were windows.
"Edward son, Im sorry this has happened. I didn't mean for this to happen to her." Said Carlisle.
"I don't know if i can forgive you." Edward replied.
I looked down at my body, and my wounds are still open.
"I need to feed." I whispered to myself.
I got up slowly nd tried not to scream because of the pain.
I arrived at the open door, i was on the second floor, and i had no idea how i was supposed to get down.
I took a deep breath and jumped.
"Ah!" I yelled when i hit the ground.
"Bella!" Yelled Edward from the second floor.
I looked at him, but ran.
'I have to feed.' I told him.
As i ran, i heard footsteps behind me.
'Dont try to stop me!' I yelled at him in my head.
"Im not gonna let you kill an innocent one!" He yelled back at me.
I turned around and see him catching up to me.
I turn back angrily, but this time instead of pushing him away, i started ruining faster.
Within seconds i lost him behind me.
I smile and smell the air, its filled with delicious scents.
I pick out one of them, and followed it.
It was a guy, he was a little muscular, nd his scent was driving me crazy.
I felt my face changing, my fangs reacting, i knew my face was in vampire mode.
He was near the forest, but not close enough.
I could already hear Edwards footsteps behind me.
I stepped forward from the forest and stood before him.
He looked at me with wide eyes.
But before he said anything i grabbed him nd bit into his next.
I covered his mouth so no one would hear his screams.
I drank and drank, until my wounds healed completely.
When i was done with him i let go and he fell lifeless to the ground.
"Bella." Whispered Edward behind me.
I turn around and he gasped.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading
Sorry i took forever to post....I've been busy with band practice :)

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