The Twilight Saga

ok guys we played the twilight wrong answer game now lets play twilight saga real answer game
example: What is Carlise profession?
answer: Doctor
and of course ask your own questions to continue   =D

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It was Edward.
I think it's Edward in first
Trying to kill them, because of his father religion.

How did Rose find Emment??
Sept 10th...

What was Omar Jenk's occupation?
Mountain Lion

How many werewolves total are there in Sam's pack in Eclipse?
Q: Why was Esme woried bout Edward?
A: Edward wws lonley with no mate.
chicago in 1901.

why does Rosalie hate Bella? And in which book does Rosalie explain it,
because shes jealous of Bella because Bella's human and she's not she explained it in eclipse.

Why was Edward mad at Bella the first time he saw her in Twilight?

Q.who dose the volturi send to forks to stop the new borns( or at least hope they kill the the cullens in the process)
when she first met edward and how much she loves him.
The question was 'If i develop this camera will you show up in the pics'. Or something like that.

Q. In twilight what type of dog did Bella compare Mike too?


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