The Twilight Saga

ok guys we played the twilight wrong answer game now lets play twilight saga real answer game
example: What is Carlise profession?
answer: Doctor
and of course ask your own questions to continue   =D

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A Mercedes Guardian
what was the name given to the vampires that "impregnated" human women?
(my sister,hehe..)Rosalie Hale Cullen

Q:what Edwards mother name when he still human??
big OOPS,sory!!well the answer is...(my other sisters too!!)Alice!!

Q:so,what Edwards mother name before he change??
Answer to Jaime Needham question...Alice was the one who called.

In New Moon the Book, where did Bella found the motorcycles?
In biology when they were doing the onion root cell slides.

what happend to Marcus's wife Didyme?
Her garter belt.

Who killed Irina in Breaking Dawn?
Alica was calling. Bella answered the phone and asked Alice to put Carlisle on.
The bracelet he made for her.

What kind of car was the after car Edward got for Bella?
was it the the little engine that could

What was the title for twilight before it was changed?
it was humpty dumpty. I can't believe i got that wrong ive read it 7 times
Sam, Jared and Quil

In bd Bella says 'Did you know that I told you so has a brother Jacob?' His name is shut the hell up' which programme did she get that from?


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