The Twilight Saga

ok guys we played the twilight wrong answer game now lets play twilight saga real answer game
example: What is Carlise profession?
answer: Doctor
and of course ask your own questions to continue   =D

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His namewas Max

What was the name of the resteraunt that Bellla met J. Jenks in to give he the papers?
Carlisle was on the right, and a foot ahead of Alice...

Q:on the day of wedding of bella,charlie has to pick someonee.who is he nd at wat tym?
Mr Weber the minister and at 3pm i think

In eclipse Edward said the Bella's luck was like something, what was it?
"If we could bottle your luck, we’d have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands." Edward Cullen, Eclipse

What was the name of the half-breed that Alice Cullen introduces to everyone in Breaking Dawn?
fried chicken

Why is the picture on the cover of bd so significant
took her heeled shoes off

Q why is renesmee called this?
She threw her shoes bak in through the open window

what street was the ballet studio on?
Q what did jacob give bella for graduation present?
Aro gave Bella the golf ball size diamond.

To see the Volturi in Italy.

What did Bella do with the golf ball sized diamond necklace after she wore it?


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