The Twilight Saga

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if you have time answer this..

1) How old was Edward when Carlisle turned him into a vampire?
2) Why is Edward the only one of the Cullens that doesn't have a "mate"?
3) How is Renesmee's hair described in Breaking Dawn?
4) In what book does Edward turn Bella into a vampire and under what circumstances?
5) Did Jacob imprint on Bella or Renesmee?
6) What is Jacob's dad's name?
7) What is Renesmee's FULL name?
8) What was Edward's FULL name BEFORE he became a Cullen?
9) Who wanted Edward to become a vampire?
10) What is Bella's full name?

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He hadn't found his perfect match (Bella)

bouncy curls like charlies

Breaking Dawn if he didnt she would die when the baby comes


Billy Black ( yo its BB)

Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Edward Anthony Masen

His Mom

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen


he hasent found his true love

bounsy and curly

bella is giving birth to nessie and she is dieing .


billy black

renesme carlie cullen

edward anthony masen

carlisle / hismother

isabelle marie swan.

Edward was 17 yrs  old

1)he was 17

2)because he never found his true love

3)she has soft brown hair with bouncy curls

4)in breaking dawn Edward turns bella into a vampire because after she made renesmee she was bleeding to death and he had no chioce


6)billy black

7)renesmee carlie cullen

8)edward anthony masen

9)his mother

10)Isabella marie swan

1) seventeen years old

2) never found someone he wanted to be with

3) bouncy brown ringlets like charlie's

4) book 4 breaking dawn

5) Reneesmee

6) Billy Black

7) Renesmee Carlie Cullen

8) Edward Anthony Mason

9) Carlisle
10) Isabella Marie Swan

1) 17
2)he hadn't found his soul mate ( Bella) yet
3) bouncy bronze ringlet curls like Charlie's
4) breaking dawn when she was dying giving birth to renesmee
5) renesmee
6) Billy black
7) renesmee carlie cullen
8) Edward Anthony masen
9) his mom/ Carlisle
10) Isabella Marie swan/Cullen

1. Edward was 17

2. Because he didnt like any other vamps

3.Long wavy and curly with the color of Edward's hair

4. Breaking Dawn because she was going to die giving birth to Renesmee

5. Renesmee

6. Billy Black

7. Renesmee Cullen

8. Edward Anthony Masen

9. His mother

10.Isabella Marie Swan


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