The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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Chapter 9

Mike was ignoring me. He had left class before I had noticed, and in gym he made sure he wasn't on my team. Although I did not really miss his chatter, I missed some mind diversion. I tried to concentrate but saw some teammates duck their head when it was my turn to serve. We lost the game and Mike seemed happier afterwards.

"Never seen you play so bad." He said smiling.

"Me neither," I responded and pretended to be heartbroken by it, very manly. Mike did not stop smiling from that moment on. When heading back to our cars, he started talking about some of my greatest misses of the game. We came to his car first and said goodbye.

When I got in my car and looked behind me to see if it was clear for me to go, I saw her standing there; she reminded me of a statue. She looked elegant even when standing still, eyes fixed on my car, her hair softly moving because of the wind and skin as pale as…

I quickly drove backwards almost hitting a rusty Toyota. It was a good thing the driver had honked. It was like I just woke up out of a bizarre sort of dream. I shrugged and raised my hand apologetically. The driver signed me to watch out next time. When he had passed, I made sure there was nobody coming and drove off.

I avoided watching the images in my rearview mirror. Just before I left the parking lot, I could no longer hold myself and glanced in the mirror. And although I couldn't see it clearly, it looked like she was laughing.

That evening it took me a long time before I was even able to slow my thoughts. For once I would have loved hearing the rain torturing the roof and my window. When I finally fell asleep, the last image I saw was her eyes locked into mine.

I woke up and noticed the difference: it was the light. Somehow it looked brighter, so I jumped out of bed. And where there should be a lot of green, I saw white. It had snowed during the night, and everything was covered. Just something that I really did not need after a short night: wetness everywhere. I shrugged at the idea of a snowball fight that would surely be going on at school.

I ate as slow as I could, which is not that easy with cereal. I discovered that chewing longer transformed them into one thick, nameless porridge in my mouth. In the end, I was out only five minutes later than normal. I turned on the radio to hear if I needed to avoid certain roads or areas in Forks, but people here were used to conditions like this, so nothing really had changed.

I was amazed when I made it to school without one slider. I had managed to keep my speed lower than normal, but still had been driving faster than most of the others at school. Still wondering about my driving skills, I noticed something on my back tires. Snow chains, of course. Charlie would have known my lack of experience with snow. He must have got up really early to put these on. All of a sudden, I felt this wave of emotions come over me.

Still struggling with these new sensations of being looked after; I heard a high-pitched screech. It was fast and becoming painfully loud. I looked up and saw Tyler's dark blue van coming my way, totally out of control. I noticed two things: that everything apart from the van had stopped moving, and that was Bella staring at me in horror.

I stared back for a second and was waiting for the van to hit me. I closed my eyes.
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