The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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I'm sorry his is taking so long? Will post more, the sooner the better. (busy life sorry)
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(English isn't my birthlanguage and I've got myself an amazing friend and editor)
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I'm so glad people are reading and liking the fan fic.
I LOVE THIS I can't wait for more
Normaly I'll be getting the edited version this weekend. Sorry for the long waiting. But on the other hand will be posted more chapters in once next time. So very very sorry.
I keep saying sorry because I truelly am sorry. Still waiting
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Chapter 4

I looked at my map to see how I could reach my English lesson without getting lost. It didn't looked to difficult; I needed to go past the cafeteria. I reached the building and saw the big black 3 painted into a white square.

I hesitated for a second before I entered. I followed the example of two girls and hang my coat on the peg. I stepped into the class and saw it had the same old boring look like my classes had been in Phoenix. I walked over to the teacher; Mr. Manson was his name, to give him my form. He looked at me with his big eyes, they looked like they could pop out any second. He coughed and told me to take a place at the desk in the back of the class.

While I passed the other desks, everyone was looking at me. As Mr. Manson coughed once more, they all turned back to the front. This day wasn't going to be easy; I looked at the clock and saw that only ten minutes had passed. I looked at the reading list and saw that the books were pretty standard; I had read them all already.

When the bell rang, I stood up and heard a high, somewhat annoying voice behind me. "You're Edward Swan right? Hi, my name is Jessica." She giggled when she introduced herself. The best part was that she told me how to get to my next class, I was sure that she looked disappointed when I told her I had sociology next period.

The rest of the morning was the same, there was always someone brave enough to talk to me and guide me to my next class. The only time I needed to introduce myself was with Mr. Varner, it had been torture for the whole 2 minutes it lasted. The only thing I liked about Mister Varner was that he teaches math.

After another two hours, I recognized some faces and followed a guy named Mike into the cafeteria. I recognized the girl that had addressed me after sociology, I just couldn't remember her name. She looked all too willing towards me. I made sure that Mike took the spot right between us. I tried to follow the debate about snow or no snow for the next few days in Forks, but I hate snow, or anything wet for that matter. I even hate the constant gray tone in the sky above Forks. I missed the sun, the warm feeling on my skin.

I looked around and that's when they caught my eye: three girls and two boys, all amazingly beautiful and with the same pale skin. They weren't talking or eating, they just sat there like they had nothing better to do than sit still on those chairs. And all of a sudden they moved, like they had noticed me watching. One girl was talking, or that's what I was assuming because I saw her lips moving. She had long brown curly hair and the most beautiful face I had ever seen. When her eyes met mine it was like they looked straight into my soul. I turned my head as fast as I could, she had been faster.

"Those kids are the Cullens and Hales," said Mike. "Rosalie is the blonde girl, and Emmett is the big guy next to her. The little pixie girl is Alice. She's with Jasper, the blonde guy. And last but not least, in my opinion, is Isabella, the one with the brown curly hair. Not that she's interested in any of us guys; apparently we're not good enough for her." He kept on murmuring to himself.

I looked back at the girl, Isabella.

" Which of them are the Cullens?" I asked. Although they had all different features, they all looked equally beautiful and had all the same pale white skin. They could have walked away out of a magazine commercial, it was just so unreal.

"Emmett, Alice, and Bella are the Cullens. Rosalie and Jasper ae the Hales, and they all live together." He said that like they had just committed a crime. "The Cullens are adopted by Doctor Cullen and his wife, who is the legal guardian of the Hales; she's their aunt or something like that."

I peaked once more from the corners of my eyes as they stood up. They moved so gracefully, even the big guy...Emmett. While she passed, Isabella seemed bothered by something. I would have loved to know what it was.

The bell rang: time to head back to class.... Biology.
Chapter 5

Mike guided me to biology; we would be in the same class.

Mike sat down next to someone that I had met before, I just had no clue where. I spotted one spot in the class, right next to Isabella. I tried to look at her without being noticed when I walked over to the teacher’s desk, Mr. Banner. I gave him the form and like I had expected, he told me to go sit next to Isabella.

I kept looking at her when I took place at the table; suddenly she looked back with a fierce look on her face. I turned my head, I was shocked. What could I have done that had created this reaction? My aftershave maybe, but it was the same as always. I sniffed and smelled my favorite deo, just a tiny scent of vanilla. Maybe she didn't like that.

I peaked from the corner of my eye to Isabella; she never relaxed. The only thing she did was move farther away from me. If looks could kill, I would have died every time she glared back at me. Her black eyes filled with hate and anger. She grabbed the desk with both hands, like she needed to restrain herself.

The moment the bell rang, she was up and out of the classroom. She had moved so fast and elegant at the same time. I needed some more time to recover. I heard someone laughing and looked up, Mike stood right next to me. "What have you done to Isabella, she looked so angry. Have you two met before?" He asked with some joy in his voice. I shook my head, and answered more to myself than to Mike that I really had no clue.

Mike was in a good mood when we went to the gym. Apparently he liked Isabella's reaction to me, and I didn't quite understand. Mike just babbled on about the fact that the Cullens and Hales were a strange bunch. And Isabella was the most strange of them all, that he even called her the ice queen.

Coach Clapp, the gym teacher, found me a spare outfit, but I didn't need to participate today, I felt a bit down by that. I loved sports, not like my dad in front of the TV, but being active at sports is what I liked about it. So I sat there and that gave my brain the opportunity to come up with Isabella's reaction. I still had no clue what I could have done wrong.

Finally the bell rang. I walked to the secretary’s office, shivering because of the cold wind and the rain. I would have trouble getting warm again. When I walked into the warm office, I was baffled. I heard Isabella asking if she could switch classes. Apparently biology wasn't interesting anymore. I knew why she wanted to switch, me, I was the reason. I felt my anger rising; I hadn't done anything and still I was to blame for this, or at least she blamed me for this.

I felt a breeze of cold air brushing me as a girl came in. She walked over to the banister and dropped off a note and left again. Isabella turned around slowly and looked at me with cold, angry eyes. For a moment I felt the urge to run, but at the same time, I saw her face again, it was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. She turned around again and told the lady behind the banister that it was all right, she understood it wasn't possible. The next thing I saw was Isabella's back when she left.

I walked over to the banister; the lady asked if I had had a great day. All I could do was nod and smile before I turned around to leave. While walking over to my car, I felt the anger rising again. This was so not fair. I would confront Isabella with whatever her problem was. I felt better already, got into my car and drove off.
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