The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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Chapter 6

The next day was better and worse.

Better because of the absence of rain, although there was a blanket of clouds above Forks. Easier because I knew what to expect. Mike sat next to me in English and walked with me to my next lesson. Jessica and Lauren looked at him with an envious glance that stroked my ego. The being new had faded, so a lot less people where staring at me when I passed. During lunch, I sat down with Mike, Jessica, Lauren, and a bunch of other people. I recognized some faces but couldn’t' remember their names.

I could participate in the gym; we played some games of volleyball.

Worse because of the fact that I was so tired; I still wasn't able to sleep well. Also the fact that I had been the center of attention in math. Although I hadn't raised my hand, Mr. Varner had picked me to answer a question, and I had answered wrong. If he could have exploded, I think he would have. Something about explaining things, and still some of us where able to forget everything in a second.

But the most dreadful part was the absence of Isabella Cullen.

I was not looking forward to lunch all morning. I was afraid to look into her eyes that would be filled with anger and hate. When I walked in, I watched at the Cullen’s table; she wasn't there. I looked around, but there was no Isabella. Maybe she was on her way from class.

Jessica and Lauren had been happy with having my attention while they were talking about the upcoming ball. I couldn't help knowing that Isabella's absence was my fault. Although I hadn't done anything, we didn't even have a conversation. Or maybe it was only my imagination.

When I entered biology, I looked at our table and sighed. She wasn't here, and I relaxed. Mike seemed happy too; I kept on wondering what was going on in that boy’s head. I guessed he really liked the thought of having Isabella to himself. When class started, Isabella invaded my thoughts. She had looked so angry. What had I done to keep her from coming to school, or was this a very egocentric idea? There was nothing special about me, just one boy amongst the others ... Plain.

Yesterday I had discovered that Charlie really couldn't cook, except for fries, eggs, and bacon. I also learned that there was nothing in the house cook, so I had told Charlie that I would cook. He had looked up in surprise and made some half objections.

I took out the shopping list from my back pack and the money Charlie had given to me. I started the engine, ignored the turning heads, and backed out of the parking space. That's when I spotted the other Cullens and the Hales. I never really had payed much attention to their clothes, but even the boys were dressed with care. Obviously they wore designer clothes, but they could have been wearing rags and still look amazingly beautiful. Some people just have it all, and it hadn't helped them to get accepted. Or was that their own choice? Some people just like being on themselves.

drove off to the store when I noticed them watching my car when I passed.

When I got home, I placed the groceries where I could find a spot, hoping Charlie wouldn’t mind. It had felt so natural. At mom’s place, I had done the shopping and cooking. That had been the only way to be sure of having food in the house a meal that wasn't too experimental. I wrapped the potatoes in tin foil and placed them in the oven to bake, as well as covered a steak with marinade and placed that in the fridge.

Afterwards, I changed into some old training pants and started my homework. I opened my mail and found some new ones from Mom. I could tell she had totally forgotten about the time difference. I mailed her a reply that told her not to worry so much, that everything was all right, and that I lived in a different time zone.
I sent her some hugs and kisses along.

I listened to some music and forgot the time. I hurried back down when I heard Charlie’s car pulling up on the grass. I got the potatoes out of the oven and placed the steak under the grill. "Edward?" yelled my dad. "Hi, Dad, hello to you, too." He grinned. "What are we eating?" So he remembered Mom’s cooking experiments. "Baked potatoes, steak, and some salad,” I said while preparing the salad. He relaxed and smiled. "It smells good, Edward."
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