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Hey Twilighters!

I absolutely LOVE how you all replied to my discussion on the BD movies! It's really great to read what my fellow twi-hards think. Here's another chance for you to do just that! Below I've created a survey. It's basically a sereis of questions that'll allow me to get all of your opinions and post the most popular choices! Thanks to every single one of you that have been replying to my discussions and to YOU, reading this right now, for taking time out of your day for this. - K. Cullen



1. Which of the following words is mostly likely to come to mind when you here the word 'TWILIGHT'?


b) fine

c) Edward Cullen


2. How would u rate your obsession from 1 to 10?

a)somewhere between 1 and 3

b) somewhere between 3 and 6

c) somewhere between 6 and 10


3. Which book is the best in your opinion?

a) Twilight

b) New Moon

c) Eclipse

d) Breaking Dawn


4. Which character would you say you're most like?

a) Bella, duh!

b) Alice, I'm totally unique and fun!

c) Rosalie, I know I'm beautiful and don't try to hide it.

d) Esme, friends and family ALWAYS come first for me!


Hope u liked the survey! Please remember to reply with your answers. CANNOT WAIT to read them!

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1: amazing, 2: you would have to give me an option d: over 10, 3: I love all four but Breaking dawn then Eclipse and then Twilight, 4: D

Wow, a lot of ppl have answered the survey questions! I'm going to be taking all of the answers collected by April 2nd, 2011 and posting the most popular. If you want your answer to be on top, make sure you do the survey if you haven't already.

Thanks, K. Cullen

1)c 2)c 3)d 4)a

1. A.

2. D. (There's no "D" but none of those fitted me, so "D" for me Infinity and BEYOND)

3. D.

4. A.





1: EDWARD CULLEN of course <3

2: d) above 10 :)

3: i'd hate to choose just one. instead of saying them all, I'll choose 2: Twilight and Breaking Dawn

4: a little of Bella and Rosalie. not that i'm conceited, BUT if i'm feeling good about my looks that day, i'll walk with more confidence. and Bella because i'm so fricken clumsy. i'll wake up with bruises, which i have no idea where they come from haha. and always bumping into something or tripping over something :p it gets painful haha

1.C  2.C  3.D  4.D,B,A in that order. Sorry I dont really connect with just one.
1. C  2. C  3. C & D  4. D

1. C

2. C

3.  All the above.  I cannot choose just one.

4. B.

1. C

2. C

3. C

4. B







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