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Hey Guys, It's Cindersarah... about a year ago I had fanfics on this website but I took them off to start new things... but unfortunately, the one fanfic I did won't come out of my head... so lucky you guys... I'm putting it back up so I can finish it. .. this story is about how Bella has two children instead of just Renesmee... and the drama that goes with it :P


Chapter One (Bella’s POV)

I stared at Edward, watching as he caressed my stomach. I felt so much love for him at this moment, not that I didn’t before.

“They’re happy.” He said in almost a coo. I froze at his words, sure I heard wrong. Everyone else around froze too.

They?” I choked out and Edward nodded. Very gently he put his head on my stomach.

“They both love you.” He whispered lovingly. “They absolutely adore you.” I felt frozen still. Twins. There are twins in my belly right now. So that’s why I’m so huge. Jacob made a strange choking noise and Edward looked up, his eyes understanding. He reached into the drawer and tossed something to Jacob.

“Go Jacob. Get out of here.” Edward ordered and I could feel the wind the door created when Jacob slammed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked quietly, feeling guilty that I caused him to be so upset.

“He’s just upset that I changed sides.” Edward replied with the crooked smile I loved so much. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since that night at the honeymoon… I smiled and Edward laughed at me.  “Still thinking about feathers?” He teased and I blushed.

“Maybe.” I said, blushing even more. He gave me a kiss, which was the first in awhile too. I kissed him passionately in return. He pulled away after awhile and grinned. I frowned back jokingly. “Took you long enough.” I muttered. “I thought you were repulsed by the fat pregnant woman.”

“Not repulsed love. You looked beautiful even though you were on your death bed.” Edward joked and I smiled…until Leah came rampaging in. I looked at her in surprise, considering this is the first time I’ve seen her in the house. She had a very guarded look on her face.

“Why did Jacob leave so quickly in your Aston Martin Vanquish?” Leah asked, her eyes shifting around the room, I guess looking for danger.

“Well…I could hear the baby’s thoughts and I guess Jacob thought I was betraying him. Making him the only one against this whole ordeal.” Edward tried to explain, but I don’t think Leah took it the right way, because her dark skin almost turned purple.

“OF COURSE HE’S AGAINST IT!” She shouted and I shrank into the couch. Edward and Rosalie jumped in front of me with protective stances, hissing at her. She was too upset to notice.  “Bella you just don’t get it! Jacob LOVES you! And you’re just taking that love for granted! It HURTS him to be here, yet you ask him to stay anyway.”

Tears filled my eyes but Leah continued, “You are just selfish Bella! These bloodsuckers can buy you anything, yet you still feel like you should play games with Jacob’s heart! You want him, then don’t, then want him again. You have ties to his heart and keep tugging on them. All Jacob wants to do is murder Edward then go away, yet you won’t let him will you? You can’t have both Bella! Ice and Fire do not mix together. Yet you’ll still go to Edward won’t you? Even though he left you, and have caused you to almost die multiple times, you’ll still go to him. He impregnates you with a dangerous baby, yet you’ll still stay with him.” Leah finished and shook her head at me. “Bella, you may be the stupidest human ever if you’re with a vampire.”

At the point at which she called me stupid Edward lost it. He didn’t go after her, knowing that would upset me, but he had his hands shaking violently. “Leave now.” He growled and Leah gave me a final glare before leaving.

When she left I burst into tears. Edward wasted no time hurrying to my side. “Bella, don’t listen to her.” He soothed.

Rosalie snorted. “Yeah, that girl just is jealous you’re pregnant.” She said and both Edward and I looked at her in surprise.

“How would you know Rosalie?” Edward asked. “I thought she was seriously trying to defend Jacob’s feelings.”

At that I started sobbing, but could still hear Rosalie. “That may be part of it, but I saw the look in her eyes. Every time she looked at Bella’s stomach her eyes got almost misty. She probably was hiding it with her anger though, that’s why it was so severe. I would know I’ve suffered it a few times myself” She said with a grin at Edward. “Remember me in the maternity ward a few decades ago?”

Edward gave out a short laugh. “I remember how we couldn’t get you to leave. You frightened the nurses so bad that they took the babies to a different room, afraid that you’ll kidnap one of them.”

“I still say that one of them was a mind reader.” Rosalie said with a grin. I had to laugh; I can see Rosalie stealing a baby just by being sweet to a male nurse, who willingly gives her it. I yawned and rotated so I could lie down. My body being broadsided by different emotions makes it tired. I felt my eyes close and Edward kissed my forehead.

“Bella, I’ll be right back. Have to go do something.” Edward said quietly, and then slipped out. Alice skipped down and sat on my foot, then started tickling it.

“Alice, stop it.” I mumbled, but I was awake now and thirsty. “Rosalie can you get me some more…uh…tomato juice for vampires?”

Rosalie laughed as she headed to the kitchen. When she came back she handed me a clear cup. I looked at her funny. “What? You know what’s in it… and right now I don’t feel like cleaning up the other cups.” Rosalie said and I shrugged. I averted my eyes from the cup as I drank it. Unfortunately my eyes grazed over to Alice, who was even more giddy than usual because of her headaches.

“Twins! I can’t believe I wasn’t first to know.” Alice grumbled, and then brightened up quickly. “Just think about it! We can dress them exactly the same! You’ll have to think of names all over again. Just in case you have girl and girl… or boy and boy…or girl and boy…”

I took my lips off the straw so I could think about it and went through names in my head. “I guess I’ll go with Renessemee and Edward still… but if I have another girl I’ll name her Edelle.”

“Edelle?” Alice asked with a tilt of her head. I blushed.

“You know, like Edward and Bella together. I’d go with Edwina…but it doesn’t sound right with Cullen.”

“That’s so cute!” Rosalie cooed. “What if it’s another boy?”

I searched my head for a name. “I don’t know…how about… Jem?”

“Jem? Why Jem?” Alice asked and I smirked.

“Wouldn’t Jasper and Emmett love haven’t a nephew named after them?” I asked innocently, causing Rosalie and Alice to laugh out loud.

“If anything, Jasper would whine that he only gets one letter and Emmett gets two.” Rosalie said so I thought seriously for a few moments. I shrugged.

“I’d probably just name him Jeremy.” I said with a shrug. “Or I could let Edward pick the name.”

“No!” Alice said and I raised my eyebrows at her.  “He doesn’t know good names.” She said defensively.  “He won’t let us call him anything but Edward…so annoying.”

I laughed. “How about you pick the name if it’s a boy you two. I just want one to be named Edward.”

Alice and Rosalie nodded their heads in agreement so I started sipping my…drink again. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going nauseous from the smell. It’s good practice though for later… I was contemplating this when Edward came hurrying in.

“Bella, love, I thought you were sleeping. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left.” Edward said and I smiled at him. He was so caring, even though just a few moments ago he wanted to kill the baby inside me.

“Don’t worry. I just got so thirsty-it woke me up.” Also Alice tickled my foot, I added in my head. “It’s a good thing Carlisle is bringing more. These kids are going to need it when they get out of me.”

“True. That’s a good point.” Edward agreed.

“I wonder if they’ll want anything else.” I wondered. If they were just going to be vampires, or they can eat human food too…

“I suppose we’ll find out.” Edward said with a shrug. Jacob came through the door.

“Finally.” Alice grumbled, rubbing her head. I gave Jacob a huge smile. This was my best friend Jacob, going to his enemy’s house for me. Then I remembered what Leah said and I tried very hard not to cry.

“Hey Bells,” Jacob said quickly. “How ya doing?”

“I’m fine.” I muttered quietly.

“Big day today, huh? Lots of new stuff.”

“You don’t have to do that Jacob.” I replied, not wanting to be the one to keep him here.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jacob told me as he sat near my head.

I gave him a look. “I’m so s—“ I started to say, but then he pinched my lips together to keep me from talking. “Jake,” I mumbled around his hand then tried to push it away weakly.

Jacob shook his head. “You can talk when you’re not being stupid.”

I had an idea. “Fine, I won’t say it.” I mumbled and he took his hand away. “Sorry!” I finished then gave him a cheeky grin, which he returned after rolling his eyes at me.

There was this little awkward silence that I swear Jacob’s eyes looked pained during. “So,” I said, trying to fill the silence, “How was your day?”

“Great. Went for a drive. Hung out in the park.”

“Sounds nice.” Wish I could leave this house… but not until the babies are out of my belly.

“Sure, sure.”

I made a face. This is the worst part of being pregnant. “Rose?”

Rosalie chuckled at me. “Again?”

“I think I’ve drunk two gallons in the last hour.” I explained. Rose came to lift me off the couch. “Can I walk?” I asked, thinking that if Jacob gets some exercise today… “My legs are so stiff.”

“Are you sure?” Edward asked skeptically.

“Rose’ll catch me if I trip over my feet.” I said with a grin. “Which could happen pretty easily, since I can’t see them.”

Rosalie set me down carefully and kept her hands on my shoulders so I stretched my arms in front of me. It was kind of painful, but a good pain. “That feels good.” I said then frowned playfully at my stomach. “Ugh, I’m so huge. One more day.” I said, patting my stomach.

I noticed Jacob’s face go all contorted, but decided to leave it alone. “All righty, then. Whoops—Oh no!” I exclaimed, spilling my blood. I bent over to reach it, just seeing the hands before it was too late. This strange ripping nose came from my stomach. “Oh!” I gasped. Then went limp, falling into Rosalie’s arms.

“Bella?” Edward asked a little unfocused. A shot of pain came from my stomach. It was excruciating. I gave a hair-raising shriek. My body twitched and I then vomited a fountain of blood.



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haha glad you like it. Shall I put up chapter two now for you?
Chapter Two Rosalie’s POV

I stared in horror at Bella’s body. She was thrashing around, but it was her stomach that was causing it. As she twitched, tiny cracks joined in harmony. I quickly picked Bella into my arms while speaking so quickly I didn’t even know what I was saying as I said it. I ran up to Carlisle’s office and laid Bella on a table.

“Morphine!” Edward yelled at me. If I wasn’t panicked I’d roll my eyes at him. Edward, a little busy here. I ripped Bella’s clothes and tossed them aside so they wouldn’t be in the way.

“Alice—get Carlisle on the phone!” I shrieked, knowing she’d listen to me.

“What’s happening Edward?” The dog asked from the doorway.

“They’re suffocating!” Edward yelled.

“The placenta must have detached!” I yelled, grateful I’ve been around a doctor and his books for the last few decades.
When I yelled that Bella came through. Her speaking was in a screech that my super sensitive ears found almost overwhelming.

“Get them OUT!” She screamed, causing her eyes to go bloodshot. “They can’t BREATHE! Do it NOW!”

“The morphine—“ Edward growled and I almost snapped at him. He’s worried about morphine when it won’t kick in until
it’s too late for the babies…and Bella?

“NO! NOW—!” A gush of blood cut off whatever Bella was going to say. Edward held her head up trying to clear her mouth so she could breathe. During this time Alice put a earpiece in my ear so I could speak to Carlisle, which I did in a freaked out sort of tone.

Carlisle told me what to do so I grabbed a scalpel from his desk, while he assured me that they were sanitary. Edward’s eyes widened. “Let the morphine spread!” He shouted at me.

“There’s no time!” I hissed at him. “They’re dying!”

I thrust the scalpel into Bella’s stomach and blood spurted out. All that blood. All that delicious looking blood. I felt the monster in myself start to take over.

“No, Rose!” I heard Edward yell, but he sounded distant. I saw the dog jump at me from across the table and hit me towards the door. Jacob’s right palm smashed into my face and blocked my airways, cutting off the scent. I didn’t try and fight him. I didn’t want to harm the babies or Bella. He used his grip on my face to throw me so he could land a kick at my stomach, and I flung into the doorway. A small part of my head was outraged at the unnecessary kick, but the common sense over ruled it. Alice grabbed me by the throat and yanked me downstairs. Muttering to herself all the way.

“I should have seen it. I should have been able to tell what was going to happen.” Alice muttered to herself, her grip on my throat getting tighter.

“Uh…Alice?” I rasped and she relaxed her grip slightly with an apologetic look. I shrugged it off. “It’s not your fault I haven’t hunted in awhile.”

Alice nodded absentmindedly. She kept blanking out, so I’m assuming that she was checking the future, but with the scowl on her face she was unsuccessful. I listened to upstairs, listening to Bella’s voice.

“Edelle…. Renesmee.” Two girls. I took a few more breaths to clear my head. I’m an aunt…two times. When I thought that no little ones would come into our lives, we got two. My head was already whirling with plans.

I then heard Edward’s voice through the ideas. “Take the baby.” He said this urgently. Right, Bella’s not out of the woods yet. I started upstairs.

“Throw them out the window.” The dog said absentmindedly, so I hurried to the doorway.

“Give them to me.” I spoke in a low voice, but got snarled at by both of them. Here I’m trying to lend a hand and they get on the defensive. Oh right. “I have it under control.” I promised. “Give me the babies, Edward. I’ll take care of the girls until Bella…”

Edward relented, but as he handed me the precious packages he gave me a warning look. “This one is Renesmee.” He said in rushed tones and I could only get the gist of what he was saying. “This one is Edelle.” I took the girls gently and headed downstairs. Away from the chaos. I handed Edelle to Alice reluctantly. I cuddled Renesmee and cooed at her softly. She opened her eyes and looked at her twin, who looked back. I gasped quietly. They were identically beautiful, except Edelle had green eyes, and Renesmee had brown. They both had Edward’s bronze hair, which looked better on the girls.

Renesmee put on a satisfied little smile and placed her hand on my face. I instantly got a vision of her getting something to drink. When she was done I gasped and looked at Alice, who was smiling at the baby in her arms, who had her hand on Alice’s face too.

“Did you get that too?” I whispered to not upset the babies. Alice looked at me, confused.

“Get what?”

“Renesmee…just showed me….her thoughts. She’s thirsty. Did Edelle do that too?” I asked and Alice shook her head slowly. I shrugged. Weird. I headed to the kitchen to get bottles. When I came back to the living room I handed one to Alice, who took Edelle outside. I sat on the couch with Renessemee in my arms. I cooed softly and then heard Jacob, but ignored him.

I watched Renesmee who then looked beyond me. I turned to see Jacob looking at her, almost hungrily. I raised my eyebrow and held the baby closely. “Can I help you?” I stared at him coldly.

I watched as Jacob’s arms reached for Renesmee. “Can I hold her?” He asked quietly and I laughed.

“Are you insane? I’m not giving her up…I’ve only had her for a few moments. Go ask Alice for Edelle.” I tilted my head in the direction Alice went. He shook his head.

“I want this one. What’s her name?” Jacob asked carefully. I laughed again.

“If you guess it right on your first try, I’ll let you have her.” I smirked. He froze and gave me a surprising glare.

“That’s not fair. I wasn’t paying attention to the names.” Jacob growled slightly. Renesmee looked at him, then me. I was surprised she could move her neck. She also looked bigger slightly, but I’m sure my eyes were playing tricks on me.

“Well girly…do you want to go to the big bad wolf?” I teased her lightly. She put her hand on my face and I got a vision of her in Jacob’s arms. I sighed and handed her to Jacob. “Okay Renesmee, but only for you.”

Jacob’s nose wrinkled slightly. “Renesmee? That’s a mouthful. I’ll need to come up for a nickname for you.” He cooed softly. I stared at him in amazement. Did he just coo?

Carlisle chose that moment to walk through the door staring at Edelle with Alice trailing behind him.

“Yeah Carlisle, it’s weird. Edelle won’t accept the bottle…” Alice trailed off when she saw Renesmee in Jacob’s arms. I swear her eyebrows could have been part of her hairline they went so high.

Carlisle looked up and his mouth dropped open. “Twins.”

Jacob grinned. “Isn’t it great Doc? More specimens to study… so you can study Edelle and leave Renessemee alone.”

“Yeah Carlisle… have you noticed that they’re kind of big for children that were born about twenty minutes ago?” I asked with the tilt of my head. He nodded and studied Edelle carefully.

“Did you guys measure them when they came out?” He asked and we all shook our heads.

“No Doc.” Jacob said sarcastically. “We kind of had some difficulties.”

We all froze with our guilt of forgetting about Bella. We all rushed upstairs to find Edward sitting beside Bella’s still body with his head in his hands. Bella was now dressed, but other than that the room was the same. I was almost afraid to voice my concerns, but I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Bella’s heart beat.

“Good job Edward.” Carlisle said proudly as he checked Bella over.

“Not good job.” Alice argued and we looked at her in surprised, except Edward. He nodded his head like he suspected that answer . . . but he was surprised when she voiced her thoughts. “Look what Bella is dressed in! She’s turning into a vampire as we speak…and she’s in that?!?!”

I laughed. “I take it you’re going to take something out of the cottage?”

“But of course! That’s why it’s there.” Alice grumbled. I shook my head.

“I still can’t believe you threatened Esme to get that huge closet in there.”

Alice’s face suddenly turned very, very innocent. “It’s not my fault that all the nurses have the hots for Carlisle.”

Carlisle turned to Alice, his face almost actually upset. “What did you do Alice?”

“Oh I didn’t do anything. Except maybe threaten that if Bella didn’t get the closet Maria might get your cell phone number…” Alice said with a tiny smirk on her face. I laughed as I took Edelle from Carlisle’s arms, just because he looked like he wanted to bite Alice’s head off.

“Who’s Maria?” Jacob asked in a preoccupied voice. Even though he was too busy playing with Renesmee to listen, Alice answered him.

“Maria is this darling of a girl at the hospital whose heart skips a few beats every time she’s around Carlisle.”

“Not to mention she nearly kills patients as well.” I muttered to myself, then noticed Edward was down in the dumps
still. “Come on Edward, snap out of it. Carlisle said you did a good job. Now come meet your daughters.”

“She must be in so much pain right now.” Edward murmured, holding Bella’s hand. “I’m not going to leave her side until she comes to.”

I rolled my eyes. “Well, Jacob is holding Renesmee.” I pointed and Jacob reluctantly put Renesmee into Edward’s arms.
Edward stared at her in wonder.

“She has Bella’s eyes…” He murmured. I nodded and gave him Edelle. “This is Edelle.”

Edward had to do a double take at them. “They’re exactly the same! Except Edelle has green eyes…” He said quietly and
kissed both of their heads. I really wanted to play with my nieces, but figured that if I waited patiently Edward would then let Alice and I…oops he looked at me so I quickly thought about Emmett…in a thong. Edward winced. “You’re ruining the moment Rose.”

“My bad.” I then went quiet. Edward started singing softly to his daughters. During it Jacob looked like he wanted to grab Renesmee and run away. I gave him an evil smile. “Don’t you have somewhere to go Jacob?”

He looked confused. “No. Where would I go?”

“Geez I don’t know… isn’t there a pack of wolves ready to chow down on little babies as soon as Edward had a little bite of Bella?” I said sarcastically. I knew I could protect the girls, but it was funny seeing his face turn as white as a ghost…or a vampire.

“Crap! Forgot about that…” He said and ran out of the room as fast as his little doggy legs could carry him.

I watched him go with a smile on my face. Edward laughed at my thoughts. “You just don’t like dogs…do you?”

Without missing a beat I turned to him and said, “I had allergies when I was human.”

Edward laughed again, and it caused Renesmee to laugh her first time. It was like a tiny little wind chime, so pretty.

Edelle woke up, looked at them and went back to sleep. I picked up Renesmee. “Edward, you can hold Edelle, since she’s sleeping anyway. I’ll bring Renesmee down and play with her.”

“Sounds good.” He said absentmindedly, just looking at his resting daughter. It was a picture perfect moment, so I was glad for my vampire photographic memory. I brought Renesmee down and Alice skipped down to, with this big grin on her face.

“Can we go shopping now?”
okay. :P
last chapter of the night (don't expect me to make this a habit. :P)

Chapter Three Seth’s POV

I was patrolling when Jacob phased into a wolf, so I heard his thoughts. He was going to see Sam.

I’m coming Jacob! Leah said and started to join him.

No Leah. You stay here. Protect Renesmee and everyone. Jacob ordered lightly, just enough to show authority but not enough to force her to follow it.

Why do I have to protect bloodsuckers and their spawn? Leah asked bitterly. I saw through Jacob’s thoughts that he had stopped short.

Because you crossed the line when you spoke to Bella. Because you need to make it up to them. I’m glad that you feel somewhat protective of me… but that doesn’t mean you can yell at a pregnant woman. Even though I don’t love Bella anymore…doesn’t mean I’ll put up with that.

I was very confused at this point, and Leah was so confused she stopped running. What do you mean you don’t love Bella anymore?

I love her…but the way it’s supposed to be. I imprinted on Renesmee… Bella’s daughter.

Leah froze then started laughing in her head…very loudly. Good job Jacob! Imprinting on the enemies offspring… can you imagine the stories that you’ll tell your kids? Well son… I first loved your grandma but when I saw your mother I was completely devoted to her… nice Jacob.

Leah…shut up. Anyway, I have to go talk to Sam. You guys get back to your normal human selves while I talk to him. I’m going to see if we can talk to him now through my thoughts… and I don’t want you guys listening in.

I sighed but followed his orders. Thankfully I was close to the Cullen house so I could just walk over. When I got in I heard Rosalie and Alice arguing quietly to each other. Sorry, not each other but with Edward upstairs while they were down here.

“Come on Edward, I’m sure Renesmee will love it! Not that I would know since I can’t see her!” Alice was being her normal loud self. I could faintly hear Edward’s response with my human ears.

“No! I will not have a Mini-Alice as a daughter. It just isn’t right!”

Rosalie laughed at the little baby she was holding, who had her hand on Rosalie’s face. “Come on Edward! Renesmee says that she wants to!”

“Renesmee says she wants to? She’s a baby, she can’t talk!” I spoke, incredulous. Rosalie and Alice turned and looked at me, like they didn’t realize I was here.

“Well, she can’t talk but she can communicate.” Alice said, like that would explain everything. I gave her a look that I used to give my history teacher. One of pure confusion.

“Explain please?” I asked and she laughed.

“Let Seth hold Renesmee, Rosalie.” Alice said, gesturing to me. I backed up slowly, hands out in front of me.

“That’s not a good idea. I’ve never held a baby in my life. I’ll drop her.”

Rosalie rolled her eyes at me as she came towards me. “She’s part vampire. She won’t break like a vase or anything. She’s also growing rather quickly.”

So that’s how I got to holding Renesmee as Alice went upstairs to argue with Edward about the importance of teaching them good fashion sense now… Renesmee gave me a rather mature look for a baby. It was of understanding. She placed her hand on my face and I saw a vision of Jacob. I gasped and looked at her.

“You’re looking for Jacob?” I asked, unsure. So she showed me another vision of Jacob. I almost got a sense of territory from her. “Sorry Renesmee, he’s talking to Sam right now. Sam’s the other big wolf leader.”

Rosalie came and started playing with Renesmee’s hair softly. “Isn’t she cute?”

“Yeah, she is.” I agreed. “She got Bella’s eyes huh? Speaking of which, how’s Bella doing?”

Rosalie sighed as she took Renesmee back from me. “She’s good. Not screaming out in pain or anything. She’s just…laying there. It’s really strange.”

Just then Emmett came walking in with Jasper. The big guy’s eyes widened at the baby Rosalie was holding. “We missed the blood and gore? Sweet!” He,then picked the baby up and held her high up in the air. Two seconds later Renesmee was back in Rosalie’s arms and Emmett was wincing and holding his head.

“NEVER do that again! She’s still a baby for Pete’s sake!” The blonde now has her usual scowl as she held Renesmee protectively away from Emmett. I hide my grin as I settled down on the couch. It’s been a rather long shift and it’s catching up with me. Emmett put on a sheepish smile.

“So what’s her name?”

“Renesmee… Edelle’s upstairs.”

Emmett’s eyes bulged then he grinned a little wickedly. “So there are two babies to play with? Nice!”

Jasper tilted his head, listened, and then grinned. “So Alice wants to take the babies shopping?”

Rosalie nodded. “She looked up some fabulous shops that have designer baby clothes and decided that Bella would love
to see her babies all dressed up at first glance.”

I stared at her. “But Bella hates dressing up herself…why would she want her babies dressed up?”

She shrugged. “I don’t understand Alice’s logic… other than that she just got a lot of money from a stock she had for
years, and has decided she wants to spend it on the girls.”

I shook my head. “Doesn’t she get huge benefits courtesy of the stock market every day?”

“Yeah… but this time she is using it as an excuse to bring the girls to the mall.”

Carlisle came downstairs, his face worried. Rosalie noticed. “What’s wrong Carlisle?”

“The girls are big… a little too big to be considered newborns. I just measured Edelle, who’s three pounds over the heaviest new born. May I measure Renesmee please?”

Rosalie was silent as she handed Carlisle the baby. “So if they are growing too quickly… what’s going to happen.”

Carlisle took out his measuring tape. “I don’t know. Remember, I don’t know any cases about this. Normally when Vampires have intercourse with humans… it’s just a thing before the meal.”

I looked at them feeling slightly confused, but then understood. “So you guys think that Renesmee and Edelle will have a very short life…they won’t be immortal?”

“We don’t know Seth. I plan to concentrate on research… “ Carlisle said as he handed back Renesmee to Rosalie, having finished his measurements. He then headed to his office and Alice came down, her eyes blank as she searched the

“This sucks! I can’t see them… it’s like they’re part werewolf.” Alice muttered as she grabbed Renesmee from Rosalie. “I’m sorry sunshine… Edward doesn’t want us to go shopping until Bella is awake. He doesn’t think its fair if other people see you guys before Bella even sees you.” She cooed then handed the baby back to Rosalie, wincing. “It
gets worse when I hold her. I can’t even see my own future when I hold her.”

“Understandable.” Rosalie replied with a slight grin. I’m guessing that she’s just happy for the excuse of holding Renessemee longer. “We can take pictures! She can be the first Cullen to have a full set of photographs still.”

Alice visibly brightened up. “Sounds good! I’ll bring down Edelle too!” She said then hurried upstairs. Emmett reached for Renesmee again.

“I promise Rose… I’ll be careful.” He said, but Rosalie handed the baby to Jasper.

“You can try again tomorrow Emmett, but Jasper hasn’t had a chance to hold her.” She said.

“She smells tasty…” Jasper said quietly, causing us to stare at him. I guess he felt our disbelief because without missing a beat he explained, “In a good way. The vampire in her dilutes her human blood.”

Emmett laughed. “Dude, you scared me for a moment! I was thinking we should have a bet going on how long it’d take for you to take a bite out of her… you didn’t last too long with Bella as a human…”

Jasper gave him a glare. “One… that sentence doesn’t make much sense… and two… shut up Emmett.”

Renesmee laughed and placed her hand on Jasper’s face. He looked at her in surprise and grinned. “Good idea Renesmee!”

“What?” Emmett looked a little irked. Jasper just grinned.

“She was showing me the memory of Rosalie smacking you.” Jasper said. I looked at the clock. It’s been about forty-five minutes since Jacob went to talk to Sam… did he run into trouble? Or were they catching up?

I was contemplating this when Alice came down with Edelle. “She’s ready!” She said happily. I looked up, and all I could do was stare.

(Alice’s POV)

I stared at Seth, who was staring at Edelle with a really weird face. Then I noticed that Rosalie had the same look. “What?”

Seth bit his lip, trying not to laugh. “May I ask why Edelle looks like a cupcake?”

I looked at him, offended. “It’s a designer outfit! What’s wrong with it?”

Rosalie answered for him. “That outfit has more ruffles then a petticoat Alice! She’s swimming in it…literally.”

I took a closer look at the outfit, trying to find out what they found so offensive. It was a blue long-sleeved dress. The skirt of it had a few ruffles, while the shirt had a little lace here and there. “There is nothing wrong with it!”

Seth rolled his eyes. “If you’re deciding to play life sized barbies, I’m outta here.” He left, followed by Emmett and Jasper, who were betting on who would get to decide who wore the clothes. The future wasn’t looking good in my favour, but I’m
sure I can change that.

“Rosalie…” I started, but Rosalie interrupted me.

“Alice, change her out of that! Not only is it inhumane to put her in that, but Bella will kill you when she sees the pictures! Literally…especially since she’ll have that newborn rage going on.”

I waved away her concerns, but Edelle decided to wake up. She took one look at what she was wearing compared to
Renesmee and started crying. Loudly.

“Good job Alice.” Rosalie said with a sigh and switched me babies. She whipped the outfit off of Edelle and instantly
Edelle stopped crying. Rosalie went upstairs to put her in some better clothes.

“That baby has no taste!” I proclaimed loudly. Renesmee looked at me and placed her hand on my face. I got a picture of her wearing that dress, but I got a very distinct impression she didn’t want it on either. I ignored that though, “You want the dress on Renessemee?”

“Don’t even THINK about it Alice!” Edward called from upstairs. I scowled. If I wasn’t allowed to dress them, what could I do? Rosalie came back down with Edelle in a pair of purple pants and a blue t-shirt so the twins were matching.

“That’s not even cute Rosalie!” I protested.

“It’s practical. Babies spit up and drool… you wouldn’t want your designer clothes to get ruined would you?” Rosalie asked and I frowned. I hadn’t thought about that.

“Aren’t babies just mini grown-ups?” I asked and she laughed.

“Are you kidding me? Probably not… but no Alice, they’re not. They are cute and adorable…and messy.” Rosalie told me. I then preceded to hand her Renesmee then headed upstairs. Rosalie called after me, “What’s wrong Alice?”
“If their messy… I have to change my outfit. This is one of a kind you know!” I said before heading into my room.
Chapter Four (Edward’s POV)

I stared at Bella’s still body, wishing I could hear her thoughts. So I could know if she’s in pain or anything. If she’s cursing me for doing this to her. I was contemplating this when Carlisle’s thoughts reached me from his office.
So if the girls are growing at this rate… they should hit old age in thirty years? Is that the effects of the vampire gene hitting human? I’ll need more data before I can be completely sure…

I shut out his thoughts and laid my head on Bella’s hand. My bad choices will affect my daughters too. If only I hadn’t made the deal with Bella… it only harmed my love and my kids. Kids. I still can’t believe I have them, even though they’ll be with us for such a short time. We’ll have to make use of the time we do have with them.

As I resolved this Rosalie came running into the room with Edelle in her arms. “You take her.” Rosalie barked, almost tossing Edelle into my arms. I couldn’t get much out of her thoughts, except she was going to kill Emmett.

“What did Emmett do now?” I asked warily, balancing Edelle on my knee.

“He broke the camera! He brought it during a hunting trip, and forgot to tell anyone that a bear smashed it! We need it to
take pictures!” Rosalie replied hurriedly, “I’m going to Port Angeles to get another one.”

“Just use one of the others around.” I said quietly. “But I want to see the girls now, okay?”

Rosalie nodded. “Alright.” She left and returned with Renesmee. She handed her to me then quietly left the room.

I stared at my pretty daughters, whom in return stared back at me. Even without the eyes I can tell them apart almost.
Okay, not really. “How am I going tell you guys asleep when you’re asleep?” I teased them lightly. Even though they were babies they seemed to exchange looks. Their voices in their head were subtly different, but just enough that I could tell them apart.

“Oops. Forgot about that.” I smiled at them. Edelle looked at Bella, lying still. “That’s your mother girls. Right now she’s just having a…last sleep, but soon she’ll be awake and anxious to see you guys.”

Esme walked in. “Sorry I wasn’t here to help Edward. Or that I didn’t even come back quickly…”

“That’s alright Esme. It turned out alright in the end. Did Carlisle tell you about…” I asked and she nodded. She reached
out for the babies.

“May I…?” She began and I quickly handed her Renesmee and Edelle. Her face softened and she started singing a quiet lullaby that’s been around for eternity. I turned my attention back to Bella. I should have just let her die… except I promised. I promised her that I’d turn her into a vampire, but how much pain is she going through? Did the morphine make it through?

“Edward?” Esme caught my attention. “The girls are tired… where should I let them sleep?”

Right. They sleep. They need a spot for that. “Can you just hold them for the night? Or something? I’m sure Rosalie won’t mind helping out.”

Jacob decided that moment to come in. “I’ll help!”

I stared at him suspiciously. “Why do you want to help Jacob?” I questioned and then heard his thoughts. I wasn’t sure if I
should be amused, or angry. “You imprinted on Renesmee?”

“Yeah…it’s not something I can control Edward.” Jacob replied, but his thoughts were positively glowing from thinking about my daughter. He was thinking about her in a brotherly way so I couldn’t harm him…yet.

I gave him a fatherly glare. “If you hurt my girl in anyway… you will answer to me. I don’t care if Bella and Renesmee protest … if you harm her I will kill you.”

Jacob nodded. “I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to harm Renesmee… but thanks for the warning.”

“You’re more dog then human… so I’m keeping an eye on you.” I said seriously. Jacob nodded awkwardly.

“Are you done with the third degree Edward? If you are… I’ll tell you what Sam thinks about it all.” Jacob said with a grin. He was thinking about the talk, so I got the gist.

“So Sam and the pack can’t harm us for two reasons now. Renesmee is your imprintee and you used your ancestry to
allow Bella being turned into a vampire.”

“Well you know… Renesmee can’t grow up without a mother to protect her from Alice.” Jacob said, and then grimaced. “Why did Bella name such a small creature with such a long name?”

“It’s Renee and Esme together. Edelle is Edward and Bella together. I like the names.” I said, defending Bella’s choices. “The names are unique for such a unique pair of girls.”

“But Renesmee? I’ve thought up a nickname for her already on my way over here. Want to guess what it is? Or are you going to find it in my thoughts?” Jacob was obviously in high spirits.

“Well… if you don’t want Bella to physically harm you for naming our daughter after the Loch Ness Monster then go ahead. I just won’t protect you from Bella when she finds out that on top of you imprinting on our daughter you decided to
call her Nessie.”

Jacob shrugged. “Bella won’t harm me. We’re best buds.”

“For now while she’s changing. When she can actually think coercively then we’ll see.” I reply grimly before turning back to Bella. I heard Jacob go down to try and find Esme.

Emmett’s POV

I looked back at Rosalie and found that she had cooled off some towards me. She still won’t let me near the babies though.

“You’ll wake them up Emmett. They sleep you know, and it is late.” Rosalie told me and I tried doing the puppy dog face.
She turned away though. “You’ll need some pointers from a dog or something Emmett, because that’s not going to work.”

I turned to Jacob, who glared at me. “Don’t even think about asking Emmett.”

Esme laughed gently at my pitiful face. “Here Emmett, you can hold Renesmee.” She said and Jake gave her a look of horror.

“I asked first Esme!” Jacob said and she gave him a motherly look.

“You’ve already had a turn to hold her. Just because you imprinted doesn’t mean that you can hog my granddaughter. Her uncle needs to hold her too.”

With a few more protests from Jacob in the background Esme gave me the sleeping Renesmee. I would have held her
carefully, if Jacob wasn’t at my elbow watching my every move. “Jacob, I may be a big guy and don’t deserve one, but I do have a personal bubble and you’re in it.” I said and he didn’t pay any attention. Well, I warned him.

To create my personal bubble I gently held Renesmee out from me and started spinning really quickly. I was going so fast that she didn’t even wake up. Jacob’s look was priceless though. He quickly grabbed Renesmee out of my arms, but the sudden movement woke her up. She opened her mouth like she was about to cry, took one look at who was holding her and went back to sleep. “Renesmee, you’re no fun.” I grumbled lightly then noticed that I had two vampires staring at me
in a very scary way. “What’s wrong Rosalie, Esme?” I said innocently, subtly trying to cover the back of my head.

Rosalie ignored me and said to Esme, “I married an idiot. It’s a good thing I can’t have children with him, or they’d be brain-dead.”

“Ah Rose, don’t be like that. Renesmee didn’t even notice.” I said and inched towards her. Her evil glare stopped me in my tracks. “I love you.” I said meekly. She gave a soft smile before turning the glare back on.

“I’m going to tell Bella when she wakes up! Let’s see how bad her newborn rage is.” Rosalie threatened. I smiled. Bella didn’t scare me.

“I thought you wanted the ‘dog’ to get first taste, or even Alice!” I said and Rosalie turned thoughtful.

“Good point.” She said before looking at Edelle who was still in Esme’s arms. “These girls are gorgeous.”

Ignore me why don’t you. “You’re prettier Rosalie.”

“Stop sucking up Emmett. Esme, can I hold Edelle now?”

“I think that Carlisle wants to measure them again. They seem to be growing rapidly.” Esme said, her forehead creased with worry. Carlisle came downstairs.

“Yes, I believe that we should keep measuring them. I need as much data as possible to figure out if the growing will stop.”

I froze. If they’re growing rapidly… “Does that mean they could be old ladies in a short period of time? Or die soon?”

Rosalie shot me a hurt expression. Oops, open mouth, insert foot. Carlisle answered as he carefully measured
Edelle. “I’m not sure. It’s possible. That might be the effect of having vampire and human parents. I’ve never heard of anything like it, so it’s hard to tell.”

“Is Edward freaking out right now Alice?” I asked as she gave me this hard look.

“What am I? A magic eight ball? I was upstairs changing, not talking to Edward. If you want an answer, how about ‘It is
decidedly so’? Come on Emmett, it’s Edward. Of course he’s freaking out. Right now though, he’s most likely worried about Bella and can worry about the girls later.” Alice said crossly.

“What’s up your butt Alice?” I asked and she sighed, pressing her hand on her head.

“Three non-existent people in the same room is giving me a non-existent headache.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can’t see their future, it’s all blurry. Hey Jasper?” Alice suddenly asked and Jasper looked up from the couch.


“Can we go hunting? Rosalie too… you haven’t hunted in a few weeks now, and if you aren’t careful, you might even snack on Jacob.”

Rosalie nodded. “I’ll come, but I doubt I’d ever get hungry enough to drink Jacob’s blood.” She pretends to shudder.
“I’ll stay here with the girls.” I volunteered, but Rosalie pushed me out the door.

“You’re coming too.”

“I just went hunting though.” I protested.

“I don’t really care. You can play with a grizzly bear.”

I grinned. “Sweet!”

We were hunting individually for about fifteen minutes when I heard a shrill whistle from about two miles away. I was fighting a grizzly bear at the time, so I just quickly finished him off and headed towards Alice. “What Alice? Aren’t you guys hunting while I get to fight with a bear?” I asked, a little disgruntled.

“The actual hunting was just so Rosalie could get some blood in her system Emmett.” Alice replied. Rosalie, who was sitting on a rock behind her, smirked.

“Come on Emmett. When was the last time Alice said we should all go hunting together?” Rosalie asked and I froze.

“No! Absolutely not! I refuse!” I glowered at Jasper. “Did you know?”

“I figured. But Alice hasn’t been feeling good…” Jasper started and I interrupted him.

“I don’t care if she’s on her death bed! I’m not doing this!”

“It’s for the twins Emmett. Not for me.” Alice pleaded and I contemplated this. I shook my head.

“Nope. Not going to do it. Besides, it’s night time.” I argued. Rosalie shook her head at me.

“You really are an idiot Emmett. Any store would gladly stay open after hours for Alice and her credit card.”

“Not a baby store! You guys have never been to one!” I replied and the girls looked sheepish. “You have? Why?”

“Well… you know how I am with babies Emmett… I couldn’t resist.” Rosalie muttered and I jokingly slapped my forehead
with my palm.

“This is almost as bad as the time you were in the baby ward at the hospital Rose!” I joked and she smiled.

“No, this was worse. About three years ago Alice and I went to three baby stores and bought everything that was pink.”

I froze. She’s right, it was worse. “Did Carlisle flip out?”

“Once he found out we gave the clothes to a woman shelter he was fine. I still wanted a little girl of my own to dress
though, but this is almost as good. So Emmett,” She gave me an adorable pleading look, “Can we please go shopping for Edelle and Renessemee?”

I groaned exaggeratingly. “Alright, but if you ask me which dresses are better when they look exactly the same, I quit.”
Great!!!!! Keep me updated!!!!!
thanks for all the exclaimation points. Now I know it's' good. :P
Hi CinderSarah!
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heeeeyyyy!! It HAS been a long time. :P Are you still rping and being your amazing self?
i'm not rping on this site anymore
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