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Hey Guys, It's Cindersarah... about a year ago I had fanfics on this website but I took them off to start new things... but unfortunately, the one fanfic I did won't come out of my head... so lucky you guys... I'm putting it back up so I can finish it. .. this story is about how Bella has two children instead of just Renesmee... and the drama that goes with it :P


Chapter One (Bella’s POV)

I stared at Edward, watching as he caressed my stomach. I felt so much love for him at this moment, not that I didn’t before.

“They’re happy.” He said in almost a coo. I froze at his words, sure I heard wrong. Everyone else around froze too.

They?” I choked out and Edward nodded. Very gently he put his head on my stomach.

“They both love you.” He whispered lovingly. “They absolutely adore you.” I felt frozen still. Twins. There are twins in my belly right now. So that’s why I’m so huge. Jacob made a strange choking noise and Edward looked up, his eyes understanding. He reached into the drawer and tossed something to Jacob.

“Go Jacob. Get out of here.” Edward ordered and I could feel the wind the door created when Jacob slammed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked quietly, feeling guilty that I caused him to be so upset.

“He’s just upset that I changed sides.” Edward replied with the crooked smile I loved so much. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since that night at the honeymoon… I smiled and Edward laughed at me.  “Still thinking about feathers?” He teased and I blushed.

“Maybe.” I said, blushing even more. He gave me a kiss, which was the first in awhile too. I kissed him passionately in return. He pulled away after awhile and grinned. I frowned back jokingly. “Took you long enough.” I muttered. “I thought you were repulsed by the fat pregnant woman.”

“Not repulsed love. You looked beautiful even though you were on your death bed.” Edward joked and I smiled…until Leah came rampaging in. I looked at her in surprise, considering this is the first time I’ve seen her in the house. She had a very guarded look on her face.

“Why did Jacob leave so quickly in your Aston Martin Vanquish?” Leah asked, her eyes shifting around the room, I guess looking for danger.

“Well…I could hear the baby’s thoughts and I guess Jacob thought I was betraying him. Making him the only one against this whole ordeal.” Edward tried to explain, but I don’t think Leah took it the right way, because her dark skin almost turned purple.

“OF COURSE HE’S AGAINST IT!” She shouted and I shrank into the couch. Edward and Rosalie jumped in front of me with protective stances, hissing at her. She was too upset to notice.  “Bella you just don’t get it! Jacob LOVES you! And you’re just taking that love for granted! It HURTS him to be here, yet you ask him to stay anyway.”

Tears filled my eyes but Leah continued, “You are just selfish Bella! These bloodsuckers can buy you anything, yet you still feel like you should play games with Jacob’s heart! You want him, then don’t, then want him again. You have ties to his heart and keep tugging on them. All Jacob wants to do is murder Edward then go away, yet you won’t let him will you? You can’t have both Bella! Ice and Fire do not mix together. Yet you’ll still go to Edward won’t you? Even though he left you, and have caused you to almost die multiple times, you’ll still go to him. He impregnates you with a dangerous baby, yet you’ll still stay with him.” Leah finished and shook her head at me. “Bella, you may be the stupidest human ever if you’re with a vampire.”

At the point at which she called me stupid Edward lost it. He didn’t go after her, knowing that would upset me, but he had his hands shaking violently. “Leave now.” He growled and Leah gave me a final glare before leaving.

When she left I burst into tears. Edward wasted no time hurrying to my side. “Bella, don’t listen to her.” He soothed.

Rosalie snorted. “Yeah, that girl just is jealous you’re pregnant.” She said and both Edward and I looked at her in surprise.

“How would you know Rosalie?” Edward asked. “I thought she was seriously trying to defend Jacob’s feelings.”

At that I started sobbing, but could still hear Rosalie. “That may be part of it, but I saw the look in her eyes. Every time she looked at Bella’s stomach her eyes got almost misty. She probably was hiding it with her anger though, that’s why it was so severe. I would know I’ve suffered it a few times myself” She said with a grin at Edward. “Remember me in the maternity ward a few decades ago?”

Edward gave out a short laugh. “I remember how we couldn’t get you to leave. You frightened the nurses so bad that they took the babies to a different room, afraid that you’ll kidnap one of them.”

“I still say that one of them was a mind reader.” Rosalie said with a grin. I had to laugh; I can see Rosalie stealing a baby just by being sweet to a male nurse, who willingly gives her it. I yawned and rotated so I could lie down. My body being broadsided by different emotions makes it tired. I felt my eyes close and Edward kissed my forehead.

“Bella, I’ll be right back. Have to go do something.” Edward said quietly, and then slipped out. Alice skipped down and sat on my foot, then started tickling it.

“Alice, stop it.” I mumbled, but I was awake now and thirsty. “Rosalie can you get me some more…uh…tomato juice for vampires?”

Rosalie laughed as she headed to the kitchen. When she came back she handed me a clear cup. I looked at her funny. “What? You know what’s in it… and right now I don’t feel like cleaning up the other cups.” Rosalie said and I shrugged. I averted my eyes from the cup as I drank it. Unfortunately my eyes grazed over to Alice, who was even more giddy than usual because of her headaches.

“Twins! I can’t believe I wasn’t first to know.” Alice grumbled, and then brightened up quickly. “Just think about it! We can dress them exactly the same! You’ll have to think of names all over again. Just in case you have girl and girl… or boy and boy…or girl and boy…”

I took my lips off the straw so I could think about it and went through names in my head. “I guess I’ll go with Renessemee and Edward still… but if I have another girl I’ll name her Edelle.”

“Edelle?” Alice asked with a tilt of her head. I blushed.

“You know, like Edward and Bella together. I’d go with Edwina…but it doesn’t sound right with Cullen.”

“That’s so cute!” Rosalie cooed. “What if it’s another boy?”

I searched my head for a name. “I don’t know…how about… Jem?”

“Jem? Why Jem?” Alice asked and I smirked.

“Wouldn’t Jasper and Emmett love haven’t a nephew named after them?” I asked innocently, causing Rosalie and Alice to laugh out loud.

“If anything, Jasper would whine that he only gets one letter and Emmett gets two.” Rosalie said so I thought seriously for a few moments. I shrugged.

“I’d probably just name him Jeremy.” I said with a shrug. “Or I could let Edward pick the name.”

“No!” Alice said and I raised my eyebrows at her.  “He doesn’t know good names.” She said defensively.  “He won’t let us call him anything but Edward…so annoying.”

I laughed. “How about you pick the name if it’s a boy you two. I just want one to be named Edward.”

Alice and Rosalie nodded their heads in agreement so I started sipping my…drink again. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going nauseous from the smell. It’s good practice though for later… I was contemplating this when Edward came hurrying in.

“Bella, love, I thought you were sleeping. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left.” Edward said and I smiled at him. He was so caring, even though just a few moments ago he wanted to kill the baby inside me.

“Don’t worry. I just got so thirsty-it woke me up.” Also Alice tickled my foot, I added in my head. “It’s a good thing Carlisle is bringing more. These kids are going to need it when they get out of me.”

“True. That’s a good point.” Edward agreed.

“I wonder if they’ll want anything else.” I wondered. If they were just going to be vampires, or they can eat human food too…

“I suppose we’ll find out.” Edward said with a shrug. Jacob came through the door.

“Finally.” Alice grumbled, rubbing her head. I gave Jacob a huge smile. This was my best friend Jacob, going to his enemy’s house for me. Then I remembered what Leah said and I tried very hard not to cry.

“Hey Bells,” Jacob said quickly. “How ya doing?”

“I’m fine.” I muttered quietly.

“Big day today, huh? Lots of new stuff.”

“You don’t have to do that Jacob.” I replied, not wanting to be the one to keep him here.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jacob told me as he sat near my head.

I gave him a look. “I’m so s—“ I started to say, but then he pinched my lips together to keep me from talking. “Jake,” I mumbled around his hand then tried to push it away weakly.

Jacob shook his head. “You can talk when you’re not being stupid.”

I had an idea. “Fine, I won’t say it.” I mumbled and he took his hand away. “Sorry!” I finished then gave him a cheeky grin, which he returned after rolling his eyes at me.

There was this little awkward silence that I swear Jacob’s eyes looked pained during. “So,” I said, trying to fill the silence, “How was your day?”

“Great. Went for a drive. Hung out in the park.”

“Sounds nice.” Wish I could leave this house… but not until the babies are out of my belly.

“Sure, sure.”

I made a face. This is the worst part of being pregnant. “Rose?”

Rosalie chuckled at me. “Again?”

“I think I’ve drunk two gallons in the last hour.” I explained. Rose came to lift me off the couch. “Can I walk?” I asked, thinking that if Jacob gets some exercise today… “My legs are so stiff.”

“Are you sure?” Edward asked skeptically.

“Rose’ll catch me if I trip over my feet.” I said with a grin. “Which could happen pretty easily, since I can’t see them.”

Rosalie set me down carefully and kept her hands on my shoulders so I stretched my arms in front of me. It was kind of painful, but a good pain. “That feels good.” I said then frowned playfully at my stomach. “Ugh, I’m so huge. One more day.” I said, patting my stomach.

I noticed Jacob’s face go all contorted, but decided to leave it alone. “All righty, then. Whoops—Oh no!” I exclaimed, spilling my blood. I bent over to reach it, just seeing the hands before it was too late. This strange ripping nose came from my stomach. “Oh!” I gasped. Then went limp, falling into Rosalie’s arms.

“Bella?” Edward asked a little unfocused. A shot of pain came from my stomach. It was excruciating. I gave a hair-raising shriek. My body twitched and I then vomited a fountain of blood.



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Chapter Five (Esme’s POV)

I smiled as the clock told me it’s been two hours since my children had left. That meant Alice had been able to persuade the guys to help her. I stared at Edelle in my arms and instantly felt worry. Carlisle doesn’t know what will happen and he’s lived for so long… will I only have my grandchildren for a little while? I gently hugged Edelle closer. If that is what’s going to happen, I’ll get as much out of it as I possibly can.

As I finished that resolution Edelle woke up. She looked around until she found Renesmee in Jacob’s arms then went back to sleep. That made my heart warm up, how close the twins will be. I’m curious if they’ll have twin mind reading like all people think twins have. With Edward as a father it’s possible.

Jacob looked at me, his eyes full of wonder. “Have you ever seen someone more beautiful in your entire life?”

I smiled. “No. I bet they’ll become even more beautiful as they grow older.” As I said that both our faces fell.

“Do you think that Carlisle’s right? That they’ll only grow old faster?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. I finally said, “I hope not.”

We stared broodingly at the girls when the door slammed open. Emmett came in with a daze expression, holding a lot of bags. “What’s up Emmett?” Jacob asked. Emmett focused in on him.

“Don’t EVER go shopping with Alice or Rosalie…it’s scary.” He replied.

“What happened this time Emmett?” I asked and he shook his head.

“Maybe Jasper can tell you, I can’t. I still don’t understand how he can go through it all almost every week! I can barely handle every decade!”

Jasper came in carrying a few bags himself, with a smug expression on his face. “Emmett, I love Alice more then you love Rosalie.” He said as he set down the bags.

Emmett looked outraged. “You do not!”

“Want to bet on it?” Jasper challenged. “I go shopping with her more then you shop with Rosalie! That’s love!”

“She blackmails you into it though!” Emmett roared, waking up Edelle. She looked around and had an interested smile on
her face when she saw the bags, that is, until she saw Alice come through the door with more. Then she almost looked scared.

“Don’t worry Edelle, I won’t let her dress you up.” I whispered to her and she settled down.

Alice was bouncing with excitement. “We got them…TOYS!” She squealed. I smiled. I haven’t seen her this excited since the time she bought some of the crown jewels.

Rosalie came in with a few bags of her own. “Some more clothes too, considering they’re growing by the second it seems.”

I looked down at Edelle. Rose was right. This baby almost looked about a few weeks old now.

“Well, we won’t worry about that now.” Alice declared as she poured out her own bags and the boys followed suit. I watched in amazement as all these fisher price toys came out of the bags. For all different ages too.

I settled Edelle on the floor, close enough that she could reach for something if she wanted to. Even though she was the size of a month old baby, she seemed to be able to handle her neck well. It was strange, it was almost like it was a mini adult in a baby body. Renesmee and her handled their bodies as well as they could, considering the fact that they shouldn’t have the proper muscles to walk or anything.

“Shouldn’t we ask Edward if he wants to come down here and watch?” I inquired with a tiny smile. Alice shook her head.

“He wouldn’t come.” Alice told me. “He won’t leave Bella, even for a moment.”

I smiled sadly. I’m glad that Edward found his love after all this time, but will his daughters always be second after Bella? Won’t they feel unloved after awhile? Or maybe there is enough love in Edward’s still heart to go around.
Edelle picked up a rattle and stared at it in interest. It was a rather pretty rattle. It was a wooden one that had a few fairies painted on it in different colours. Edelle started shaking it, causing it to start making noise.

“Isn’t she adorable?” Alice squealed. I nodded my agreement sadly. But how long will we have them around for? They’re growing so quickly… I was contemplating this when I heard a voice in my head. Esme, I’m hungry.

I froze. I looked at everyone and they were looking back at me with concern. “Are you okay Esme?” Rosalie asked me. I nodded, but then I heard it again, this time a little agitated. Esme, I’m hungry. I know you can hear me.

I looked around the room and made eye-contact with Edelle. She was still shaking the rattle, but looking right at me.
Yeah, it’s me.

Oh my word. I was staring at her in shock when Edward stumbled downstairs.

“Where’s Edelle?” He shouted, until he noticed her on the ground. “What the—“

“What’s up Edward?” Emmett asked. “Want some good old quality time with your daughter? What about the other one? I mean, I know she has Jacob and all, but she still needs a father figure in her life.”

“Shut up Emmett. I can’t hear Edelle’s thoughts.” Edward said distractedly as he picked up Edelle. As he did the rattle fell. He gaped at her. “Now I can.”

“Maybe your power is going haywire Edward.” Emmett joked, but everyone else was still.

“She was speaking to me Edward,” I whispered, “In my mind. As in, a two way conversation.”

“So is this her power? Your power reversed and Bella’s?” Alice muttered out loud, then said a substitute for a swear word, since there were children in the room. “This sucks! I can’t even see their future!”

“I don’t think it’s just Edward’s power reversed, I think she heard my thoughts as well.” I told them.

Edward glanced at Edelle. “What’s your power?”

Edward’s POV

I stared at my daughter, who was staring at me with almost a smirk on her face. Emmett noticed the look too. “She’s not going to tell you, is she?” He crowed. Jacob set Renesmee down with the toys and sat down beside her.

Sure she will, won’t you Edelle?” I coaxed and she gave me this look.

Daddy, can’t you tell what my power is? I mean, you just saw it happen. She thought to herself. Strange, that she knows my power. I narrowed my eyes slightly at her.

“Exactly, I’m your father. Yet I still don’t know how you can turn your shield off and on so quickly.” I said and Emmett looked at her, confused.

“Is she talking to you in your thoughts too?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No, she’s just thinking it. That’s all.” I said frowning. Why won’t she let me know her power? She’s even keeping it away from me in her thoughts, not thinking about it at all. “How come you aren’t thinking it about either Edelle?”

I don’t know what happened Daddy. I really don’t. She thought then looked at Renesmee, who was playing on the ground with a toy seeming disinterested, but really she was very in tuned with the conversation. Renesmee reached up and I pulled her up as well into my arms. She placed her hand on my face, even though I could read her thoughts anyway. She was worried about why Esme’s face looked like she was scared awhile ago.

“She wasn’t scared Renesmee, she was surprised.” I said and she smiled in satisfaction. Jacob started showing her one of the toys and she got distracted. She reached for him so I placed her carefully on the ground. I gave my other daughter to Esme.

“She’s hungry.” I muttered then headed back upstairs, back to Bella who I can at least understand most of the time.
I sat back down in my chair and put my hand back in Bella’s. “Sorry for leaving Bella. It seems that our daughters are more powerful than I thought. Renesmee has the gift of showing everyone her thoughts through pictures, or it’s almost like a silent video. But you get her feelings behind it. And Edelle…” I paused, mulling it over.

“I don’t think even she knows her power. Esme says that she was speaking to her in her mind, but at the same time I suddenly couldn’t hear Edelle’s thoughts. It made me a little worried.” I said nonchalantly. I gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Please wake up soon darling. I can’t stand this anymore, just seeing you still.”

Esme came upstairs, but her thoughts were hesitant. I called her in. “Did Edelle talk to you again in your mind Esme?”

She shook her head. “No, but it shocked me a little Edward. It was almost like it was my own thoughts, it was so subtle. The only reason why I didn’t think it was my own thoughts is that I’m not hungry, and I wouldn’t say my name like that.”

I nodded. “What worries me is I couldn’t tell the difference. I didn’t even hear that thought enter your mind.”

Esme’s face showed her concentration. “Do you think that’s her only power? Your power and Renesmee’s combined, then Bella’s on top of that?”

I shrugged, trying to go for an unworried facial expression but failing miserably. “I don’t really know.”

Carlisle came into the room, his thoughts telling me he heard about what happened. “I need to measure the girls again, where are they?”

“Downstairs with the Jacob, Emmett and Jasper,” Esme spoke lightly. I turned to her with alarm.

“Why are they with the guys?”

“The girls decided that it’d be best to have a room ready for them for when Bella wakes up.” Esme replied then turned away slightly, thinking about something unrelated.

“Why would they do that? Didn’t they think that maybe Bella wants to decorate the room herself?” I asked teasingly.

Esme smiled sadly. “What’s wrong Esme?”

“I’m just worried that’s all. They’re growing so quickly…” She said then turned to Carlisle. “How long until you have enough data to tell us how long we have with them?”

“A few months should be enough.” Carlisle took Esme’s hand. “It’ll be okay Esme. We’ll handle this like a family. We’ll help Bella and Edward out.”

“Thanks Carlisle.” I spoke warmly before they headed back downstairs. I turned to Bella’s still form. “Please hurry.”

Jasper’s POV

Carlisle came, measured the girls, and then left as quickly as he appeared. I stared at the girls, curious about their difference in feelings even though they were so young. Renesmee was feeling delighted, playing with Jacob even though she couldn’t walk or anything yet. Jacob was staring her with brotherly love as he did a bad imitation of Donald Duck as he made the stuffed duck walk across the floor. Edelle was playing with Emmett in a similar fashion, but I was getting feelings of melancholy from her. What does a day old baby have to be sad about? I was contemplating this as I watched them from the couch. Renesmee put her hand on Jacob’s face. He smiled at her then turned to me.

“Can you get Renesmee a bottle of…blood Jasper?” He asked and I stood up, starting to head towards the kitchen.

“Don’t take a sip yourself Jasper!” Emmett joked before playing with Edelle again. She reached for the rattle and started bonking it on Emmett’s head.

“That’s right Edelle, hit him for me.” I said with a smile. I got a bottle for Renesmee and gave it to Jacob so he could feed her.

“Here you go Nessie.” He said gently and started feeding her.

“Nessie?” I asked skeptically.

“Yeah, Renesmee takes too long to say.” Jacob said absentmindedly. Emmett turned to me and grinned.

“Want to make a bet Jasper?” He asked innocently. I smiled, figuring where this will go.

“Alright. What is it this time that you want to lose at?” I said with a slight tinge of evil in my smile. Emmett didn’t notice.

“Bet is if Bella will immediately go for Jacob’s throat when she finds out he imprinted on Renesmee.”

“You’re on. I don’t think she’ll kill him immediately. Bella had a strange affection for her dog as a human. Surely those feelings won’t go to waste.” I said then shook Emmett’s hand. I sat back on the couch and was contemplating on whether Alice would know the outlook or not, considering it was about Jacob. I suddenly got a thought completely unrelated. I wonder if Edelle is hungry.

I looked at Edelle. “Are you hungry Edelle?” She smirked and gave me a slight nod. I got up and paused. Her feelings were very smug. Very very smug. I looked at her. “Did you just give me a thought?” I asked and she gave me an expression of childish innocence that was completely against her feelings.

“Edelle, how did that happen?” I asked and she shrugged lightly, which was a little strange seeing a baby that could do that. I zeroed in on what was on her hand. A rattle. The rattle that was in her hand when Esme said she got the strange thoughts. Edward said he couldn’t hear Edelle’s thoughts after she dropped the rattle. “What does a rattle have to do with your power?” I asked her, feeling a little bit silly that I’m expecting an answer from a child, a baby. She gave me this too innocent look, and then dropped the rattle.
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Chapter Six (Rosalie’s POV)

Alice and I finally decided on a room theme that satisfied both our fashion senses. Or rather, we did a compromise. I get to do Renesmee’s room and she’ll do Edelle’s. Alice called a contractor to come and add a room to the small cottage. Telling him a hefty bonus will be added on if he’s done in a day. She said the bonus would lower each day. Then she went on her laptop so she could go on her favourite furniture website. She spent a few moments on it, her fingers flying on the keyboard. Then she let a satisfied smile and looked at me.

“Do you need the computer?” She asked and I shook my head.

“That’s okay. I’ll do it at home, so I can be near the girls while I do it.” I said and we both went quiet. As we started walking towards the house Alice began to let out frustrated sighs.

“This isn’t right! That I can’t even know if my own nieces will survive or not. It totally sucks.” She said with a pout. “I can’t see their future at all and I don’t try to attempt it anymore. I need my sanity too much.”

The little amount she does have. “Well, I guess now we know how mere mortals feel about their own kids.” I told her. She nodded. We got to the house just in time to hear Jasper coaxing Edelle.

“Come on Edelle. Just one try.” He pleaded as we came through the door. He looked at us with relief. “Maybe she’ll talk to you guys better.”

I stared at him skeptically. “She’s a baby Jasper. She… can’t… talk… yet.” I emphasized and he shook his head.

“She can…if she just picked up the damn rattle.” He muttered. We stared at him in shock. He stared back defensively. “What?”

“Don’t you know that babies pick up bad habits?” Jacob said, covering Renesmee’s ears. I smiled.

“Sorry Jasper, have to agree with him for once. Babies pick up bad habits rather quickly, since they’re learning.”

Jasper scoffed at our concern lightly. “Please. She won’t say damn just because I said it.”

I looked at Alice, hoping that she’ll beat her hubby senseless, but she had a confused look on her face. “So what’s so important about the rattle?” She asked Jasper, who then focused on Edelle.

“The only time her power worked when she was playing with the rattle.” Jasper explained. “I’m curious why though.”

Alice shrugged and had an expression of bitterness on her face. “Well I can’t tell you because I can’t see them.”

“Alice, cry an imaginary river since you can’t actually cry, build me a bridge in thirty seconds flat outside, and get over it with a flip in the air.” Emmett said from the couch. I laughed quietly. Only Emmett would dare say that to Alice. Though,
Alice wasn’t really listening since she had picked up the rattle and was studying it. She then shrugged and handed it to
Edelle, who took it but didn’t shake it. Jasper stared at the exchanged with a surprised expression.

“Well, if she doesn’t want to show us, she doesn’t have to. Just let her play.” She scolded Jasper. Edelle smiled when she heard that and started shaking the rattle. Really loudly. So she’s a baby that doesn’t like being told what to do…I wonder where she got that from. I thought with a little smile on my face.

Who’d I get that from Rosalie? I heard the question in my head. No wonder Esme was so shocked. I almost thought it was my own thought, until she said my name.

“Bella sweetie. She didn’t like us telling her what to do. Even though it was for her own protection. Normally she just ignores Edward and Jacob anyway.” I said with a loving smile.

“Is she talking to you Rose?” Emmett asked and I nodded, a big grin bursting on my face. This little child has an amazing gift.

Why thank you. I froze.

Edelle…can you hear my thoughts? I asked Edelle, staring straight at her. She suddenly got very preoccupied with shaking the rattle. Edelle, can you tell me how your power works please?

Well…I think it works like…She started in my head, but she was interrupted by Jasper asking her,

“Can you use your power on me Edelle? I want to know how it works.” Jasper pleaded and she got this little smirk on her face.

He didn’t say please Rosalie. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say? I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling.

Soon after Jasper gave Edelle a rather strange look. “What’s wrong Jasper?” I asked innocently, knowing she said something to him, but not knowing what. He gave me a sheepish look.

“Nothing.” He muttered, and then winced. Edelle was looking at him with a rather angry look. I can only imagine what was going through Jasper’s mind. “Come Edelle! Cut it out! That’s mean. Besides, I can read your emotions, so you don’t have to get all mad at me in my mind. It’s confusing me.” Edelle calmed down. She probably asked a silent question because
he nodded. “Yeah, that’s my power. I can manipulate emotions.”

She calmed down, but I still wanted to know what she said. “What did she say to your before Jasper?”

“Nothing!” Jasper said so I knelt down so I could be eye level with Edelle.

“Edelle, sweetie, can you tell me what you said to Uncle Jasper, please?” I asked. She smiled and looked around the room. Jacob was playing with Renesmee, totally occupied. I noticed a sad smile go on Edelle’s face for a millisecond,
and then disappear. Alice and Jasper were staring at Edelle like she was the most fascinating thing in the room. She then focused her attention on me. She gave me a meaningful look. Emmett was looking at the television set, growling under his breath as his favourite team fumbled the ball.

Rosalie, first I told him to say please, please. I laughed out loud, causing Alice and Jacob to look at me weird. Edelle continued in my mind, Then I was mad at him for lying to you, so I just said Damn it! A few times in his head.

I shook my head at her, hiding my smile well, though I knew she could hear my thoughts. “Sweetie, that’s a bad word. Just because you hear Jasper’s use it, doesn’t mean you can.”

But that word is going through Emmett’s mind too! By the way what does the word fu—“

“Edelle! Don’t say that word!” I said sharply, causing her lower lip to tremble slightly. I relaxed and picked her up. “Sorry sweetie, it’s just that that is a very crude word that will make me hit Emmett across the head in a few moments.”

Sweet! I wasn’t sure if that was her thought, or mine. I shifted Edelle to my one hip so I had my hand free. I walked over to Emmett, leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Good job on keeping the swearing in your head.” I said, knowing he used to always swear every moment of the day when he was human. He gave me a wide smile. Then I slapped him across the head.

“What was that for Rose?” He asked, rubbing his head. I shook my head.

“That was for swearing in your head.” I said, causing him to have a very cute confused expression on his face. “Edelle can hear your thoughts Emmett.”

He froze and stared at Edelle for a few moments. She then smirked and she fluttered her eyelashes innocently. He went still. I didn’t want to know what interaction was happening, figuring it had something about Emmet pleading Edelle to not tell me something, so I focused my attention elsewhere.

“Hey Carlisle!” I called to upstairs. “Edelle’s using her power right now! We need some help figuring it out!”

Carlisle came down; his face looking slightly tired, if that was possible for a vampire. “Yes, Edward hasn’t heard her thoughts for a few minutes now. He just won’t leave Bella’s side.”

“Alright, well. Here’s Edelle.” I said handing him the baby. “So far we’ve figured out she can place thoughts in your head, read your present thoughts, and hide her thoughts. But this only happens when she has the rattle in her hand. Enjoy and excuse me. I have someone’s room to order things for.”

I then flitted to the computer, going on a website that had adorable furniture, but could still be liked for a long time. Some kid furniture just looked silly after a little while. Though how long these kids are going to stay kids was beyond me. I could only hope that they have longer then Carlisle suspects or I’ll be very sad. I mean, there are finally babies in the house and they may die in a few years? Terrible. I found a bed that I thought would be perfect for Renesmee and ordered one.

Edelle’s POV

Carlisle brought me up to his office. It had some pretty pictures on the wall. He sat in his chair and placed me on his lap. He had asked for the rattle and since he said please I gave it to him. I also gave it to him because he’s my grandpa and I thought it’d be respectful to listen to him.

“Now Edelle, do you want me to help you figure out your power?” He asked, handing the rattle to me. More like he wants to know about my power. I already figured out how my power works. I mean, I know my own power works. Just like
Renesmee knows about her power. She and I were having a little conversation in our head about it while Jasper was trying to get information from me in a rather rude way. She wasn’t as occupied with Jacob as everyone thought.

I grabbed the rattle and started shaking it lightly, almost too quiet for Carlisle to hear. Instantly I got everyone’s thoughts in the house. It was kind of sad actually. Jacob was worrying about Renesmee, wondering if he imprinted on her just to make the few years she’s alive more happy. Rosalie was concentrating on Renesmee’s room, but her thoughts kept fleeting back to me. Some were humorous thoughts, others not so much. She too, was thinking that we were going to die soon.

Emmett and Jasper were completely concentrated on the game they were watching. Only occasionally would their thoughts flit to their wives, and it was kind of strange thoughts too. Alice was thinking about my room and how ‘cute’ it will look. I’m a little worried about what my room will look like. But if I don’t like it I can just tell Rosalie and she’ll switch it for me. Esme was gardening outside, but at the same time stressing about Renesmee and I.

Daddy was completely worried about Mommy, but he was also worrying about why he couldn’t hear my thoughts. Like how he didn’t know how to deal with two girls who are clear of thoughts…to him anyway. Maybe he relies on that power of his a little too much. I didn’t understand him though. How he couldn’t read mommy’s thoughts right now. I could read hers fine, though there wasn’t much to read. She was in pain right now, like she was burning alive. I figure this is what Daddy was worrying about.

“Edelle?” Carlisle said my name, bringing me to his thoughts. All he was worrying about is my age and how long I’ll have. “Do you want to use your power now?”

Little does he know that I’ve been using it this whole time. I sent him a thought though. Am I going to die?

He blinked in surprise. Right, he hasn’t heard my power yet. “Did you send me that thought Edelle?”

Yes. Grandpa, am I going to die? I asked and his thoughts were everywhere all of a sudden, trying to figure out what he’s going to say.

“I don’t really know Edelle. I hope not.” He said with a slight smile, but his eyes were tightened with worry. He smiled and decided to concentrate on figuring out how to stop the growth so quickly…if there was a way. “So what do you know about your power?”

I decided to tell him what everyone else knows. Keep it a surprise for later…for when I can walk or even talk. Once I’ve grown enough. I can read your thoughts and place thoughts in your head. I can also hide my thoughts. That’s all I really know Grandpa.

“Alright. So your power is just in the mind. Nothing physical, but why do you need to play with a rattle to make it work?” He mused out loud. I decided to use this to my advantage, for reasons I didn’t know quite yet.

I think that the rattle just helps me focus, letting me focus enough to hide my thoughts.

“So you can hear thoughts when you don’t have the rattle in your hand?”

I couldn’t lie to him. No I can’t.

“Alright Edelle, who’s thoughts can you hear right now? Like, how far can your power go?”

I concentrated on just hearing people’s thoughts. I could hear stranger’s thoughts, but didn’t know how far away they were. I don’t really know. I can hear other people’s thoughts then people in this house though.

“So you have quite a bit of distance. This house is a little away from civilization.” Carlisle said with a smile. I smiled back.

Can I go play with Nessie now?

“Who’s Nessie?” Carlisle asked, his eyebrow crinkled with confusion.

Renesmee. Nessie is Jacob’s nickname for her.

“Ah. Well let’s go.” He was about to take me downstairs when Edward called his name. We went into the room where Bella was, I winced inwardly from the thoughts of pain coming from her. “Yes Edward? What do you need?”

Edward focused his attention on the rattle. “Do you mind not letting her have that? It’s frustrating me I can’t hear her thoughts.

I scowled. So just because he doesn’t like not hearing my thoughts means I can’t use my power? I tightened my grip on the rattle and Edward noticed.

“Sorry Edelle, I just worry that I can’t find you by your thoughts. It makes me a little concerned.” He said with a crooked grin that makes him look a little silly. I frowned. What’s my scent for if he doesn’t use it to find me? But I reluctantly let Carlisle take the rattle. I was instantly in quiet. Only able to hear my own thoughts. Edward smiled at me.

“Thank you Edelle.” He said then tilted his head at me. “Can you hear other people’s thoughts right now?”

I did what I always do when I don’t have the rattle, I go baby on everyone. I closed my eyes, only thinking about how tired I am. It makes it so that even Daddy doesn’t know what I’m thinking.

“She’s tired Carlisle.”

“Alright, I’ll let someone else hold her during that time, so I can concentrate on researching.”

“Have you heard of cases like this before Carlisle?” Edward asked with a tone that he already knows the answer.

“None. None at all.” Carlisle said. Great, Renesmee and I are freaks. I slowly drifted off to sleep on that thought. It strangely comforted me knowing that we are the only two people out there that are half vampire, half human.
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