The Twilight Saga

Ok, here's a fun one! Come up with something witty to complete the phrase, "You know you're a Twilight addict if . . . ."

Here's mine:

You bring up Twilight in everyday conversation!

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Your family thinks you talk about it to much
When somone tells you twilight is not real and you run to your room and start crying!
when you wish you was in the movie with them!!!!
You know you're a TWILIGHT ADDICT if you make out with your twilight posters of Edward (or whichever team you are)
If someone says "Edward", "Sparkles", "Twilight" or anything else related you're head snaps up and you go "WHERE?!"
If your friends loved twilight, before you got addicted.
If you have at least one piece of twilight jewlery.
If you write fanfictions to keep you entertained.
If you rename yourself "Mrs Cullen".
If everybody in your class knows your addicted.
If you have to be held back after somebody insults twilight (or Edward in my case).

This has all happened to me. My friends don't touch my twilight stuff because more often than not it's Edward and it has been kissed, my head snaps up at the mere mention of SPARKLES, and I had three girls holding me back after one of my friends insulted Edward Cullen. I thrashed around, I (apparently) snarled (which I don't remember doing :S), I tried to bite them... I wasn't REALLY going to hurt her...!
when somone says jacob oir edward u say "where?"
Anytime you hear someone say a word from Twilight you smile.
When you're reading something else, anytime you see a word from Twilight you smile
You're first in line at the midnight premiers...because you camped there for 3 days
You name your kids after characters in Twilight
When you play games about Twilight (hehehe)
You know you are a Twilight addict when you do a Twilight themed tree with handmade ornaments and you make your own Twilight themed Christmas cards. They don't sell them so I made my own cards to give out. I also put quotes on the cards. I keep the books by my bed and read them over and over. I just finished New Moon again and am starting Eclipse.I have l;ost track of how many times I've read the books. Also I have made a cd with over a thousand pictures on it.
your dream bout your faves every night and has walls covered in them
if you here the name victoria on tv and quikly sit up! ( that just happened to me!)
You keep dreaming about Twilight and telling everyone about it
someone tells you Edward is dead and you start screaming in agony!
when you have team edward t-shirt, 2 new moon t-shirts, twilight t-shirt, the twilight and new moon soundtracks, new moon bag, new moon badges, team edward key ring, twilight, new moon, eclipse on dvd, all 4 twilight saga books


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