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What if Jacob went away with Leah as they thought of when he found out about Bella being pregnant? And he of course wouldn't have imprinted on Renesmee. What would have happened between Leah and Jake? Would they have fallen in love? Imprinted? Or just be friends?......... Find it out, at least, as how I thought it:)

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The Change. My one-shot story. Of how would have Edward changed Bella into a vampire if Renesmee didn't exist. Here is the story. (I'm planning to do an Edward's POV of the situation later.) Please read and tell me what you think!!!
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Love… Is it magic? Is it a way to pass through a path in the best way possible? Does love worth enough as to endure any pain, any situation? Yes it does.

Chapter 1 - Awkward.

Jacob’s POV

Jeez Leah, stop with that! You are giving me a headache with all those bitter thoughts! Put yourself together, woman. I thought as clear as possible for her to understand my message.

Being in werewolf form sure had it disadvantages when it was about doing it with Leah… No matter how hard she tried not to, Sam’s memories always strained to her mind and with that, those unbearable thoughts…

Oh, look who is talking! The one that was whining for months about that stupid girl, ha!

Ouch. That hurt. I couldn’t help myself and memories of B-- her, -I couldn’t even thought of her name clearly- starting emerging from a corner of my mind I didn’t allow myself to enter usually… It was too painful, too dark.

Sorry Jake, I didn’t mean it, really. She thought regretfully, after sensing my anguish mood.

Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry, I deserved it… Are we running or what? I asked with indifferent tone, didn’t need to keep thinking about it.

I shut really firmly that corner of my mind; I wasn’t planning on going back there any time soon, though my dreams were…

You know it! She grinned in her head.

We started running through the woods of some random place, letting our animalistic instincts surround us… That was what we were up to at this time… Running, worrying about nothing, trying not to think about the problems our past lives held…. Trying to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Living with Leah, if it could be called like that, wasn’t difficult at all, in fact sometimes it was almost enjoyable. Well, the times when she wasn’t a pain in the ass, at least.
We complemented each other well, we could give each other the room we needed and the silences that held our ‘conversations’ weren’t awkward at all, they were those peaceful, necessary kind of silences, the ones you can have with someone you know and trust.

I race you to the edge of that mountain! She said anxious, pointing with her black snout to a very distant place, in the end of a mountain, easy 10 miles away.

Don’t even bother baby, you know I’ll beat you! I chuckled and started running to the goal.

Don’t you dare calling me baby again! She growled and started running too.

I laughed loudly. I had to admit sometimes I did make her feel pissed on purpose, it was too funny.

In a couple of minutes we were already only one mile away, I was at the head; she was just some feet behind me. Her thoughts only focused on the finishing line, competitively programmed.

Suddenly, when I was just a foot from the finish, her thoughts changed, and she howled loudly.

When I looked back, I saw her lying in the floor, without moving. I panicked, and went as fast as possible to her side. I started shaking her with my snout, Leah, Leah you 'ok?!
After some seconds, she opened her eyes.

Haha, tricked you! She laughed, standing up and reaching to the goal.

I win, I win, I win! She started to jump up and down, grinning hugely. Jeez, she sometimes was a child…

Oh, come on! You can’t be serious, that can’t be call ‘winning’ you totally cheated! I grumbled. And besides, you can’t do that to me! I thought something bad had happened to you, jeez… I complained, shaking my head.

Aww, poor Jakey-baby was worried? She teased with a mother like tone, laughing. I’m all over you! She kept dancing on the spot.

That did it. I wasn’t letting her win, not after she called me like that… I was too haughty.

So I tried to think about the most random thing at that moment – so as it would be unexpected – and just lunge myself over her, bringing her down, me over her.

Ha! Who is over whom now, ha? I bragged, snob like tone.

And we just stayed there, like that; one over the other… Eyeing each other weirdly, with blurred thoughts.

When suddenly her thoughts were clear again.

Hmph… get off me, you mutt! She snapped, pulling me off her and standing up in a second.

Yeah, hmm, sorry… I said awkwardly.

What on earth did just happen?

I think I want to run alone for a while. See you in a couple of hours…

And with that she left, leaving me with a big mess in my head. Not risking about her listening to my not-so-tidy thoughts, I phased back, lied on the floor with my hands over my head, thinking….

PS: my first language is spanish, so sorry for the mistakes :D

CHAPTERS: (To read the Chap. just click on it!)

Chapter 1 - Awkward main page
Chapter 2 - OK
Chapter 3 - Dreaming
Chapter 4 - Lift
Chapter 5 - Oops!
Chapter 6 - Mexico City
Chapter 7 - Flour
Chapter 8 - Hero Chapter 8 - Hero (edited)
Chapter 9 - 'Vive la Vida' (Part 1)
Chapter 9 - 'Vive la Vida' (Part 2) Chapter 9 - 'Vive la Vida' (Part 2) (edited)
Chapter 10 - Unexpectedly... expected
Chapter 11 - 'Month-versary' (Part 1)
Chapter 11 - 'Month-versary' (Part 2)
Chapter 12 - Words with J and re-J (part 1)

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