The Twilight Saga

This fan fic is about a different Bella and our same old Edward but Bella's life holds more secret than she can imagine and even more than Edward's. She'll have to learn that she has no choice but what happens when her only choice forces her to give her back to the people that had always been there for her? Will she do it? Or she'll pretend like if nothing happened and go back to her previous life?


I’d thought I wouldn’t have to see him ever again. I had ran away from this place months ago, but it seems like its been years. Suddenly I don’t understand anything, I feel out of place. Wonder why . . .?
Oh, yeah! That’s right. It’s because apparently nobody here is entirely human.
Here am I, stuck as always. But this time is different. Because on one side I’d have to leave everything and on the other I’ll keep everything, but I’ll never be able to see things like I saw them before, not after what I’ve seen. A darker side of the world and I’ve found Edward. No matter what I won’t ever ever forget him.









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I like this idea!!
Thanks I´m glad you like it
i cant wait to see how it turns out!
post more when you can!
please keept me updated!
Sounds Good! Update soon.. :)
You should continue this. Really good.
I will post something between saturday and sunday

I am glad you like it
Love Gigi
Í´m really sorry I kept you waiting so long but here´s chapter 1

Chapter 1: Memories BPOV
I woke up really early, it wasn´t even dawn yet.I looked for the clock, 4:00 am 6/17/09 it said. that made sense, exactly today 8 years ago, in this same our was the last time I ever saw my mom. since then 2 images had stuck in my mind, both so different and painful to remember. One was a normal and caring mom, the other was tecnically a strangeer, red-eyed, cold and with an emotionless face.
All my life I´ve wondered what happened. The last time I saw her before she changed was the 1st day of my final tests when I was in 2nd grade

#here she is remembering
``I awoke late that day. I had school and I had fallen asleep studying. Renee to me to school and then went to pick me up after it and we went home. She had to go out and I stayed home studying. Then night went by and Renee didn´t come, so I went to sleep.
In the morning, she wasn´t at home, so I went to school on my own. She didn´t come to pick me up, so I went home alone. She still wasn´t there. I was so worried about exams that I barely noticed her abscense. The finals week passed and I never saw her.
Friday was my last school day, in the afternoon, when I realized I hadn´t seen Renee in a complete week, I freaked out. I was about to call the police when I found a note.
It said:

Sorry I´m not home, don´t worry I´m fine. I need you to do something, please make your bags we are going to visit

Love, Mom.

I did what she told me to. I made my bags and then went to sleep. When I woke up, she still wasn´t there. I went to get some breakfast, redid my bags. I was really nervous, because I didn´t understand what was going on. I tried to read a book, but I couldn´t concentrate on it. Tried to watch TV and I fell asleep.
It was hot; a common weather for Phoenix, but it wasn´t the heat that woke me up. I was a hard and cold touch.
``Bella?`` I heard a voice say.
Then I saw her. It was Renee. Or she looked like. She was so different. She looked much paler and cold-skinnnd and it looked like if she was holding her breath. What was shocking were her crimson red eyes, whose color was noticeable even in the darkness.
``Mom?`` I asked unsure.
``Yes, hon, it´s me`` she sounded relieved
Relieved? About what? Me? . . .
``You OK?``
``Yes, sweetie I´m fine`` she sounded sad
``Baby, it´s time to go`` Damn!
``Ìt´s late`` I complained, I wanted to be alone with her no matter the changes, but she looked like she waqs trying to put as much distance between us as possible. Why???
``You´ll sleep on the plane``
I got up and we went to the airport. It was dark, all the way there. No idea of the time.
In the plane,I feel asleep in the cold embrace of whom I thought my mom. It was strange, though I knew the cold touch should frighten me, I felt as if I was home.
While sleeping I began to feel as if I was being carried, taken out in the cold and the moved really fast through a cold wind. But I was too tired to even open my eyes to see what was going on. I hadn´t sleep deeply in weeks and now I felt safe and I was at ease. But something just didn´t fit, Why was Renee so eager for me to go with Charlie?
After some time I began to notice the wind was slowing and minutes later I felt my mom lay me on a bed.
I opened my eyes. Wow!!!!! It was my room in Forks.
I looked for the clock. ¨3:58 am 6/17/01 it said. I looked for the door. Renee vwas standing by it and her face only reflected pain. We stared at each other for about 2 minutes.
In the second the clock showed it was 4:00 am, my mom moved behind the door closing it.
And that was the last time I ever saw he`````

# end of the memory

``Bella?```Jacob asked.

#Í´m really sorry for all the errors, it´s just that my native language isn´t english, hope you like it.
Thanks I´ll post in a while I was checking chapter 2 and I´m rewriting it
Any way and please read carefully because at some point I´m gonna put questions and according to your answers the story will change course
Si te entienden vos no te procupes ;)
Um I know is a little early to ask this but I have a question:;

A human Edward or a vampire Edward?

all types of answers welcome, but you have to tell me why


I think he should be a vamp. And I hope you post more soon, this is good!!!!
oh and I think he should be a vamp because that always makes the stories more interesting... to me anyway


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