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This fan fic is about a different Bella and our same old Edward but Bella's life holds more secret than she can imagine and even more than Edward's. She'll have to learn that she has no choice but what happens when her only choice forces her to give her back to the people that had always been there for her? Will she do it? Or she'll pretend like if nothing happened and go back to her previous life?


I’d thought I wouldn’t have to see him ever again. I had ran away from this place months ago, but it seems like its been years. Suddenly I don’t understand anything, I feel out of place. Wonder why . . .?
Oh, yeah! That’s right. It’s because apparently nobody here is entirely human.
Here am I, stuck as always. But this time is different. Because on one side I’d have to leave everything and on the other I’ll keep everything, but I’ll never be able to see things like I saw them before, not after what I’ve seen. A darker side of the world and I’ve found Edward. No matter what I won’t ever ever forget him.









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I'm really glad you like it ♪♥Claire De-lune♥ ツ!!!!!!


I gottta go later I'll post chapter 4

Chapter 4: Time

That night I couldn’t sleep so I went over thinking about my life.
I noticed that most of the memories that had to do with my mom were hard to see, they looked dim, because I was little and those memories fade really easily, it was surprising to even see them. I also saw time over time the people I love go away, first Renee, then Charlie and Rebecca and Rachel.
A thought that had gone through my mind earlier in the night came back to me: I CAN’T LIVE WITH JACOB AND BILLY WITHOUT RACHEL AND REBECCA. What’s left for me to do? Move back to Forks? Maybe. The thought was repeating itself in my head louder and louder the most I tried to ignore it. So could I live with Jacob and Billy? No! As much as I love them but Billy remembers me too much about Charlie even without wanting to and…………… well………… ‘Oh come on! Bella admit it! Jake is in love with you!’ A voice in my head said. So it’s defined I can’t stay in La Push after Rachel and Rebecca left. But where do I go? To Forks? ‘That’s probably the best optio, I mean I’m 16, in September I turn 17, I can drive, I can cook, I can even get a job,’ I thought.
But as soon as that thought ended, new questions came to my mind: ‘is it time?’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Why do you wanna inflict your self this kind of pain?’
Those questions sounded and sounded until I fell asleep. That night I had 2 very particular dreams. The 1st made me shiver in terror and the other was so sweet and lovely that I almost cried when I suddenly woke up.
In the first dream I was married with Jacob and had 3 sons.
In the second one I couldn’t see the face of who I thought was m husband. I only knew he was tall (a lot), pale, and had bronze colored hair. In my dream I also saw a little girl appear, she was pale, had chocolate-brown eyes and her hair was bronze and curly. She had run to me calling “Mommy, mommy!” I hugged her and then a pair of long, pale arms surrounded us. Then my husband said “My sweethearts” in a soft velvety voice that melted my heart. When I heard him speak I knew I was dreaming; there is no way a voice like that could exist in the real world.
I woke up suddenly but the dreams lingered in my mind. It was a little dark. I kept thinking about the dreams and suddenly realized that those dreams could be the consequences or results of the choice I had to make.
If I stayed I would probably end up in love with Jacob, then marry him and have a family with him.

If I left I would meet new people, start a new life, etc…………… and meet that awesome guy I dreamt with……… and love him ……………… and marry him ………………… and have a family with him ……………… WAIT!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!!!!!!!! HE PROBABLY DOESN’T EXIST!

I dropped that topic from my mind and started to think in whether or not leaving La Push and going to live to Forks. In the end the tentatively of finding out everything about my past, as much as Charlie’s and Renee’s disappearances, facing a brighter future than the one the menaced if I stayed in La Push.

Basically I was guiding myself with the dreams I had but still I felt them both so real, almost as visions of the future. But apart from that this was the right time for me to leave; I’m old enough so Billy wouldn’t have to worry if I considered killing myself (that I once did). I would even get a job to keep my head busy. So in the final decision is that I’m leaving La Push and going to live to Forks.
I knew the sacrifices of this decision, I’d have to enroll a new school, to make new friends, to face the dark and unknown past I had ran away from 4 years ago.

Now the thought I had pushed away before came back and stronger “…………… and meet that awesome guy I dreamt with……… and love him ……………… and marry him ………………… and have a family with him…………………………” “But what if he doesn’t exist?” Another voice in my head said. No, no, he………… h-h-he-he……………exists………h-h-he………… has to ………………exist…………
Thinking he doesn’t exist made me cry; I started crying helplessly. I didn’t understand why I felt like this. I was just a dream right?????? No!!!!!!!!!!! It has to happen!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t understand this feeling. It was like if I loved him and when thinking he doesn’t exist it’s like if he didn’t love me back. THIS IS SO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt a tad emotional so that's why she was crying, 

I hope you like it

I actually think is the best chapter until now.

i like it keep going


I'm writing ch 5 right now, I hope I can post it by tomorrow 

Love you!!!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy that you have responded so well to this fan fic, 'cooz there are best than this one, so if you like it it means a lot to me

this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sooo gud!!!!!!!!!!!   bt also sad :(

post more soon :)

HEy is you need someone to make you a banner i can do it. BTW i love this really great. Anyways all i need is...









Hey thanks but the problem is that my computer doesn't copy or paste pictures, so I have a hard time, I have done banners but the thing is that since I can't copy/paste the banner it's like I haven't done anything maybe I'll send you the links of some pictures I like in a message and your requirements for the banner and when I go back to school I'll paste it properly in the discusssion.


Thanks any way and I'm really happy you like it, makes me want to continue maybe later I'll post Ch, 5 

Oh My Goodness Gigi this is great! Please write more :) I like it a lot
Did Charlie become a vampire too? I'm pretty sure that Rene is one... o well I like it alot(=

Really??? I don't know how can you like it. It's fine to me, I'm killing the mood, wanna take the blame on someone blame my low self-steem. I'll post more tomorrow night it's just that I have to take care of 3 kids and no parents and I'm only 13 so I'll see when I can get time to write maybe when they're sleeping if I'm not too tired.


Yes Renee is a vampire. Charlie………… well Charlie……………… maybe …………………… maybe not………………

You'll find out eventually. 



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