The Twilight Saga

This fan fic is about a different Bella and our same old Edward but Bella's life holds more secret than she can imagine and even more than Edward's. She'll have to learn that she has no choice but what happens when her only choice forces her to give her back to the people that had always been there for her? Will she do it? Or she'll pretend like if nothing happened and go back to her previous life?


I’d thought I wouldn’t have to see him ever again. I had ran away from this place months ago, but it seems like its been years. Suddenly I don’t understand anything, I feel out of place. Wonder why . . .?
Oh, yeah! That’s right. It’s because apparently nobody here is entirely human.
Here am I, stuck as always. But this time is different. Because on one side I’d have to leave everything and on the other I’ll keep everything, but I’ll never be able to see things like I saw them before, not after what I’ve seen. A darker side of the world and I’ve found Edward. No matter what I won’t ever ever forget him.









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Chapter 5 Part 1
I had made my decision, but now the thing is how do I tell them? ‘Maybe the issue isn’t really telling them, maybe the issue is their reaction’ I thought. No, is the same thing but still what I fear the most is their reaction, mostly Jake’s because he is attached to me more then even Rachel and Rebecca together. I had always wondered if Jake sees me as something more than a friend but I would never ask him, because that would mean that I feel something for him; that I don’t. I wanted to voice this early, before I change my mind or before Rachel gets to feel guilty for leaving me with Jake and Billy and turns down her scholarship.
And that was so not happening, because suddenly I didn’t feel so happy about living in La Push, because I didn’t fit here, maybe I’ll fit in Forks but I doubt it since I’d never fitted anywhere.

Jacob POV
“So………………… Jake are you going to tell Bella you love her or not?” Embry said.
“I don’t love her, well not the way you mean it, and she’s just my friend?” I clarified
“Oh, yeah, I believe you,” he replied sarcastically, “bet Bella believes it too, c’mon on dude, what’s the worst thing that can happen?”
“Umm, I don’t know, rejection!” I told him.
“If she rejects you just say ‘it was a joke’ and it’s done!” he said looking at me as if I had lost my mind.
“You know what I will her, who minds the age difference right? I already look older than her,” I said confidently.

Rachel POV
“C’mon on Rebecca, you look beautiful, that’s the dress, buy it, I’m tired” I whined.
“I don’t know, it’s me, but what if Will doesn’t like it?” she asked me, truly worried.
“Becca, c’mon that guy thinks you look beautiful you even when you are in you P.J’s, he truly loves you, I’m sure he’ll love it” I said, assuring her that she looked beautiful, what I said was true, I had only seen Will twice and I could tell that he even adored the floor the walked through.
“I’ll take it!!!!” she said to the attendant that seemed to be enjoying of the dress chasing that had taken us all the morning.
“Ok, I’ll pack it for you” she said, taking the credit card Rebecca was handing her, as soon as she took of the dress and it was packed and paid for, we went straight back to La Push. We hated leaving Bella alone but we had to buy the dress as the wedding had to be before August; and Bella hated shopping, I did like d it but after today I doubt I’ll enjoy it as I used to, I’m more like the shopping book kind.

Rebecca POV
Rachel and I just finished dress shopping and we even got Bella’s dress for the wedding. I’m so happy I’m marrying Will that I could burst!!!!!!!!
On the way around I feel guilty for leaving Bella live alone with my dad and Jake, but I know she’s a smart girl and would perfectly know how to handle it.
Jake POV
Ok, here I go, I’m gonna tell Bella how I feel about her; I just hope she feels the same way about me. “If she reject you say ‘it’s a joke’” I had repeated those words in my mind a hundred times but I still wasn’t sure if I could handle her rejection. I walked the way from the beach to my house slowly, making myself strong and prepared for the worst. ………………………………………………………………………
God!!! Something happened to Bella I can feel it! It’s bad, and isn’t good. I was suddenly angry as I never felt in my life, I felt like there was a monster in me and that I couldn’t control it. I crumbled to the floor of the sudden pain and thought consuming rage I felt.

Rachel POV
The car ride was too long, I knew something was wrong with Bella and with Jake, both different but intertwined as they both were. I pressed the gas pedal harder, hurrying to La Push.
From the corner of my eye I saw Rachel look really unfocused, well focused but on something I couldn’t see, maybe she felt the same as I did but I couldn’t distract myself right now, I needed to get to La Push fast.

Rebecca POV
Jake and Bella are in trouble; I know it.
Jake is suffering and Bella is having an internal discussion that will put he life in serious danger.
Ugh!!!! I knew it, something bad was going to happen today, and I known it since the morning but as selfish as I am I ignored it just to look for my dress.
SELFISH!!!! My mind screamed at me.

Bella POV
Something bad happened to Jake, I know it!!!

A/N: So I’m sorry for the cliffhanger and having you guys waiting so much, but is that I wrote this chapter like 5 times and none of them seemed to work, but here is the one the made the story more interesting.
With Love, Gigi Cullen Rodriguez Pattinson.

Oh My Goddess Gigi this is great! Please up date me some more


Did Jake turn into a werewolf now?

How will Bella react to it?

*Screaming and running around in circles* SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!

Please write more soon! XD

ahh!!! post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!
I'm really happy that you like it!!!!! I will, maybe tomorrow night.

Yeah, I'll TRY to post soon, but I have some personal issues to attend, so I'll see I don't want my mood to mess with the chapter.


Chapter 5 part 2




Jake POV

……………………………………………………………………My mind went black for a lot of time, I couldn’t think through the consuming rage I felt but after a while it started to fade.

After I felt really tired, so I just continued walking the rest of the way back home, when I got to the house I notice Bella was sitting in the couch with a worried look plain in her face. I entered the house
and Bells didn’t even move, she was staring deeply into nothing, thinking, well
worrying actually.


She didn’t respond nor move, as if she didn’t hear me.

“Bells,” I said louder. Again nothing. I was getting suddenly angry again.

*eidted by mod*!!!!! Not again!!!!!

“Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, I don’t know what took off me at that moment, I get angry with Bella but I never did screamed at her, ever.

“What????” she asked, obviously startled by my behavior.

“Sorry, I was calling your name and you didn’t answer so I thought you were ignoring me,” I half-lied, I was still angry but I could think through my anger enough to formulate a convincing lie, barely.

“Oh!!!!!! Are you okay???” she asked.


“Why?” I asked clueless.

“You look tired,” she said as she came closer and touched my forehead, “and I think you have a fever.”

“I feel tired, I’m gonna go to sleep,” I said, as my eyelids felt heavy as he**.

“Ok, call me if you need anything,”

“Sure,” I replied as I walked to my room. As soon as my head touched the pillow I was out.


Bella POV

Jake doesn’t seem like himself today. He had a great fever, but Jake has always had a slightly higher temperature than the rest of us, so I shouldn’t worry so much, but I still do. What could have
happened? Well I guess I have to wait till he looks better to tell everybody
that I’m leaving La Push.

I was deep thinking in my room when I heard Rebecca calling my name, well more kinda screaming.

“What’s wrong??” I asked; I know the house isn’t that small, but not big enough for me not to hear if she was calling me in a NORMAL VOICE VOLUME.

“Are you ok?” se asked breathless when she saw me.

“Yeeeeaaaaah, why?” I was more than lost in what she meant, why wouldn’t I be ok?

“Is that……… I ……………… we……………” she was like scared but at the time was relieved.

Ok, maybe the stress of the wedding it’s paying it’s price in her sanity.

“So……………………?” I prompted

”No, nothing, don’t worry, maybe I’m just stressed” she said.

Rachel was looking at me worriedly but didn’t say a thing; she was just standing behind Rebecca.

After the strange incident, nobody spoke, so I just went to my room.

I was tired, and I needed all my energy to leave and to help Rebecca with her wedding, yes I’m moving to Forks even before Becca’s wedding, there’s something in La Push that it’s making me want to go
and never return.


Jake’s POV

By the time I woke up it was really dark, strange I usually don’t sleep that much during the day, but it was that strange dream I had what had make me wake up.




I was walking around First beach when I sensed a sweet but at the time repulsing smell. Seconds later I saw them, they were 3 human looking people but if you looked closer they could easily get scared yet attracted to
them, to normal people but not to me. I knew they were dangerous and I was
ready to attacked as soon as they moved even an inch. I examined each of their
features closer, they all looked the same, pale-white and perfect skin, red
eyes, and even if were where meters apart I could sense the coldness that came
from their skin, even worst than ice itself. They were perfect, too perfect to
be human, too perfect to be a dream, they could only belong to nightmare,
creatures that only appeared in the most dark and terrifying myths. Suddenly a
name for them appeared: VAMPIRES; creatures of the night who enjoy hunting and
playing with their prey. And their pray were humans, unlucky and stupid humans
who led the fascination for their perfection win over their sense of danger.

All of he sudden I saw the 3 vampires move towards me, I froze but they passed by me as if I wasn’t there, so I turned around and saw Bella walking towards them, obviously not aware of the danger they presented. Then I
really saw her, Bella was as pale as them and had the same red eyes.
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.

They all turned to look at me and said in unison,


“Bella………… how………… why……… I love you,” I stuttered. Damn it! What I wanted to say was: Bella? How did this happen? Why are you like this? Why did you do it if you knew I love you?

“Would you make yourself clear please?” she said coldly, without emotion in her voice.

One of the vampires growled. I think I heard Bella say ‘calm down, you’re the only one I’ll ever want’ to him.

“Why did you do this?” I whispered; trying to sound confident but my heart was shattered in a million pieces.

“Because is the only way I can be happy Jake,” she said, but her voice, the expression of her face, made her look so human, like the girl I fell in love with, my best friend.

But then everything changed, I only felt hatred towards her and I was going to attack her…………………




When I woke up I was scared that I was able to feel that way toward Bella, I was suddenly scared I might hurt her if I got angry with her. I look at the clock 11 pm, well probably everybody is already
asleep but I need to talk to my dad. I came out of my room and got in my dad’s.

“Dad??” I whispered when I got in his room.

“Yes? Do you need anything Jake?” Um… weird he wasn’t asleep yet. Does he know? No, I doubt it!

“Um, I wanted to talk to you about something that happened today?” I know it sounded more like a question, but I wasn’t sure of what had happened to me so better like that.

A frown appeared on my dad’s face and his voice turned serious.

“Ok, tell Me.” his voice sounded like when he’s telling the Quileute legends.

“Today like around noon, I was in First Beach, I was like discussing something with Embry and then I decided to come home, to tell Bella something and like in the middle of everything I felt like if
something happened to her, and you know that I get really angry if she’s hurt
or something, but it was different because I couldn’t even think through the
rage I felt and I even crumbled to the floor in a pain that came out of
nowhere, I also like felt like I was getting a fever but it passed. Then when I
got here Bella was like spacing out (other words for deep thinking or day
dreaming) and didn’t listen to me, and I was angry again, I fell like I was
gonna lose it and hurt her, and I yelled at her, but then I was able to think
so I just went to sleep.

I dreamt about some vampires and Bella becoming one and she was like the mate of one of them and when I was going to attack her I woke up.

Dad please, I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I don’t want to hurt Bella”

“Ok, first relax, it’s just beginning,” he coldly stated.

“Excuse me? ‘It’s just beginning’ what is that supposed to mean? That one day I’ll snap and hurt by best friend?”  I demanded making air quotes with my hands.

“Not exactly……………… but maybe………………” he said.

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!” I was furious, good Bella wasn’t here this time but I can’t hurt my dad.

“Jacob Ephraim Black calm down!!” My dad ordered, but it was different because normally I could have ignored it but I just couldn’t, something inside me did exactly as I was told.

“How did you do that?” I asked once I had calmed down.

“Do you remember all those stories, about our ancestors, the cold ones?”

“Yeah, like we supposedly descend from werewolves, us being shape shifters, vampires, the treaty with the yellow eyed vampires? All of those” I said

“Yeah, well they are all true, and from what you have told me, you have the gene,” he stated

“So that means someday I’ll become a werewolf?” I asked, it sounded cool, a lot actually.

“Yeah, but……………” uh oh, that’s not good, “but you can’t tell Bella, she most never see you change form, nor you sisters, well nobody that’s not part of the pack or an elder can know, and you most not be
near humans too much, since you will get angry really easily, could snap and
hurt someone,”

“Hurt someone? Isn’t it supposed that we are to protect people from vampires?”

“Yeah, but I could happen if you change too close to a human you could hurt them, so we’ll have to see how we deal with the Bella thing,”

“Bella thing? Deal? I don’t get it dad,”

“She can’t know and the first time you change is unpredictable, actually it’s really weird for it to show signals, but luckily you did, so I don’t, I can’t exactly ask her to move out, she’s part of this
family and for Charlie I will take care of her, but she can’t be here, it isn’t
safe either, the only solution would be if she decides to leave, but I’m not
sure if she could handle living alone, she’s been left twice already I don’t
want us to be the next ones on that list,” my dad concluded sighing

“Ok, thanks, I need to sleep” I said defeated, one way or the other Bella won’t be near me anymore and that thought made me really sad.

“Jake, I’m sorry but it’s the only way it could work, and it’s the safest thing for everybody,” my dad clarifies, obviously reading my expression.

“I know dad, but I can’t help feeling sad, I love her,” I said but didn’t face my dad. With that I walked away to my room, and went to sleep.

Here is Ch 5 part 2

I'm working n ch 6 right now hope to have it up this week

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Chapter 6
Bella POV
Ok I know Rebecca and Rachel love me and that they will miss me but that doesn’t mean they have to be with me every single second I’m awake, it actually surprises me they haven’t got in the bathroom when I’m taking a shower. I’m not joking, at the only time they leave me alone is when I go to sleep and when I have to do my necessities, it’s starting to feel a little suffocating but I let them get their way since tomorrow I’m moving to Forks, my hometown.
I have to admit it I’m excited about it, more since everybody took it so coolly well almost everyone; Jake………


We where all sitting in the living room; nobody said anything, normally we had something to talk about since this is like the idea of ‘family time’ we had but apparently not today. Tell them said a voice in my head and I realized that this was the best moment. I stood up from the couch and turned around so I was able to see their reactions.
“So………… um I got something to………um tell you?” I said, well more kinda asked but I was too nervous.
“Why are you so nervous Bella, you didn’t kill anyone right?” Billy teased. Here we go; I hope they take it coolly.
I gulped before saying “I’m moving to Forks,”
Seconds passed, I stayed as still as statue not really looking at their faces.
All of the sudden Rebecca, Rachel and Billy asked me “are you sure?”
“Yes,” I whispered confidently.
 Then Jake reacted
“I. AM. MOVING. TO. FORKS.” I stated coldly, I don’t know what took of me, but I was really angry for him being the only one who had reacted like that.
“Why Bells?” Jake asked but it looked like everyone had that question in mind because they turned from staring at Jake to stare at me.
“Because I need to figure out a lot things, I love you all and everything and I see you as my own family, but the truth is that you’re not-“ I was interrupted by Jake “We are your family.”
“Would you let me finish?” I asked, they all nodded.
“As much as I wish you were my blood family you’re not and I need to figure out what happened to Renee, to Charlie, I need to go on with my life but I can’t if I don’t know my past and those are thing I can’t do if I stay here” I explained.
After sometime of thinking Billy smiled and said:
“Bella, I’m sure Charlie would be really proud of you, you’re so mature and capable of so much things, despite everything you have gone through, and I know you’re asking me but I think is the right choice,”
His words really touched my heart and my eyes started to fill with tears but tears of happiness, thinking my dad would be proud of me I started to cry.
I got a lecture from Rachel and Rebecca because I was leaving Billy and Jake to cook for themselves but it was only a joke. Also that I didn’t have to leave because they weren’t going to be with me anymore, but I finally got them to understand that I had other reasons but not completely denying that the fact that they were leaving hadn’t influence my decision of moving to Forks.


That was a week ago and I was really relieved, a lot but not completely. Jake hasn’t talked to me since he exploded and I answered so harshly but I seriously don’t get it, he is angry with me for leaving but there’s something else but I won’t ask him, he’s angry enough as it is.

Jake POV
I’m so angry!!!!! I knew my dad wouldn’t ask Bella to move out but he actually gave her permission to do it!!!!!! He said it was the ‘safest thing for everybody’ well for everybody but my heart!!!!! It’s shattered in a million pieces and every time I try to put it together it just breaks more!
I love Bella but now I know it won’t work.
I haven’t speak with her since the ay she told us she was moving and I won’t, my heart will just break more, as if that were even possible.

*The next day*

Bella POV
Today is the day!!!!!!
I don’t get why I’m so happy about leaving but I just get this awesome feeling that everything is going to be fine from now on.
I got up and took a warm shower and changed into the clothes Rachel and Becca had picked out for me. I had so much fun when they took me shopping, my clothes had always been plain due to the fact that everyday after school we would go to the beach.
Bella’s moving to Forks outfit:()

Jake helped me put my suitcases in the back of my truck. He laughed the whole time. It was rather irritating not knowing why he was laughing so I asked him
“What are you laughing at?”
“Your suitcases” he said.
“Yeah, take the blame on your sisters, it’s not like I need to get a plane and they might get lost, trust Rachel to find something pink,’’
“Yeah, maybe that’s why you hate pink,”
“I don’t hate, it’s just not my taste,”
“I know and Bella………… I’m gonna miss you,”
“I know Jake, I’ll miss you too but Forks it’s not really that far, I’ll come to visit as often as I can.”
“I know but still it’s not the same”
“I know, see ya!”
“Sure you don’t want me to help?” he offered
“No, I’m good thanks”
And with that I took off to Forks. It’s amazing how in a week we managed to get everything in place and clean.

I was unpacking my clothes and putting them in my closet when I heard a knock at the door. I walked slowly downstairs, tired but mostly because if I can fall easily on a flat surface imagine what would happen on stairs. I went to open the door to see a little pixie with black spiky hair, golden eyes and really pale skin.
“Hi I’m Alice Cullen!” she was nearly bouncing in the really high-high heels. If I hadn’t noticed them I would have told she was a model.
“Hi I’m Bella……… Swan,” I said whispering my last name, because I haven’t said it in a long time maybe since Charlie disappeared because everybody at the reservation called me “Black” since I lived with Jake and his sisters.
“Um……… you’re new in town right?” she asked.
“Not exactly, but for yeah,”
“All right, but you’ll have to tell the whole story sometime,” she clarified.
“Yeah” I said, unsure to why I had revealed that much information in front of a complete stranger.
“So, you just moved right?” I nodded, “you need help to unpack?”
“Um, sure, come, my room is upstairs,” I said. I don’t know what makes me trust Alice so much, but I just do. I just have this feeling, a good one, about her.
When we reached my room, Alice went straight to my suitcases, when she saw my clothes she started jumping and squealing like a little kid.
“Um……… Alice, what’s wrong?” I asked, really concerned about her sanity.
“Nothing! Is that I’m thrilled about your clothes! I thought I was gonna have a problem with how you dress,” she half screamed in happiness.
“Good, I don’t want anyone to play Bella Barbie again,” I muttered really low but I think Alice heard me.
“If you dress correctly I won’t have to,” Alice told me.
All of the sudden her phone started to ring. Alice opened her phone and pressed it to her ear.
“Yes Edward……… I told didn’t I?……………Jeez you’re acting like a kid!…………Ugh!………Fine I’m going.”
“Look I’m sorry I gotta go, um can I have your number
 so I can call you later?” she asked but something in her face made me doubt why she asked, as if she already knew my answer.
“Sure” I said as I wrote it down in a piece of paper.
“ok, bye” I say as she headed out the door. I saw a silver Volvo pull in front of my house and a very tensed up driver. I couldn’t see his face because as soon as Alice shut the passenger door they sped off.



I hope you like it, I'm sorry it took so long.

Guess who the mystery driver is?

love it


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