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Have you ever wondered why Edward was so devoted to Bella? Why he was so crushed when he had to leave her? Why he was reluctant to get close to her? Why he was so protective of her? Why he was so depressed and resentful of vampire life? Why the Cullens were so quick to vote "yes" on her transformation? It's because he didn't tell Bella the whole story. It's because Bella wasn't the first "singer" he encountered. It's because Bella wasn't the first human he fell in love with.



It couldn't be happening again. Not again. He had already been through so much in his too-long life to have this girl move here – and be right here. He knew it wasn't her fault; she couldn't help herself. But he couldn't suppress a black-eyed glare in her direction, which she returned with a timid turn of the head.

He gripped the easily breakable desk to restrain himself. One slip, and it would be all over. He knew that for a fact. Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, which he had seen for only a second, were comparable to green eyes he'd been lost in so long ago. The scent was too familiar, also.

Memories tried to surge up, memories he'd rather leave in the past. He had been doing that successfully for over fifty years now – had it really been that long? Time went so fast.

Through sheer willpower, he managed to push them back into the deep recesses of his mind, at least for now. He could think about her later, on the trip. He'd already made up his mind to get away from her. He couldn't bear to stay here, with this new girl. This bringer of bittersweet memories.

Did Biology always take this long? A fraction of a second before the bell rang, he was out of his seat, moving a bit too quickly for the human crowd around him. He sensed she was watching, but, like during lunch, he couldn't decipher her thoughts. And maybe that was a good thing. He didn't want to hear what this personal demon had to say.

Thirty minutes later, after dropping his worried brothers and sisters off at home and switching cars with his adoptive father, he sped off to nowhere in particular. Maybe Alaska. Maybe not. He couldn't imagine being near other people right now.

And there the memories were, slapping him in the face. Reminding him of a time when he was happy. Reminding him of how he ruined everything.


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i loved it plz write more
yeah please write more its very good
cant wait to see wat happens!!! :D
did u like the banner i made u it in the first page?
hope u like it :D
keep on writing.very good.
Nice one! Post more soon!!!!!!! I really really wanna know what happened
I have to say I love it...I was a bit skeptical about the subject at first, I did not really want to believe Edward loved some other girl before Bella, or their story and love would have been tainted...BUT, and it is a big but for me, because I don't read any stories just because of their subject ( found some very interesting subjects and twists but very poorly writen and couldn't stand to read), your writing had me captivated from the prologue and now I'm hooked and waiting impatiently for more...
it is good more please.
Love this u have to post more soon. Or else! jk jk dont worry im not one of those crazy people. well not in that sense anyways.ahaha


Ellie Kendrick sat backstage, getting blush brushed on. She'd told her crew countless times that she was able to do it herself, but did they ever listen? Of course not. They didn't realize that some teens actually liked to do their own makeup, famous or not.

She wished she'd never auditioned at that recording studio. It wasn't even her idea. Her mother had come home early from the grocery store one day and heard her singing into her hairbrush. She said that Ellie had a great voice and needed to go.

“They're holding an open audition in a few days! I think you'd do great, baby,” she said happily. At the time, Ellie thought it would be fun to go try out, at least. She never thought she would actually get signed.

“But I'm only sixteen!” she said, shocked when she got the news.

“Lloyd Price was nineteen when he hit number one,” the producer pointed out gently. Her voice was the best he'd heard in years, and he couldn't let her walk away.

She flustered for an answer. “That...that's different.”

“Listen, you have an amazing voice. I think you would do well, and it would be fun! I've been on tours myself, and you can take my word for that.”

She shouldn't have. He neglected to tell her that she would have to finish school on the road. He didn't say that, once on tour, she usually got four hours of sleep and little alone time. He didn't mention that there would be thousands of people coming to watch her.

All her friends back home were green with envy. Why didn't they – clearly prettier – get the record deal? They were good singers, too. It wasn't fair that she got to meet all the handsome boys.

She thought it was great at first. She could do what she loved with no worries. Her first single, “Love At First Sight”, debuted at number one. Her self-titled record followed suit. She found herself a world-famous singer almost overnight. Her father wouldn't have to lift a finger the rest of his life. She could live in a Hollywood mansion with the boy of her dreams, writing songs.

The excitement faded after a week on tour. Between the long shows and nearly sleepless nights, she was exhausted and couldn't find much pleasure in it anymore.

But she had to suck it up and walk out there with a smile. Her fans were waiting. Gary, her – she always laughed at the word; it was so ridiculous that she had one – bodyguard, led her to the stage.

“Do I look okay?” she asked him.

“You look perfect,” he assured her. “Go on, you've got to get out there, Miss Kendrick.”

“Ellie,” she grumbled. Why couldn't anyone ever call her just “Ellie” anymore? It was always “Miss Kendrick” or “Miss Elizabeth”. She took a deep breath to calm herself before she walked onstage.

fantastic!!! can't wait to
this is sounding good! cant wait read more!

cant wait for more!!!


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